Weekend recap + some random thoughts 

I don’t know if you noticed but I am suffering a bit from writer’s block lately. The posts just don’t come easy for me right now. But what do you do when you don’t know what to write? You keep writing (in the hopes that the mojo will come back to you — or me, for that matter).

I thought I would share some random thoughts today about my weekend and current life in general.

+ I finished our taxes on Friday. Hallelujah. I started our tax return back in February and usually let it sit for just a little while, before going over it one more time and submitting it. Well, I procrastinated and here we were in April already and I just wanted to get that damn thing out. Do you do the taxes in your house? Or do you have a significant other or tax accountant who takes care of it?

+ I rewarded myself with a cup of tea and my new Runner’s World magazine afterward. I just love winding down on the couch with a hot beverage and a magazine.

+ Saturday night, J and I had a craving for Thai food and if there is one hard-and-fast rule that I always obey is that you should absolutely and immediately give in to such cravings. Am I right?

+ I mentioned having good eyesight in my latest post. Between you and me, I think my eyesight might be just average (although I still don’t need any glasses — yet! Knock on wood!), but I do have a thing for catching little details that often get overlooked. Like this beautiful heart-shaped leaf in our front yard hedge. Isn’t it pretty? I love that it’s red, too.

+ I ran a (virtual) 5k with one of my Facebook Groups this weekend and even though running a virtual race is very different from running an actual, organized race with other people, I love when groups of friends (even if all of them live in different states) get together and commit to a common goal. We even got shirts (not pictured) and medals!

+ Today would have been my great-aunt’s 95th birthday. She’s been gone for a little over 4 years and I still miss her dearly and think about her so often. I wish she was still with us and we could celebrate her today.

  1. I absolutely agree with you on the cravings front. If I don’t give in to cravings, I tend to eat everything else in an effort to satisfy my tummy. (It doesn’t work and I usually go after what I’m craving anyway!)

    1. That’s exactly it!

  2. Thankfully my husband does the taxes at our house! He just finished them this weekend too. Oh man and now I’m craving Thai food! I agree you should give into cravings – in fact they say if you don’t you’ll just overeat other things until you get the thing you’re wanting!

    1. Yay for getting the taxes done. And really, there could be worse things to crave than Thai food, am I right? ;)

  3. i just got my tax return today… i was so happy to see those figures in the bank, and then i had to go and take a huge chunk of it out to make some payments. ugh. i really wish i could NOT spend money, that i could just leave it in there looking all pretty.

    love the shirt: i run this body. i don’t run, but i do run my body. it’s a nice way to remember to take better care of it.

    1. I think the reason I procrastinated is that I OWED taxes this time… that’s never fun (as isn’t spending your tax refund on non-fun things!).

      YES! That’s why I love this shirt so much!

  4. I suffer from writers block often. I keep writing and sometimes wonder why people want to read my random ramblings. Maybe they are just trying to be nice. hmm.
    Taxes? oh shit! I should do those, right?!

    1. I think writer’s block gets everyone sometimes…. and we just need to keep writing :)
      Have you done your taxes now? ;)

  5. I suffer from writer’s block a lot. I just keep writing and I also use this really cool app called Write 365. It gives you prompts and ideas. Also you could try using books that have prompts and exercises.

    1. That’s a great tip, Emily! Thanks!

  6. I do the same thing with our taxes! Just submitted them last week and already received our refund. I think we are going to use it to get new carpeting for upstairs. We shall see!

    I’ve never participated in a virtual race but they sound like fun. Especially with all the swag! 😆

    Oh cravings, one of the reasons I love to bake is for the dough! Maybe I’m strange but I love eggs and sugar mixed together to a cream-like consistency. So tasty!

    1. We owed this year, which is why I didn’t want to finish the tax return, I guess ;)

      Oh, the sugar-egg mix when you start your baking batter is the best!

  7. A virtual run! What a great idea :)

    You must be happy to get those taxes out of the way. It’s one of those things I just loathe… we get a tax accountant, it takes some of the pain out of it ;)

    1. Virtual runs are fun! :)

  8. I always put off doing our taxes because I think it’s going to be daunting, but it’s always easy so I don’t know why I procrastinate. I do them in-house though, my mom did taxes for my family (aunts and uncles, grandparents, etc.) so she showed me the basics.

    Whenever I get a specific craving, I usually have to indulge or else I eat everything else in sight trying to fill the void. I’ve found it’s better that way instead of eating five other things before finally giving in.

    1. Good for you for doing your own taxes. I mean, why pay someone that you can do yourself?!

      I am totally for giving into all the cravings, it just works out better in the end!

  9. I’m a weirdo who does her taxes the second I get my forms together, lol. I think I did mine the first or second week of February. Ahaha. I just don’t like the pressure of waiting. And also, I like the tax return. ;-)

    I always give into cravings! YOLO, right?!

    1. I don’t mind doing tax returns and I start as early as I have all paperwork together… I think I procrastinated because we owed this year :(

      YOLO! :)

  10. Birthdays of loved ones who have passed are so sad/tough. My grandpa’s bday is at the end of this month and I am missing him extra bad this year as I wish he could have met Phil and been at our wedding. I feel that even more strongly about Phil’s dad as I didn’t get to meet him because his early onset Alzheimer’s was too advance when we started dating and meeting new people was too confusing. I hate that I didn’t get to meet the great man that molded my great man into who he is. :( Loss is so very difficult. :(

    But onto happier things! You do have a good eye for detail! I would not say that I am good at that. Probably because I’m multitasking and on my phone entirely too much so I miss those little details.

    I hope the writers block goes away! It’s tough to feel that way!

    Oh and as far as taxes, we each do our own but next year we will file jointly and I am not sure who will handle it! I like to file mine super early because I always get a refund, but part of Phil’s compensation is non-w2 and they don’t send out the documentation until March so the days of filing early are over for us!

    1. Yes, birthdays of loved ones who have passed are tough… and especially during a time like yours where you’re preparing for a big life event! I wish you could have gotten to know Phil’s Dad better, too.

      That will be interesting when you combine finances next year with Phil. I am sure you’ll figure out a way to handle them between you two.

  11. I certainly go through bouts of writer’s block myself. It happens to the best of us, momma! I’m glad to see your name pop up in the group… I have been thinking of possibly introducing writer prompts for some of our bloggers to help us get the creative juices flowing–just an idea (and one that would hopefully help me, too!).

    Awww, I love that shirt you’re wearing–congrats on completing a 5K! Whether virtually or not, you got your butt off the couch and did it that is to be celebrated! Also I have the same rule when it comes to cravings :) I love that leaf! what a beautiful sign from Mother Nature :) Hope you’e enjoying your weekend!!

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