Just “wow”

*OMG* you won’t believe what happened… last week my supervisor walked up to me and asked me if I would like to extend my program and work for them for another year! I was totally baffled, because I had never expected him to ask me something like that. I mean, it’s cool though… that means he’s really impressed with my work and wants to keep me for a little longer, now that?I have all these “unique skills” (quote). I haven’t told anyone so far (I mean my family) because I want to be sure that this will work out… I know that my parents are going to want me to come home. But honestly, isn’t a full-time job here better than most likely being unemployed in Germany? Plus, it will give me so much more work experience for when I get back.

I really think I want to do that… in fact, I think I have to and I like it here in CA and I can definitely stand it another year *lol* and J totally supports me on that. He wants some kind of break anyways after finishing College in three years, so he’ll have time to work, volunteer and do some good stuff before we head off to Germany.

yep, I guess that’s it.

I saw “Mean Girls” this weekend. It was an ok movie… not really funny and kinda stupid at some points. A typical teenager movie, I believe.

See you!

  1. Oh that is soooo cool Sannie!!! Klasse! Freue mich ganz doll für dich!

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