How exciting

OMG… has anyone of you watched the Kings-Game last night? What a thriller… they played Memphis and were leading pretty much through the whole game. Then in the 4th quarter, they didn’t get a shot for 10 minutes and finally the Grizzlies were even… 82:82… and only a half minute to go… the Grizzlies missed their chance and the Kings got the rebound, but there were only 1.4 seconds left… so everybody expected overtime. But you can always count on Mike Bibby… he shot 0.6 seconds before time ran out from outside the 3-point line … and MADE it.

In one of the most exciting finishes of the season, Mike Bibby connected on a long 3-pointer as time expired to give Sacramento a thrilling 85-82 victory Tuesday over Memphis at ARCO Arena. The Kings had seen a nine-point lead disappear with less than five minutes to play before Bibby, who scored a team-high 26 points, sent the fans home happy.

It was amazing… I am sooooo looking forward to seeing them play live on March, 20th. I don’t know if I told you but I got tickets from my co-worker Michelle (she has season tickets) and J doesn’t know about it yet! He will be thrilled when he finds out where I am going to take him that Sunday afternoon :) but pssstt… don’t spoil the fun for him and don’t tell him!!

What else? Ah.. my co-workers took me out for an early birthday lunch today (because Gerald is out of the office tomorrow) and I decided NOT to have Mexican food this time, but go to T.G.I. Fridays. I had never been there and heard that it’s quite a nice place.
Of course, Michelle had to tell the waiter about my birthday and if you are familiar with what’s happening in restaurants when there’s someone’s birthday, you know what happened…
The waiter asked me how old I am going to be and I told him “old enough” ;) pretty smart I must think as the waiter got the attention of the whole restaurant and said “Hey everybody, Sandra is celebrating her 21st birthday today” :) The whole crew serenaded and I got a free dessert (which was pretty nice :))

  1. How awesome about the tickets! I really should go and see the Bobcats while I’m here…
    Only 4 more hours here until you are legally allowed to drink alcohol. ;-) LOL.
    Thanks for your advice sweetie! *big hug*

  2. Hmmm! Try this link. Was ist denn das für ein Lied?

  3. Das Lied? Lifehouse – You and Me
    Do you like it?? :-DPretty pictures by the way!!! I like the one of you with the flower shirt! :-)

  4. honey,
    yeah it’s so shamful to be in a restaurant and someone tells the waiter that it’s your birthday. could you tell me how i can put a picture next to my comments? do i have to have a xanga site? i just have a sign in never created my side.

  5. i think i just found out. in the moment i asked for advice i saw the link. should have a watch at the whole site… there you go…hehe…give you a smile from big old tschörmanie….where the fucking snow should come back from tomorrow on. is that horrible or is that horrible?

  6. hey, i am sure jon will freak out when you show him the tickets. how cool is that? i have no clue about the rules of that game but i know that you enjoy it very much.

  7. love that pic of you, honey :-)i hope spring will come in tschörmanie too sometime soon!!! ;-)

  8. Happy Birthday San-? Hope you have an awesome day and have fun shopping on Saturday :-)
    Miss you most
    Love C.xoxoxo

  9. Thanks sis :-) loved to hear from you! {v}

  10. Happy Birthday Sannie! :-) All the best for you!!!
    They should have given you at least free desserts for doing the official birthday restaurant procedure ;-) … well I liked it as long as I wasnt the birthday-kid :-D

  11. Thanks Ines… well, I DID get free dessert :-D which was cool…

  12. Yeah I’m really excited to meet you, as well! What did you dream about him? :o :D I love Lifehouse dreams

  13. Hello Sannie, its me again ;-) I know you got one free desert but I meant at least two OR MORE cause the way say celebrate?a birthday?is kinda embarassing :-D

  14. Ines… I agree :-) they should have sponsored free desserts for EVERYONE!

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