So excited!

So here is what’s new…
Work is going great! The project I am currently working on is going to be put together for a publication… and my boss just informed me that I am going to be a co-author on this!!! Isn’t that awesome? I am so excited. I mean, this means that my name will appear in a scientific publication! OMG! I never thought that would be happening, but it is…

Also, J and I are seriously looking into getting a digital camera which will make life so much easier you know what I am talking about… taking photos, deleting photos, posting photos, sending photos… I can’t wait. We went to BestBuy last night and looked at some different cameras and it was really hard to decide, but I think we’ve settled for this ONE . We haven’t bought it yet, but maybe tonight.

Today I went out for lunch with my co-workers. It was Gerald’s birthday last week and the “birthday kid” always gets taken out for lunch by the rest of the group. So we went to “Chevy’s” – another Mexican place, because when we go out for a group lunch, it’s ALWAYS Mexican food. I had a Farmer’s Market Quesadilla and a Caesar Salad *yummy*
When we got our drinks, we raised a toast and that’s when the waiter somehow overheard that it was Gerald’s birthday… he came over with one of these “Mexican hats” and the whole crew (unfortunately all male *lol*) sang “Happy Birthday” for him and another “birthday girl” in the restaurant. Gerald was wearing the hat for the rest of our lunch and it was so funny :)

  1. How awesome about the article! That must be so exciting!
    Enjoy your new digicam, too!
    Take care!!

  2. woohoo :) I am so proud of ya about the publication – totally awesome :)
    Love ya

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