I booked my flight!

Ok girls, let’s start the countdown… I finally booked my flight! :) I am flying into Düsseldorf on July, 26th. Here’s my flight info (I just received the confirmation!):

Mon, 25-Jul
LTU International Airways Flight 1531
Departing Los Angeles at 3:10P

Tue, 26-Jul
LTU International Airways Flight 1531
Arriving Dusseldorf at 11:00A

I was able to get a non-stop flight from LA which is convenient. We’ll drive down to Southern California on the weekend and see Jon’s parents and then he will take me to the airport on Monday. I’ll will be on the plane for “only” 11 hours ;) it’s not too bad, I guess!
I am getting kind of excited :) Now it’s exactly 25 days from today until I will be on German soil again ;) after 1,5 years! It’s good to finally have booked the flight, because it’s one thing less to worry about ;)
I am very much looking forward to see you all (except Cathy, I guess –  but I’ll see you soon, hun!)…

Love you all very much!

  1. when do you fly back,??:sunny:?

  2. Hey that’s pretty cool, a non stop flight. You’ll be home a lot faster than I was when I came back. And I was in the south central part of the US :p How much did you end up paying?

  3. Hey Süße, das freut mich. Ich war jetzt doch ganz baff als ich das gelesen hab??:wink:
    So I guess we’ll see us soon – miss you and I wish you both a happy 4th of? July ! Do you know what you are going to do? Watch a parade (you haven’t seen one right?) before you leave the US – ok, I know you are going back in september but still – you never know, right???:spinning:
    :heartbeat: Susi

  4. ?:wave: that must be exciting! wishing you wonderful days in the us and back in germany! have a safe trip!??:sunny:

  5. JAY, finally!! :goodjob: :lol: :spinning: :fun:i can’t wait to get together for that “coffee” we’ve been talking about for so long now!! we’ll have to figure something out, too. we’ll definetely get together on ilka’s b-day but maybe you wanna come to bremen as well?? we’ll see! anyways, it’s EXCITING!! :giggle:have a great weekend, sweety. :heartbeat: ya lots!!!

  6. 100 % agree to Kim??:goodjob: Can´t wait to meet you! We have to set a date real soon, otherwise you´ll be “sold out”??:laugh:
    ?:heartbeat: ya tonz
    P.S.: And hugs for Cathy, who has to wait until September to meet San, although she knows her for ages!??:love:

  7. wow so lang warst du schon nicht mehr in deutschland.. das wird sicher super. ich werde morgen mein visum beantragen und muss mir dann demnächst meine zeugnisse umschreiben lassen.. kann dir ja dann berichten wie die von WES so sind.. hoffe dir gehts gut. liebe grüße steffi

  8. Woohoo that its book – I can imagine you are dying to see everyone again :-) I hope the days go quickly for you…. and also pray you get back intime lmao (knowing my luck at the moment…. no I won’t say it lol)
    Sanni – thanks for the hugs – I needed it lol
    Love ya and miss ya like crazy sis??:love:

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