When joy and anticipation meets sad and frustration

You guys, I am stranded in London (and apparently, I can’t sleep).

Everything started out so very well. My flight from LAX to London Heathrow was (almost) on time, I was impressed with Air New Zealand’s extra leg room, in-flight entertainment, and food and I was seated next to two very lovely English ladies, who both had very English English accents (and who attested me an American accent in return. oh-kay?!)

Everything could have been so great! But then everything went down the wrong path. We landed in heavy snow fall, but it honestly didn’t look like it was going to be a problem. At least not a perpetual problem, but I learned soon enough that all flights to Europe for the day were canceled.


I mean, WHAT? That meant that I didn’t get to go home today, I didn’t get to cuddle with Greta and Tom, and embrace my family in a tight hug.

Ugh. Punch to my stomach.

Instead, I spent 10 hours at the airport trying to figure out what to do. Thank God for my iPod Touch and an Internet connection (since my cell phone doesn’t work in Europe). I was in touch with my family through Email and with friends through Twitter. They helped me out so, so much. I can’t even start to explain.

My sister spent numerous hours on hold with the airline (Lufthansa couldn’t rebook us, but said we had to call the Service Center hotline which – of course –  a) I couldn’t do because I had no cell phone and b) which was completely overloaded, because hundreds, if not thousands of people tried to get a hold of someone at the same time.
My parents and aunt kept up my spirits by keeping in touch by email and trying to find a Eurostar (train) connection for me instead, and my friend Kim finally booked me a hotel near the airport through an online booking site, which turned out to be a real blessing, because I don’t think I would have been able to get a hotel room for the night, hadn’t it been for Kim‘s online booking. There was no way to get a hotel room (or if, not under 300 pounds) through the airport information desk.
I am hoping that the airline or my travel insurance will reimburse me for it, but it still has to come out of my pocket first.

I spent five freakin’ hours roaming the baggage claim area looking for my suitcase. It was completely chaotic! There seemed to be no organization whatsoever! You would think a big hub airport like London Heathrow would be a little bit better prepared. I am just so glad that just when I was about to give up and go to the hotel, because I was tired and exhausted, I spotted my suitcase on one of the conveyor belts near the exit. Total coincidence, but definitely a silver lining! Then I had to stand in line for 1,5 hours in the freaking cold, before one of those lovely, very original black cabs took me to my hotel. The cab driver said he had never seen such a long cue… ahm… line (the British English is so lovely :)) at the cab stop. And, OMG, I couldn’t agree with him more. The line was so insanely long!
Since this is my first night (ever!) in London, it was my first ride in an English cab as well and it was so strange to see the driver sit on the right and drive on the left side of the road! Heh!

Edit: I forgot  to mention, my sister did get me rebooked on a flight to DUS tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. I can only hope that the weather has calmed down by then and that I will indeed be able to get on that plane.

I think I am going to try and sleep now. I’ve been up for way too long! Hopefully I’ll have better news for you soon!

  1. Oh no! I am so sorry San! :( That sounds so terrible, especially after how much you are looking forward to seeing your family.

    Trying to find a bright side for you…just imagine how much MORE happier you will be when you see them now! (terrible grammar, sorry).
    .-= Impossibly Alice blogged this: One Year Ago Today =-.

  2. Oh no! What an ordeal.
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  3. So sorry you got delayed! But I LOVE LONDON, I hope you can enjoy it and then get on the road again soon.

  4. Oh, this is heinous! I’m so sorry to hear that the beginning of your holiday plans were spoiled. Very lucky to have helpful friends & family… Hope the rest of the trip is much, much smoother.
    .-= Suburban Sweetheart blogged this: Its a Jungle Out Here! =-.

  5. i’m so sorry you had to deal with all of this but i’m glad we found you a hotel and i hope you will get a few hours of sleep now and then finally go home tomorrow night. fingers are tightly crossed! <3

  6. thank god for Kim! I hope you enjoy your unexpected day with some sightseing!!

    Aaaaand hopefully you see your family soon… What happened to the train option btw?

  7. Oh no! I really hope this all gets worked out and you can get home!
    .-= Lauren blogged this: Cabbage Patch Christmas =-.

  8. oh no ! what an awful day. but at least you can spend some time in london :-) so, cheer up ! hope you get to see your family in a couple of hours …

  9. Oh no, what a nightmare! I’m thinking about youand hope that the weather calmed down and your flight to DUS will be leaving tonight! Big hug and lot’s of warm thoughts!

  10. Good luck, Sweetie! I will keep my fingers crossed!!!

  11. What a nightmare! And I think I read on Twitter today’s flight was canceled or delayed?! UGH! Not the best way to start off your trip. :( I hope you can get to your family SOON!
    .-= Stephany blogged this: Odds and Ends =-.

  12. Oh no San, that’s awful! I hope you get home OK tonight. It’s awful when you look forward to meeting your family and then you get stranded half-way there. :-( Hang on in there (and enjoy the British accent!)
    .-= alicely blogged this: Full English 4 =-.

  13. So sorry…hope you’ll make it as soon as possible and safe to Germany!
    Happy Holidays!

  14. Ich hoffe du kommst heute weiter Maus. Ich halte alle Daumen!!!! Verrueckte Zeit es schneit hier immer noch!! Ganz viel Glueck!!!! Hab dich lieb!

  15. I heard it in the news that London Heathrow was basically closed. I hope your flight did go last night and you’re finally home!
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  16. Oh, I’m so sorry this is affecting you too – I’ve heard all about it on the radio this week, and yesterday I went to meet my friend at Winnipeg airport and his mum was supposed to have been coming back from Amsterdam and she was stranded out there in some random airport not able to get home too :( It’s chaos! I hope things move along soon so you can get home to your family!
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  17. You poor thing!!! I hope you get home soon! And safely!! And with some semblence of sanity still left! :)
    .-= Hannah blogged this: When the world was my own =-.

  18. I have been following along on twitter and I keep hoping for a tweet about how you’re on a plane and on your way! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending very warm and melty thoughts to the runways at Heathrow!!
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