April Link List

Around the Interwebs

Thoughts on returning to pre-pandemic life. “I don’t trust people in the same way and I don’t think I ever will again“.

What to know before you post a vaccine selfie.

“Back to normal anxiety” is more common than you might think. Can you relate?

Effective psychological tricks.

What’s the minimum dose of training to stay fit?

An interesting outlook. The short-term, middle-term, and long-term future of the coronavirus.

The pandemic has given women a new rage.

Around the blogosphere

How long does it actually take to learn a language? As a non-native speaker myself, this is super-interesting.

I really enjoyed Abby’s post about re-learning the body.

Super-dreamy outdoor spaces. I’ll take one of each, please and thank you.


How to make stickers at home with minimal supplies.

Papercut Lacy Lanterns. So pretty.

For my runner friends

Do you plank a lot?  Common plank mistakes to watch out for

Race goals that are not focused on a PR. Indeed, these exist!

Wright Socks Review (one brand of my favorite running socks!)

Yoga for runners.


I wanna try these sourdough discard scones next to use up some of my discard that is sitting in the fridge.

Garlic Butter Mushroom and Cauliflower. Sounds good to me!

20 Air Fryer Recipes. I wanna try them all.

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  1. My parents have an air fryer so they made a few things for Paul in it last week. It made me want to get one but I can’t fit another appliance into our kitchen! So my plan is to replace our toaster oven with a combo air fryer and toaster oven in a couple of years. My parents love their air fryer!!

    My trust of others has been totally and completely eroded during the pandemic. :(

  2. I do think when things get back to a more usual type of normal, a lot of us will still have many fears and anxieties. Things won’t ever be the same, but I do hope we can all adjust to a newer version of normal that doesn’t feel as insane as this past year though.

  3. I am so anxious about certain aspects of a return to “normal”. Specifically, going back into our building for work. While my job doesn’t require me to always be in the building when I am working, there has historically been a focus on only attending meetings, etc., in person. We just got a survey today asking what our preferences / views were on returning to the building, and I was very specific in saying that we need to keep the option of virtual / hybrid meetings / presentations moving forward. I am hoping others make the same point… We shall see! I know your job wasn’t very supportive of work-from-home before the pandemic. Have they changed?

    1. We always had a “telework policy” at my office, it just felt like you had to have a very good reason to telework full time. I think this has changed and many people will keep at least a part-time telework schedule… and right now, they’re not eager to get people back into the building. I am totally okay with that. I prefer working from home when possible.

  4. Again some interesting articles. I feel the woman at rage thing. I can see it with all my female friends with kids who are struggling. But also I am so done for cooking meals all the time… It is a bit sad to see.

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