On what’s saving my life right now

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I’ve seen a few other people do this kind of post. A quick Google search revealed that the original idea came from the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, who got the idea from Barbara Brown Taylor’s memoir Leaving Church (which I haven’t read, but now want to), so I want to give credit where credit is due. I like the thought of thinking about things that give us life instead of thinking about what’s currently hard for us. So let’s take this positive spin and go with it.


Yup, I am still a big fan of the WFH life. In retrospect, I had a lot of flexibility in my schedule before the pandemic, but I did not – dare and – take advantage of some of the things I probably could have asked for (e.g. I think I mentioned before that some of my co-workers worked from home frequently, but I never thought that applied to me (don’t ask!), although I knew that a telework policy existed before Covid). The pandemic definitely has loosened the rules a bit more for everyone, including me, and I have really come to love the leisure and flexibility of working from home.

I enjoy that I don’t have to leave the house at 4:45 am to go to the gym (although I kinda do miss my gym buddies and access to a treadmill), my hair loves that it’s allowed to air-dry most days (unless I am planning to leave the house and/or have a Teams meeting that includes video early in the day). I love that I can celebrate my coffee ritual in the morning and soak up some rays of sunshine in the backyard when I take my first sip. I enjoy having full access to my own kitchen for lunch and that I can get dinner started in the afternoon.

Truth be told, I am not ready to go back to the office quite yet and I am thankful that I still have about two more months before I am going to ease back into office life with a once-a-week schedule.


Well, you know already that I spent a lot of my free time exercising. I’ve started running in 2015 and spinning in 2019 and haven’t looked back. I am obsessed with my Peloton bike.
Running, spinning, and all the other workouts on the Peloton platform are what has truly been keeping me sane these last two years. As I like to say, if I have to be addicted to one thing, I am okay with it being a piece of exercise equipment that keeps me healthy, motivated, and connected with like-minded people.

Morning meditation

I’ve started morning meditations (most mornings) earlier this year and it’s been a really nice ritual that has replaced the “snooze button”. While I would consider myself a morning person, I am not very good at “jumping out of bed” right when my alarm goes off, so I give myself the gift of a 10 minute morning meditation to start the day. I use the “smart alarm” setting on my Sleep Cycle App (which gently wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase during the wake-up time frame) and then just start the meditation session before I get up.

Cute Animal Videos

Here me out. I am not a person who watches random videos on YouTube or any other social media platform. I am not on TikTok (I refuse) and Instagram Reels make me “crabby” (most of the time). Why does everything have to be “videos” these days? Does that feel overwhelming to anyone but me most of the time? No?

Well, then. But I will admit that, for some inexplicable reason, Instagram keeps “suggesting” these cute animal videos and I am here for it. Nothing beats (the occasional) cute little pony skipping over a pasture without a care in the world, or a kitten sunbathing all sprawled out in front of a window to bring some calm and joy to a hectic day. Who’s with me?


I’ve really been enjoying reading the books back to back. I am fully immersed in the story and know that I can travel to a different time and place in my mind whenever I want to. I am currently reading book #5 and I am so glad to know that I have a few more books to go. (In case you’re wondering, I am still watching the show, but I am still in season 1 and in no rush to get through it. Although I am enjoying the adaptation, the books are so much richer and denser in my mind than the show could ever be on the screen.)

Dinners with Jon

You already know that I love cooking at home and I’d easily say that dinner time is my favorite part of the day. After I shut my laptop for the day, Jon and I ‘meet’ in the kitchen, he starts pulling out everything for dinner, while I start chopping and preparing. We talk a little bit, hype each other up for what’re about to put into our tummies (we love to talk about food while we cook and eat!), and then sit down and enjoy our meal together. Quality time at its best.


I’ve never been much of a napper, but I definitely have started napping more during the pandemic. Be it pandemic fatigue, hiding from the world, old age, or just a natural appreciation for some rest and shut-eye during the day, I am embracing it.


This list would never be complete without coffee, amirite? It’s the first thing I look forward to in the morning, my reward after my morning workout, and simply the best comfort drink.

What’s saving your life right now?

  1. I will always put down naps on my happy list. Naps are a lifesaver. I’ve been watching Roswell, New Mexico, and it’s so good. I’m so behind on Outlander, but I loved the first couple of seasons. I’ll have to take time to catch up on it again. John and I have been going on day dates to new-to-us coffee shops and it’s been so lovely.

  2. I love this list! It just feels…”happy”. :) I also love the image of you and your husband cooking together. Sounds like something out of the movies. ha! We so rarely do this, because my husband doesn’t get home until ~6 pm most nights. So the timing just doesn’t work out. I typically have to run the boys/ pick someone up, and then squeeze in some dinner prep or cooking before he’s even home.

    I also love, love, love WFH and I feel it’s the biggest factor in my current happiness/ satisfaction with my work life balance. I just don’t think I could ‘do it all” like I (kind of) do now- fitting in leisure + work + exercise + parenting…I so often think that if I still had to commute and fully “get ready” for work everyday, that would eat up the time I do these others things! Fortunately I was WFH even pre-pandemic, so I won’t need to go back. (Well, we used to go in ~1x/month, but even that has been cut out now.)

  3. Oh my gosh your dinner routine with Jon sounds SO sweet. My husband and I used to cook together frequently and I miss it! (He is never home early enough these days, and on the rare weekend when we can cook together we wind up getting in each other’s way more than cooking like a seamless duo as we used to!)

  4. I LOVE working together (with my John!) in the kitchen. It doesn’t happen all the time and we tend to work in tandom – he might be prepping lunchboxes for the kids while I work on supper, but I just love being together in the kitchen.

    Hmmm. Saving my life right now? Better sleep…which I think might be directly related to a new supplement I’ve been taking that seems to really be helping with my energy levels?
    And John’s sabbatical. I feel guilty every time I mention this because I realize it is a huge privilege to have made this decision and so many would love to have this opportunity and can’t, but I need to name how much of a joy this has been! One month in to his 6-month sabbatical and it has literally felt life-changing.

  5. WFH rocks! Yes first world problems on the days when I have to get my hair dry by 8AM for an on camera meeting. Having lunch with the hubs and taking the dog for a walk over lunch never gets old. Does Jon WFH as well or is it just you?

    I’ve started watching season 6 of Outlander on the treadmill and it’s making the miles fly by!


    I love this, San, and I may just steal the idea for a post! I love that you are addicted to your Peloton – girl, me too. I am so happy you can continue to work from home and that dinner prep is a special time for you. I also cannot with the TikTok or Reels – just show me a photo! That’s all I want!

  7. Love this post!
    I also enjoy working from home and need to get back into my routine of having my tea or coffee outside before the work day starts. It was a lovely way to ease into the morning.
    Your dinners with Jon sound lovely! Cooking together is always enjoyable and a lovely way to start your evening.

  8. This a great list! Your meal prep tradition with Jon is sweet. I look forward to a time when dinners are more enjoyable and less harried… right now it’s kind of my least favorite time of the day since Will is in a food throwing stage and will go from eating really well to throwing handfuls of food with no warning!! But Paul is easier at dinner time so I know it won’t always be like this!

    You saw my list recently, but I think I Ieft off naps which are a lifesaver!

  9. This list brought me so much joy! There is so much goodness to find when we just look for it. :)

    I am glad you will still be able to work from home! I am so glad I don’t have to worry about going back to office life. I could maybe handle one day a week, but I have grown so comfortable being at home all day. It’s so nice!

    Saving my life right now? The nice weather, grocery delivery, and my cats (always my cats!)

  10. Oh, naps are the best. And they really do save my life somedays. I’d say my cat, Charlie, definitely! A new job with good people around me. All the books!!!!!


  11. Well, we have a bunch of these in common! Exercise, a hot morning beverage (earl grey tea for me), NAPS (always a favorite…) I’m definitely envious of your WFH schedule, but I can’t complain- I don’t have to be at work till 10 so I have plenty of time-most days- to have a nice, relaxing breakfast. I haven’t read Outlander but I would definitely put books in general on my list. And I’m not a big fan of cooking these days, but I do like eating dinner!

  12. You know I’m right there with you on WFH, coffee, and exercise. Dinner? Not so much, since I live alone. BUT – I do talk to myself while making dinner. Does that count? :)

    Curious – are you a dark roast person? I LOVED that Tchibo dark roast… might have to consider indulging periodically now that I have had a taste. (In the meantime, I go for this “espresso-roast ground” for my coffee and it works just fine, thanks…)

    I am so, so grateful for my stationary bike (not a Peloton but then again I am not a class person either…). It really has kept me sane as running has been removed from my list of possible cardio options. :(

  13. What a wonderful list you compiled here. I can almost check all of those myself. However I’m glad I don’t have to go to the office if I don’t want to the perks of being a freelancer.

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