18: November Link List

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2023

Around the Interwebs

Protecting your mental health is not the same as looking away.

How grocery prices have changed the way we shop.

Did you know you can draft an email in Google Docs?

21 things I learned about skincare.

Expert advice on how to age better.

Pen pals meet each other in person after 43 years! Aww, I love that. I’ve been pen pals with a girl from Australia since I was 15 and we have met IRL thrice now. 

How to use Google to fact-check images.

Oh, that’s smart. Why you should take Jan 8th off this year. 

The Friendship Dip.

Around the blogosphere

While I really enjoy exchanging small gifts for the holidays, I appreciate the insights of this article. How to buy gifts in a culture where everyone already buys everything they want.

Suzanne wrote a great piece on Justification and I have been thinking about it a lot because I thought for sure it was a cultural thing – in Germany, the response “I can’t make it” or “I am busy” don’t really exist and there always needed to be a reason (even if a vague one) if you turned down an invitation. Maybe that has changed in recent years.

A space budget. Now that’s an interesting concept.

How to Fall in Love with Your Life.

Inspiring Ikea Kallax Hacks for Every Room. I love the Kallax shelves – we have a couple of variations ourselves.

10 things to do in San Francisco. Great list! Thanks, Kyria!


Free: Printable Address Labels.

Act of Kindness Advent Calendar.

A little late but maybe save for next year? Pumpkin Carving Stencils.

For my runner friends

Treadmill vs Outdoor Running: What’s the difference?

The guide to snacks for runners.


This soup is so good. Highly recommend. Stuffed Pepper Soup.

Cauliflower Gratin. Oh, I should make that this winter.

Hot Honey Baked Chicken Breasts. This looks finger-licking good.

I am making this (family recipe) apple cake this weekend. So light and delicious!

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  1. I now have approximately 3 bajillion tabs open. And I have a few apples that I need to use up and have been dreaming about making an apple cake. Yum.

    Off to read all those links I opened <3

    1. Haha… if you don’t get to all the links, make sure you do make the apple cake ;)

  2. I did a run on the treadmill in NYC because I didn’t have time to catch the subway somewhere to run and it was much better than I remembered. I did listen to a podcast though so maybe that helped the time fly by so it didn’t feel as hard.

  3. Oh so many good links again. I think I need to come back to it look at a few. Not tonight though.

    I think it becomes more common in Germany to say thank you bit no. In general I agree through. We usually but an explanation in our decline of an invite. Specially when it is a verbal one.

  4. I LOVE link post! I should do one too, but keep forgetting to save the links.
    I’ll read about the friendship dip, real deal for me as we move around so much and hard to keep up with friendships, and runners posts.

  5. The Kallax shelves thing – people are so endlessly creative.
    The friendship dip thing and similar articles always remind me how lucky I am.
    Also pretty lucky with the gifts thing. I used to feel a lot more pressure around Christmas gifts, but I’m in a much better place now – mostly books and small things or baking or other consumables. I usually get tickets for my mom and I to do something together (Menopause the Musical – so fun).

  6. Thanks so much for the shoutout, San!

    Loved that January 8th vacation hack. What a great idea!

  7. There are SO many links here. Goodness. I read the one about using Google Docs to draft an email. Good to know. Also the gift giving one about what to gift people who have everything was a good read. I’m considering giving the kids a ticket to a play or something. The closets here are full. FULL. I’d like to get creative in my gift giving this year.

  8. I always love the monthly link list! That act of kindness advent calendar is really nice. I also like the one about buying gifts- it is really hard to shop for people nowadays!

  9. I really liked the links I clicked, thank you. The most informative to me was the one about skin care. I feel like I know a lot of it already, but there was some new stuff too. Thanks for that.

    We’re getting better about gifts, not just going out and buying things. I try to be thoughtful. And we do draw names for gifts in my husband’s family. I wish we could convince my MIL (who is on a tight budget) to NOT buy for EVERYONE, but it is one of her love languages, and it’s hard. She is getting better at keeping the gifts small at least.

  10. Thank you, San. The space budget link was exactly what I needed! Love these lists.
    (Also, how on EARTH did you develop such precise slicing skills? That apple cake is gorgeous!)

  11. So many great links – I will need to come back and read more with some coffee :)

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