1: NaBloPoMo 2023

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2023

Hooray, it’s finally here! NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), 30 posts in 30 days. I hope you’re as excited as I am. I cannot believe it’s November already, but I am here to fully embrace it. 

This is my 18th year of NaBloPoMo. In 2006, Eden Kennedy first launched the blogging challenge, and even though 2016 was the last year that NaBloPoMo was officially hosted by BlogHer, I’ve still been writing and participating every year in November. 

It was a pretty lonely endeavor for a while, but in the last few years, the event got a little traction again with some of my lovely blog readers jumping on board and spreading the word. This might be a small movement, but we had a great turnout last year and my sign-up sheet shows that once again, we broke double-digits. 

I am so, so happy you’re all here!

I know that many of you who stop by here (thank you!) have not given up on blogging yet. In fact, we together have built a new community of people who continue to blog simply for the sake of writing (for ourselves) and sharing in hopes of connecting with like-minded people. It’s been such a delight to be part of it.

It’s a lot of pressure to blog every day. But many of you blog pretty regularly — maybe not daily, but at least multiple times per week, and that should give you some confidence. And if you joined because you’ve fallen off the blogging bandwagon, it might just give you the opportunity to re-engage in the community and fall in love with blogging again. I hope you don’t feel any anxiety over it because it should be fun – first and foremost. 

Some of you have asked if they can use the image at the top of this blog post on their blogs. I created the badge for NaBloPoMo, but the original image is from Unsplash and it’s free to use. (I am trying to find the original link to it.)

Feel free to use it (just right-click and save, or I can send you a higher resolution image via email if you wish. Just leave me a comment), so your readers can recognize that you’re a NaBloPoMo participant. Even better if you could create a hyperlink back to the NaBloPoMo page.

You’re also very welcome to use any of my posts for inspiration if you want. If you come across a great post idea here or on someone else’s blog – borrow the idea (and give credit when appropriate) and post your own version. Because this is what bloggers do – we inspire each other and share great post ideas!

And remember — if you skip a day, no big deal. This challenge is just a fun way to connect with each other and maybe find a new friend in the process!

Come join us

I hope you’re excited to come here a little more often this month. Keep spreading the word! If you do decide to join us, use the hashtag #NaBloPoMo2023, so I can find you (and promote your posts!). I’ll also keep a running list of participants on my NaBloPoMo page.

Please go and check out the list, and maybe make a new friend :) And let me know if you want me to add you!

  1. Thanks again San, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone so engaged!

    1. Yay, so happy to have you, Julie!

  2. Yo happy its a small movement and that you kept up throughout the year. I need to check how many years I have been doing it now with you. Five, Maybe six. It is so fun to have that little community. And if I am not mistaken we cover four continent this year.

    1. I’m so glad you stuck it out with me for a few years, Tobia! And see what has become of it :)

  3. Thanks you San! I just signed up (whelp).

  4. Thanks for organizing this again <3

    1. Of course. So happy you’re joining again <3

  5. You’re such a great role model for all of us, San. Let’s do this!!

    1. Awww thanks, but this community thrives because of all of you!

  6. Awesome sauce! I’ve been enjoying “Christmas in November” and unwrapping all of the NaBloPo posts under the tree.

    1. You phrased that so nicely, Birchie. <3 Love having your support.

  7. Yay! Another year, another attempt at glory!!!!! Thanks so much for organizing and leading the charge!

    1. Of course. And thanks, Suzanne. Love having you here :)

  8. San, I find NaBloPoMo so amazing – thank you for your organization around so many blogs I love (and new ones I can’t wait to get to know!).

    1. Lindsay, it’s so wonderful to have you as part of this community!

  9. 18 years???? THAT is impressive! I agree with everything you said, and can attest to the fact that I’ve definitely made new friends during NaBloPoMo. It’s going to be a great month!

    1. Thanks for being such a cheerleader, Jenny!

  10. The first year I missed a day it felt catastrophic. Then I realized I missed it because I was in Mexico and had no wifi and that is a PERFECTLY GOOD REASON TO MISS A DAY, and sometimes I am loony.
    I think this is my fourteenth year, and although November can be a tough month for me mentally and sometimes it does spike my anxiety a little, for the most part it’s a great activity for maintaining structure and injecting some vigour into blogging.

    1. That’s amazing. I didn’t know you were doing it for so long… just by yourself (seemingly)… I am so glad we’re now connected.

  11. I have been doing NaBloPoMo since 2009, and it is so wonderful to be part of a blog community again— thank you, San!!

    1. Yay, Sarah. Also another long time participant… who knew!

  12. Alright, I’m in! I wrote yesterday and already posted today, so I’ve got 2/30 under my belt! ;) I decided that I would further challenge myself to limit my posts to <500 words. This may still seem like a lot to some people, but I tend to be, um, "wordy". Shorter posts should in theory be quicker to write, AND, it's just a fun way to challenge myself to practice being more concise.

    1. Hi Kae! I am thrilled you’re joining us and I think that is an excellent plan to try and write shorter posts… <500 words is definitely more doable when we're trying to keep up with so many people :) Looking forward to it!

  13. I’m so glad you kept the NaBloPoMo challenge alive for so many years and now look at the list of participants! How amazing is that?!

    1. The participants’ list keeps growing… and some new people where I have no idea where they came from. It’s a little miracle :) Thanks for being a cheerleader!

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