Our new home

Boring Friday…

Oh well… I should be working, but there is absolutely NOTHING to do here (except working on my tutorial – which I have for a while) and now I have to distract myself a little bit ;)

We’ve moved last weekend!! Yay! I really thought we didn’t have that much stuff to move (since we only had a bed, a desk and the mattresses as “big” things), but we ended up with quite a few boxes, so it was pretty nice that I could borrow someone’s truck for the weekend.

It feels kind of weird to live in Sacramento now and I’ve been a little melancholy the last few days, because I miss Davis. It’s such a nice little place. Of course, living in Sacramento now has many advantages… no commute in the morning (which saves me about an hour each day!) and a cheaper and MUCH nicer apartment. Still, I am kind of sad that we left Davis… now that we had quite a few friends and nice neighbors.

Anyways, it’s only about 20-25 min. from here and we can go there as much as we want :)

We did quite a bit of shopping for the new place which was fun! It really looks really “homey” now. I like it a lot. It’s a really quiet neighborhood and we already made new “friends”… a very pretty cat has been visiting us for the past few days and J would like to keep it. I think it belongs to someone in the neighborhood and just comes and visits. We’ll find out about that. It seems as if she likes us though, because she always falls asleep under our bed and we have to “kick” her out, before we got to bed.

The other night we left the door open for a while and then found a praying mantis sitting on our bed *creepy* They are really big. I think I have never seen one before (I mean, for real) and they make funny moves when you point a flashlight at them. We were able to catch it with a glass bowl and put it outside. I hope it won’t come back!

Hope you have a great weekend!!

  1. Aww Sannie is bored at work! Wish I could give you some company girl!
    Your new place sounds lovely and I’m sure you will enjoy it a lot! Just think, no messy roommate! Awesome! ;-)

  2. oh yeah, sanna… i really miss your “distractions” :-D i hope everything’s ok over there… email me sometime!

  3. Yeah everything is fine. The weather is still crappy but better than this morning! Busy with school but right now I’m bored but really unmotivated, too. Maybe I should just watch some TV *rolls eyes*.

  4. Cool u moved in ;-)Congrats to your own territorium *smile*I wish we just could move out of here but?we have to be patient…I wish both of u a NICE WEEKEND!!!!!!

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