I think I am addicted… no, I am pretty sure I am… Or I am just crazy. I watched the two Sex and the city episodes this week TWICE…!
My regular SATC night is Tuesdays and then TBS re-runs the episodes again on Wednesdays – and I just couldn’t resist, since I was home alone with nothing else to do! It’s just so funny and relaxing and some of the dialogs just crack me up

Also, WB is running Summerland – First Season again on Saturdays and in February the new episodes will start. I am so excited!!!

What else is new? Gerald and Michelle are still on vacation, so it’s pretty quiet around the office – but I actually like it that way (although my Dad always asks when he calls me, if nobody’s there because he can’t hear any noise in the background!)

Yesterday after work, I went shopping (J didn’t come because he took a three-hour (!) nap) and then I cooked some dinner and we watched the NBA. The Sacramento Kings are doing awesome! They’re winning every game right now and that’s due to their great abilities to play basketball as a team! Sometimes it’s not about buying the most valuable players, but also to have players who can actually play as a team! And the kings?can!! It’s just awesome to see them play. J and I definitely want to try and get tickets to a game this season.
During the commercials we switched over to “You got mail” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks… it’s such a cute movie and I can watch it over and over again.

Have a good weekend everyone and take care!

  1. I hear you about SATC! So funny and scary enough some things are really true!!

  2. yeah, isn’t that scary?? ;-)

  3. *lol* I am addicted too and I had to wait for so long till all of those seasons got here! But it’s worth it!!! I got them on january 16th and since then no day went by without! And it feels good! *g*

  4. Yeah I hope they will be, and that everything will work out. I don’t think they mind me being away for so long. It’s only a year anyway (take/give a few months), and I had already lived on my own 3.5 hours away from home anyway (I moved out when I started university, so right after high school). They are pretty liberal, let me do what I want, they also say, as long as they don’t hear from me everything is fine (which is a bit unusual for parents imo, lol) but I mean I don’t mind that they’re not over-protective, it’d just be nice if they called from time to time. Sometimes it’s kinda nice to be checked up on, just to see they care.

  5. Yeah I already did that on my other roommie’s computer. She isn’t computer illiterate but not really good with them either, and she just never cared about stuff like that.

  6. lol at SATC – that’s one of those shows that I never watched when it was on normal tv but as soon as it hit paytv – I was addicted lol….same thing happened with Spin City lol
    I lurve summerland…. its only just started here – we are about half way through season one….its a bit of a worry though cause its one of those shows that they keep changing what night they are putting it on (same thing has happened with One Tree Hill ) and usually that means its not real popular (which is the step before it gets canned :) which would so suck!

  7. oh no cath.. i hope they will continue summerland in OZ… it’s such a cool show! i love it and i can’t wait for the new season to start in february ;-)

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