New “friends”

What a week! I was so busy. I worked over-time almost every day to finish up things for our up-coming “Open house” on Tuesday. I hate deadlines, because they put so much pressure on you, but on the other hand I got a lot of positive feedback from my supervisor and other people which made me feel really good about my work. At least my effort pays off in some way. If I?get my social security number (which is still a work in progress),? I’ll also finally get some money for all my work input. That will be even better.

The weekend was nice. I had kind of a “blind date” yesterday, because I met up with a girl (Susi) who’s an Au-pair in Walnut Creek, which is an hour from Davis. We emailed a couple of times, but we haven’t met before, so it was kind of exciting. I picked her up at the Amtrak station in the morning and then we spent the day at the ‘whole earth festival’ on Campus, which was fun! Later Tatjana, Susi and I went to the movies to watch a chick’s flick (13 going on 30). A really funny and cute movie. Go see it! Later we took Susi back to Walnut Creek and went out to dinner @ ‘Tomatina’ – an Italian restaurant. Delicious garlic bread-balls, pasta and salad!!

Then we had a drink at a bar and went to the Oakland Hills to enjoy the great view over the bay. Really beautiful!Today I was just relaxing. I slept in till 11:00 and then – after I talked to my family – we went out for a brunch which was great!

And that’s all for today! See ya.

  1. oh that sounds goooooooood!! Hope you get your SSN very very fast!!

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