Blogging through the COVID-19 crisis: My first shot!

If there is anything that is worth a COVID 19-blogging update, it is this: I got my first dose of the COVID vaccine this week!

I had told you already that Jon had gotten his first vaccine a week and a half ago because he was deemed eligible through our primary care practice (which is part of a huge local medical center). The medical center has really done a great job keeping us informed about the vaccination process and changes to eligibility in the last few months, and I was thrilled when he received the message that he could make an appointment. He’s slightly higher risk because of some minor health issues, although according to the eligibility questionnaire that I filled out, he also didn’t meet the criteria yet. But hey, who am I to question the decision of our primary care practice when it comes to eligibility? If they want him to get vaccinated, I was all for it! 

I had signed up through, California’s vaccination coordination site, at the same time, expecting that I would be eligible to make an appointment after the 15th, when California is officially going to open up vaccines to everyone aged 16+. 

So imagine my surprise, when I saw a message on Facebook on Tuesday morning that our local medical center/PCP was going to open up vaccine appointments to everyone aged 16+ nine days ahead of California’s schedule. I was wide awake on the spot. I immediately logged into my PCP online account, but couldn’t access the scheduling tool yet. Apparently, the systems hadn’t been updated (I get up early). So, I checked every 10 minutes until finally at 8 am, I was able to get in and schedule an appointment. And to my surprise and absolute elation, I was able to get a time slot for the same day. I couldn’t believe it.

Jon took me to the vaccine clinic in the afternoon. It was quite busy and I was so happy to see how many people had immediately jumped on the opportunity to get vaccinated. It was all very well organized and signing in, getting the shot, and scheduling second dose appointments ran like clockwork. I had an appointment at 3:50 pm and the needle hit my left arm right around that exact time. Impressive.

In case you guys were curious: I got the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and now – 72 hours later – I can report that I had only very minor side effects in the form of a sore upper arm (it was the same for Jon last week). That was it. I am anticipating a little stronger response of my immune systems for the second dose in three weeks, but bring it on. I am ready for it. 

I am so beyond thankful that I’ve been able to schedule an appointment ahead of the schedule. Being deemed “too young, too healthy and non-essential” (ha!), I was expecting to have to wait for at least a few more weeks to even make an appointment. To get the opportunity to get the vaccine all of a sudden was really incredible. I am honestly still processing this.

Also, I was even more thrilled to see how many other people that I know were able to get vaccinated (some with the second dose already) this week. It feels like many places really got the ball rolling, and I can only hope this is just the beginning.

Have you been able to snatch an appointment yet? How did it make you feel? I am curious about your experience. And please leave me any questions in the comments.

  1. Hoo-ray!!!! It’s amazing how the vaccine floodgates have opened. I became eligible in my state exactly 3 weeks ago today. At first I couldn’t find an appointment anywhere but then WHAM I got an appointment the following Monday. The reason I know it’s been 3 weeks is b/c appointment #2 is on Monday!!! Three more days!

    I’m Team Pfizer as well. My arm was incredibly sore and I had fatigue and brain fog for a few days afterwards. I’m expecting a worse reaction for #2 and I absolutely do not care. I am going to be more diligent about moving my arm afterwards to see if I can prevent the soreness. By far the biggest side effect is my need to tell everyone that I got the vax and my fascination about hearing about everyone else’s experiences;-)

    1. The vaccine floodgates have opened! Yes! That’s what it feels like and I am so thankful. I think you got your 2nd shot today and I hope you’re feeling well!!

  2. Yay! It’s been so exciting to hear that so many people I know are jumping at the chance to get vaccinated :D I was able to get vaccinated a few months ago due to working in the healthcare field and my process was super fast/smooth. I went through Santa Clara County and they went through the line SO FAST. I was seen both times before my scheduled time. I had the most side effects with the second dose, I had the Moderna one. Chills, headache, fatigue. But it was gone in two days.

    1. So glad you were able to get vaccinated through work! Ill take two days of side effects!

  3. Amazing news! I received the J&J shot on Thursday and it knocked me on my butt – high fever, aches, chills, etc… Thankfully, it only lasted about 24 hours and I feel back to my normal self. Herd immunity, here we come!

    1. Thank you! So glad to hear you also got your shot already! Herd immunity, here we come!

  4. Juhu!!! Ich freue mich so für Dich, San! Das ist super!
    Jede Impfung ist ein weiterer Schritt in eine etwas freiere Zukunft.
    Ich glaube, dass ich mich noch ein Weilchen gedulden muss… dafür sind nun meine Eltern geimpft und das finde ich schon toll.
    Liebe Grüße, Bine

    1. Danke Bine! Was für eine riesige Erleichterung man spürt… und ich freue mich sehr, dass deine Eltern auch schon geimpft sind!!

  5. This is so amazing and I can totally relate to the feeling of getting a shot ahead of time. I am impressed about the turn around in the US. Last year I was shaking my head about the unorganized chaos the US was in but I guess now the US is laughing at Germany not getting things handled… Good thing though my mom got her shot on Tuesday. At least one person down in my family.

    1. Seriously, I am also impressed how the US was able to turn things around…. nobody expected that after the shitshow of 2020. So glad to hear your Mom got your shot already… and I hope the rest of your family will follow soon!

  6. Congrats!! More and more people around me are becoming eligible which is great. I got my second shot a couple weeks ago so it’s such a nice feeling, even if things won’t change too much. I also got Pfizer and didn’t have too bad of a time afterwards. I’ve been hearing that people that get Moderna seem to be hit the hardest with post-shot symptoms.


    1. Thanks Lauren. So glad you got your second shot already (esp. after having Covid!)…

  7. Yay! Glad you felt ok. I also got Pfizer but had no side effects from either dose! Phil got J&J on Thursday and felt pretty crappy for 48 hours – fevers, aches, headache. Still better than getting Covid!! It’s so great to see so many getting their vaccine. Yay science!!

    1. Oh, that’s super that you didn’t have any side effects and I am glad Phil got his shot, too. I’ll take some side effects in exchange for herd immunity!

  8. Woohoo! I also got the Pfizer shot and I will be waiting to see your reaction to the second shot (since you’ll be ahead of me “in line,” lol). I’m nervous about how I’ll feel, but I’ll take a day or so of feeling crappy over Covid, for sure! It’s just so thrilling to see so many people getting their vaccines.

    1. Yay, so glad you got your first shot… I’ll keep you posted on my symptoms after shot two, so you know what to expect LOL

  9. Ohhh, I’m so excited to hear this! Because I got the antibody infusion when I was sick with COVID, I’m now not eligible for my first vaccination until June 15, but my doctor said I can make an appointment with his office to get it done with them… which means a quick walk down the street, as they’r eonly a couple blocks away!

    1. This was the best news last week… and I am glad to hear you’ll be able to get yours at your doctor’s office come June, 15th!

  10. I am just two days ahead of you! Shot #2 tomorrow (also Pfizer/BioNTech). I’m anticipating side effects Thursday but honestly, who knows? I do have meetings, though, so that could be… interesting. :)

    I, too, am thrilled at how things opened up. My experience was similar to Jon’s – my PCP’s office called and offered me a spot the next day! Smooth as anything. They clearly know what they are doing by now!

    Given the low vaccination rates in Germany, are you still having to put off seeing your family, even when you and Jon are both fully protected? If so, I’m sorry – I wish the whole world were able to move forward at the same rate. The discrepancies are so frustrating and, at times, jarring to see.

  11. This is great! Good to see you guys spearheaded it.

    UK is doing great too. I’m hoping to have my first early June – fingers crossed. Hopefully the rest of Europe gets there soon and we can start planning family trips.

    1. So glad to hear things are moving forward in the Uk, too…. and I hope that the rest of Europe follows!

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