Summer Tales – Las Vegas

I am recapping the three weeks of fun that I had with my family this summer.
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Following five exhausting days hiking through and gazing at the amazing landscape of the Southwest, we felt like we had earned a day “off” and spent the day (8/4) in Vegas shopping and relaxing.

We slept in and then made our way to the Premium Outlets. (Don’t ask me what it is, but every German loves the Outlets. Well, actually, I know what it is, prices for clothing are just way cheaper than in Germany. That hasn’t changed.) My Dad and Basti browsed the sports shops, while my Mom and I were more interested in shoes and purses (what a surprise).

For lunch we all met back at the “Food Court” – my Dad and Basti went for the pizza, my Mom and I got Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee and a bagel (since we hadn’t really had breakfast in the morning).







After we finished our shopping, we decided on an early dinner at the hotel’s buffet.



In the evening, we went for another stroll along the strip. It was amazing how hot it was outside. I literally was shivering in my tube dress inside the hotel, but luckily I was able to warm up once we left the building. Could things be any more backwards?






When we returned to the hotel, I had one more promise to keep: when I had told my co-worker previously that I had been to Vegas a couple of times, but that I had never gambled, he felt that that needed to be rectified immediately. He actually gave me $25 and a “gambling chart” and made me play “Roulette”.
I was a little hesitant, to be honest, and felt like a “huge baby” walking up to the Roulette table, but I kept my word. I played and won!

I won$68 (not including the $25 stake) and I even won $20 for Basti (who wasn’t allowed to gamble himself). I must admit, that was an amazing feeling (no worries though, I don’t think I will turn into a serious gambler anytime soon.)

To end the night on a celebratory note, we had some drinks at “Napoleon’s”, where the attraction of the evening were two dueling piano players. Amazing guys! Take a look.

stay tuned.

  1. i just looooove the video :-)

  2. This sounds so wonderful and that pizza looks great! I am so hungry right now!

  3. I love that black dress on you. Very pretty! I love playing roulette. Well, of course, I don’t do it religiously but if we happen to be near a casino, we tend to stop by and bet a few dollars on black or red. (The easiest and fastest way to win!)

  4. How fun and congrats on winning! Looking very cute in that black dress – pretty lady!! xxx

  5. I went to Vegas about a year ago. LOVED it. I knew there was a ton of stuff we were missing. Can’t wait to go back.

  6. I’m outlet mall obsessed too. Can’t help it. We’ve got a J. Crew outlset nearby and it’s where I purchase the bulk of my wardrobe. I just love getting a good deal on things that are usually hugely overpriced.

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