Our weekend

Hi friends – wanna know about my weekend? Ok… here we go.

Friday night we had our book club meeting. I dropped J off at Peter’s and then was the first one to arrive @ Robin’s place. Her boyfriend Dan was preparing Pumpkin pie for us which he was going to serve us later (and which was delicious!). Everybody came – except Silke who had emailed Robin that she wouldn’t be able to make it – and we discussed our short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” for a little bit until we all agreed that it was kind of a weird story and moved on to more exciting topics. It was a really fun evening and Scott and I ended up searching for Waldo in one of these famous “Where’s Waldo?” books… either of us very eager to find him first :)

I told you that I had planned to go to the Zoo on Saturday, but we slept in and got kind of lazy and then it was too late, so we decided to pay a visit to the State Capitol and see if we could get a glimpse of Arnie… which wasn’t the case. Anyways, it was fun…

We made burritos for dinner *yummy* and watched “The Bourne Surpremecy”. Sunday was a lazy sunday… we didn’t do a damn thing. We cleaned up the apartment, I caught up on some letters that I had put off for a while and then I watched “Summerland” in the evening. It’s so cool I get to watch the first season again, before the new season starts on February, 28th.

Yesterday J picked up his brother Chris from the train station and he’s going to stay with us until Thursday. We had a nice evening and he told us a lot about his life in China… without intending to offend anyone: Did you know that Chinese people are considered the most racist on this planet? Sorry this sounds so harsh…
( And sorry Cath, you know this is not my opinion, but what Chris learned as a “white person” in China!! love ya!)

  1. Pretty pics, hun! I love Waldo books, they are such fun! That’s what a bookclub should do, find waldo. ;-)

  2. lol at Where’s Waldo book…. so who won? :-)
    Those a great pics hun – I can’t wait to see it all myself… ya know I never knew how spread out California was until I actually looked at a map for my trip lol
    Lol no offense taken :-) I actually agree to an extent… some of my relatives on my mum’s side (the chinese side) are really awful people and some of them even turned their backs on mum when she married my dad (an australian) cause he wasn’t asian…. it’s no big suprise that we don’t have much to do with her side of the family…. AND they always YELL when they talk lol… I don;t think any of them know how to whisper lol… but that could just be a family trait and not an asian trait lol

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