Five Things Friday Vol. 84

Hey. Coming up for air. I feel like the first three weeks of the new year just flew by. Anyone else? After the girls’ weekend, I still had Monday (MLK Day) off earlier this week and allowed myself to sleep in. It was wonderful. I am one of those people that don’t mind getting up early, but who can also easily sleep in when there’s no alarm set. I don’t wake up at my usual time because my body knows it’s allowed to just sleep as long as it wants to and wake up naturally. It’s glorious and terrible at the same time, because while I love sleeping in occasionally, I also usually have a hard time getting my day going when I do. I am trying to figure out if truly “throw off” my body schedule by getting up later (don’t they say you should stick with a fixed sleep schedule at all times?), or if I just feel like I lost half of my morning when I could have done other things. Haha. Still, sleeping in wins sometimes.

* * *

You’ll be either appalled, thrilled, or both to hear that our tree is still up. I didn’t get to enjoy it (enough) during the Christmas break because we weren’t here, so I kept it up and have been very happy about it. I think I’ll take it down this weekend though.

* * *

Last night, I worked extra hours to get a task done for a colleague. Mind you, he asked me for help on Wednesday and didn’t tell me until Thursday afternoon that he needed it to be done by today. I agreed to finish the first iteration and to check in with him at 11 am (on my day off!).

I sent him the data last night at 9 pm. When I logged into work at 10:30 am this morning, there was no message from him. I didn’t know if he received the task and/or if he had any questions. I checked some emails and waited to see if he was going to meet with me at 11 am but I heard nothing. I finally reached out to him via Teams chat and asked if he did get the data and had a chance to look at it. He responded right away and said that he did get it and that he appreciated me getting this done for him.

GAH. Please tell me, why are people like that??? Why didn’t he just sent me a message? Why did he make me reach out to him (on my day off)?

* * *

Wednesday morning, my Mom sent me a couple of photos and videos. My hometown in Germany had snow this week. Lots of it. I admit, I was a little bit jealous (we always had a lot of snow when I grew up). It was so fun to see my parents’ yard and our street covered in snow.
Although, in all honesty, I just had my little snow adventure up in Tahoe and I am kinda glad I don’t have to deal with snow in my day-to-day life. I wouldn’t want to (try and) run on snow, for example. Lisa mentioned that she used to run with Yaktrax and I cannot even imagine doing that. It’d not be worth the risk.

* * *

My knit sweater is coming along. I haven’t taken any progress photos (although I think I should start doing that), so I can’t show you right now, but I am over halfway done with the body. The sweater is worked seamlessly from the top down, so there’s not going to be any sewing at the end. I am so glad I got a head-start over the holiday break because it’s been slow going since then. I only get a few rounds done in the evenings, but I am hoping to have this sweater finished in a reasonable time. Are you working on something right now?

Happy weekend, friends. Stay warm.

  1. I had a similar situation to your work colleague thing happen recently. I sent a friend a gift but the company would not let me put a gift note in it, so I sent the friend an email basically saying that I sent her a gift and here was the gift note. She did not reply so I reached out a week later to just make sure she had gotten my email and she said yes and thanks. Also I noticed the item has been delivered but haven’t heard anything from her since. I know she is probably just busy but just a confirmation of receipt would be nice!

  2. I took Friday off instead of Monday because it’s easier for my work schedule, so I’m in the middle of my 3 day “do nothing” weekend. You know, I always figure that a day off is pretty rare so if my body wants to “waste” it, it’s fine.

    I approve of leaving your tree up for as long as you want to!

    It was nice of you to help your coworker, but when he told you on Thursday that it was due by Friday, it would have been OK to tell him that you were off work and to only have done what you finished by the end of the work day on Thursday – him not telling you the deadline was his problem and not yours. And yes I’m saying that like I’ve never done exactly the same thing that you did, I get it;-)

  3. I know a lot of people will run in any weather, and I would see people in Calgary running in -20 degrees, on icy sidewalks. NO THANK YOU. But then I haven’t been running these days, so who am I to say?
    That was very thoughtless of your coworker!

  4. The thing with your colleague is so infuriating!!!! If you are going to ask for a favor, you need to be OVERLY grateful to the person going out of their way for you. ARGH.

    We still have our tree up, too. It is DRIVING ME NUTS but it’s too heavy for me to deal with by myself and my husband isn’t as motivated to deal with it as I am. Hopefully this weekend?!

  5. Confession time: My tree is als still up. Mainly because I am sick and I just didn’t find the energy to take it down. Also because would I need to disinfect everything next year? This year? It is just too much effort.

    And yes, the year started out busy the first week and than basically slowed to the hold with me bing sick and can’t do anything. Sigh. Loosing all the momentum of a brand new year and a blank slate.
    Looking forward seeing your sweater. It looks good. What color are you knitting?

  6. We took down our tree last weekend, but I am all for trees up as long as people want them up! (This is ironic because I get peeved when people put them up when I consider it “too soon.” I am a woman of many contradictions.)

    This was a crazy busy week for me at work, but I’m hoping things slow down next week. We’ll see!

  7. That was terrible of your coworker. I agree with Birchie that you could have said that you weren’t able to help since it was your day off. But his lack of acknowledgement is extra bad. I wouldn’t feel compelled to help him in the future…

    Snow is pretty and I do wish we had more so we could do things like go sledding with the boys. We have a little snow so there are icy spots on the sidewalks. I feel good about my decision to not run this winter season. The yaktrax aren’t bad to run on as long as you are on a snowy path. They feel awful on a bare sidewalk. But they were so necessary last winter when it was so icy. But after falling 3 times last winter even with yaktrax I figured I was tempting fate and risking a wrist fracture or something like that.

  8. The nice thing about knitting is that a round or two at a time will get you there eventually! I am very much a process knitter, so I need to enjoy the ride, not just the destination. I loved making the shawl I just finished so much that I’ve started a new one by the same designer, and I’m loving it again! So satisfying.

  9. If your tree is still making you happy I am all for the tree still being up – I am with you on leaving it up until you have some time to enjoy it. We have a recliner by ours that I sit in to read or watch horror movies by the twinkly lights, and damned if that tree is coming down before I get to do that two or three times.
    UGGGGHHHHH that colleague deserves a smack. Want me to smack them? I will.
    We had a snowstorm that left a mess, but it was on a Saturday so didn’t impact us getting to work (shitty for the people who it did), and now we have a lovely snowy scape outside and it’s been sunny ever since. It’s actually too cold to walk Lucy today, but we’ve had a few lovely walks in squeaky snow, and I am happy.

  10. As you know, my tree is also still up and it is making me happy. However, it will probably come down soon because my stress level is pretty high overall and I feel like getting something done will help me stop stressed. I also have a lot of work weekends coming up, so if I don’t prioritize it now, it will be a long while before it comes down… I’m sorry your colleague was so inconsiderate. That is very frustrating. I know I’m guilty of being locked in my own little world before a major deadline, so maybe that’s where he was too. Still… asking for favors should always be met with appreciation when someone is willing to help!

  11. Last year I kept our artificial tree in the basement up until…late Feb/early March. I added some heart-themed decor and called it out Valentine’s Tree. This year two strands of lights went out on the tree right after Christmas so I took it down (and don’t miss it), but last year I just loved having that extra burst of cheer through the dull winter months.

    We have a tiny bit of snow right now; the perfect amount in my opinion. Enough to do some basic sliding, but barely enough to need to shovel. And now it’s COLD, so it should stick around and make everything look pretty but also because it’s so cold/dry, the kids don’t come in caked with wet snow. If I HAD to choose snow, this is the type I would ask for!

  12. Ugh, I am so mad on your behalf with the coworker situation. I like what Birchie said but I know that can be hard to do when people are depending on you. I’m sorry you had to deal with that sort of situation. I try to be so mindful of turnarounds when I ask for favors, but I know not everyone is.

    Yes, snow is very pretty but I’m glad it’s not a part of my day-to-day life!

  13. We still have our wreath on our door, but likely it will need to come down soon.
    We have that struggle with work on our days off, too. We’re supposed to have Fridays off, but sometimes someone will send something that they need right away, either late on Thursday, or on Friday. Annoying!

  14. Oh, man, that is the WORST type of work situation. Sorry you had to deal with that on your day off. :( I mean, really. A special request and then not following up? Bad and worse. :P

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