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Honestly, guys, January has been a blur. I mean, not because I don’t know what happened (there were some fun things), but just like… how is it a month after we sat on the couch and welcomed the new year? I have no clue. For me, this month felt short and long at the same time (if that’s possible).

LOVING | the January weather. Except for some short cold spells (and a few rainy days), we had glorious weather with sunshine and blue skies this month. I’ve really enjoyed it. 

TRAVELING | to Lake Tahoe for a girls’ weekend. That was really nice. I don’t get to do girls’ weekends very often and getting to play in the snow for a little bit was delightful. As you know, I do love the snow, but I am glad I don’t have to deal with it on a daily basis during the winter months.

EXCITED | to have completed another PeloFondo weekend with my Streakers 365 team. It was so much fun to ride together as a team and work together to collect miles. My friend Sherry did a lot of the organizing, putting together a ride schedule, and making sure that everybody felt encouraged and supported. 

EATING | chocolate protein oat waffles. I tweaked the oat waffle recipe that Elisabeth recommended previously and added some chocolate protein powder to the batter. They were so good.

still ENJOYING | our Christmas tree in January. I know some people put the tree away right after the holidays, but I am not one of those people. 

WEARING | athleisure most days, except for Thursdays when I go to the office. 

very HAPPY | that earlier this month, I finally decluttered my closet. There are probably more things I can purge, but I had two garbage bags full of stuff that could be either tossed or donated. I’ve contemplated trying to sell a few things, so I put those in a separate bag, but I am not sure if – or how – I’ll go about that. 

WORKING ON | my knit sweater. I’ve already given you an update earlier this month and I can report now that I am about done with the body (working on the ribbing) and that I’ll shortly start picking up stitches for the sleeves. I am making good progress and I am happy that I am finding time to knit a few rows most evenings. 

SPENDING | money on replacing necessary things. Jon and I are not frivolous shoppers, but we had to replace a few things in January. Our old (tower) fan gave out (and yes, it’s January and Jon’s using a fan – riddle me that), Jon finally needed a new wallet, we bought two new pillows, and oh, did I mention that I purchased a flight to Germany? Money well spent, if you ask me. 

How was your January? Did it fly by or did it feel like it was a gazillion days long?

  1. Yay for a trip to Germany. That is so exciting.
    I have GOT to add protein powder to those oat waffles. Yum.
    We don’t have our tree up anymore, but I’m still rocking the twinkle lights on our mantle with no plans of taking them down anytime soon.
    And I LOVE the colour of that sweater. It’s gorgeous and wow – you have some very impressive knitting skills.

  2. January is definitely flying by. 2/3 of it was stressful as I was preparing an important presentation. This is also the month that I am trying to cut out coffee, no look my oura stats, and started therapy. A lot of good progress to start the year. February will be fun and may be stressful too.
    I’m gonna try the waffle this weekend, looks so good.

  3. January felt both slow and long, I agree! Like, the days seem interminable, but it feels like it was just the New Year. I’ve shoveled so much, had a stressful life event, and yet still had to make dinner every night. Every night!

  4. I agree too that January felt fast and slow at the same time. I think mini deadlines make it go faster but some days are slower, if that makes sense. I have a few deadlines in March so that is making it feel faster to me. I don’t know if you live in a different state than me or what, but we had SO MANY rainy days in January. I only know this because (a) I needed a streak of three days to paint my porch so it would dry and there was not a streak of three days of sun so far! (I finally got it done on Sunday, but it is supposed to rain again today!) (b) I ride my bike to work and I had several days where I got very wet and several others that I contemplated just driving but ended up riding…but I thought a lot about rain this month!

  5. A FLIGHT TO GERMANY!!!! Ooooh San! I’m so excited for you.
    January kind of flew by for me too, but it feels like all the months do now. It sounds like you had a pretty great month – the girls’ weekend looked so fun.
    We had snow the day we left for Mexico, and now it’s almost all gone (to Rex’s sadness). It’s kind of weird and foggy this morning and yesterday it rained. Strange for me, but I don’t mind.
    You reminded me that I need to find a clothing donation bin here in Kelowna. I have a few things that need to be given away – just need to find where to do it. If only I had some kind of machine that would magically show me where things are…oh right. I guess I’ll do that today!

  6. For me, January felt LONG. Fresh New Year’s energy dissipated really fast and then I just felt like a slug going through my days. I did update my wardrobe (the upcoming Paris trip is to blame!) as well as basics like undershirts, bras and under ware. I am looking forward to February: Lunar New year, Valentine’s day, T’s birthday and a professional conference in NYC.

  7. Would love to read any of your recs for favorite athleisure/workout gear. I’m always on the hunt for new brands, especially tank tops without support. I can never find any that are flowy and not tight!

  8. I am going to try those waffles – they look amazing! My January has been wild with work and gloomy with the weather; I am hoping February brings some sun and some calmer days, haha! YAY for the flight buy!

  9. I’m always happy for January to be over! I wish I could leave my Christmas tree up longer, but we get a real tree and it’s done by January 1st (like Elisabeth, I do still have twinkle lights up in the living room.)
    I’ve been loving our January weather as well- this winter has been much cooler than the last one, and when you live in Florida that’s a good thing.
    I LOVE the color of that sweater!!! I want a sweater that color!

  10. I agree with Elisabeth – the color of that sweater is GORGEOUS.
    I am so happy you booked a trip to Germany. So excited for you!
    Enjoy that Christmas tree as long as you want! I am Team Early Christmas for myself so I like having all my decorations up in November. But then I’m ready for it all to go away by Dec 26th, ha.

  11. Time has been fluid this month- sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I’m excited to hear more about your trip to Germany!

  12. Isn’t it cool when you don’t have to put on real clothes? I put on my workout clothes in the morning, do my workouts and then usually only shower around lunch time to put on a T-shirt and shorts. The worst part of formal wear are shoes and stockings. Yuck!

    When are you flying to Germany and for how long will you stay? I bet your family is happy about that!

  13. Travel money is always good money spend. Excited for you to go home. Any chance of a layover in Berlin? Haha…
    I can also agree that January was long and the so short. Times is a weird thing.

  14. Exciting about your trip to Germany! Also, kinda exciting about new pillows. I think we’re due pretty soon around here.
    I had a nice January…I love the calm of it after the busyness of the holidays. It feels like everything ramps up around Halloween and doesn’t calm down until January. So I enjoyed having weekends with no plans. It doesn’t hurt that, like you, I live in California, and we had beautiful weather. I feel for our friends in the Midwest/Canada/East Coast.

  15. Pretty sweater! I adored this recap because the internet has been pretty down on January– a breath of fresh air :)

  16. Yay for buying tickets to Germany!! I’m so excited for you!

    January was the longest shortest month. It flew by but I packed a lot in and felt like I barely kept my head above water for much of the month. We had one really really cold spell but otherwise the weather has been very very mild. I am always glad when January is over because it’s usually our worst weather month, followed by February. I’ll be glad when Feb is over, too, as it’s not my favorite month, even though it’s my birthday month and the birthday month of so many in my family (sister, BIL, niece).

  17. So funny that January slipped by you, because I thought it felt like 100 years! Ha! But, it seems like you had a really great month.
    Replacing things is such a weird experience. Maybe because it’s not usually fun things to spend money on. Like who knew pillows were so pricey?!

  18. January did fly by. I can’t believe the summer holidays are over. Not that it means as much now that we have no kids in school.

    Yay for going to Germany. when will you travel?

  19. Yay for Germany tickets!!! Happy for you!!! And I have never been to Lake Tahoe but it looks awesome. I also love athleisure….

    1. Thank you – I am so excited to go home!

  20. Yay for Germany tickets!! That is very exciting.

    I just took my tree down this week. With everything out of control at work, it felt like the one thing I could control… and I’m already missing it.

    1. Thanks friend. I am very excited, too.

      I am sorry you’re missing the Christmas tree already… but you know, in just a few short months, we can put it up again ;)

  21. SAN! GERMANY! OMG, so exciting! When will you go??!?!? I cannot wait to hear that you are winging your way towards your family. This made my heart so happy for you, my friend. <3 Pelofondos are great and all that, but a trip home is tops always.
    I'm glad we are in February, but seriously what the heck, January? It seems as though most people felt, well, discombobulated. (That word is seriously underused, IMHO…)

    1. Thank you for your excitement, friend. I’ll be heading back home in mid-March and I cannot wait.

      I also agree that the word ‘discombobulated’ is wildly underused. LOL

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