A SoCal weekend


Last weekend, we went down to SoCal to spend some time with J’s family and on the beach (because who doesn’t love the beach!).

We started off with an awesome brunch at the “Galopping Hen” (ha, I love that name!) and in the afternoon I helped J’s Dad set up his new computer (and was repeatedly asked “how do you know these things? Haha!) and went out to dinner at the Ventura Pier.

galopping hen

On Saturday, I got to meet up with my sweet friend Maegan for a day of girls’ talk and antique-shopping. I don’t even want to think about the fact that it had almost been a year (!) since we had seen each other last. Luckily, she’s so easy to be around and we could pick up right where we left off last time :) Much fun was had and I hope we can do this again soon!

Maegan and San

Pyramid Lake

We had drinks at the Watermark in the evening followed by an awesome dinner at the Winchester Grill & Salon. Not pictured is the super-delicious Kerby burger (ground turkey with hot wing sauce and crumbled blue cheese) which I simply gobbled up too fast, it was so good.


On Sunday, we had breakfast at the “Busy Bee”, a 50’s diner in downtown Ventura (and one of the places that J took me when I visited his hometown for the first time) and then went on a spontaneous trip up the coast to Santa Barbara with J’s Mom.




The weather was beautiful, quite warm and sunny. We strolled around on State Street, went down to the pier and hung out at the Santa Barbara Roasting Company.

Santa Barbara Roasting Company

Monday we finished our trip with lunch at “Tony’s pizzaria” (which was on our agenda, for sure. It’s a ‘must-have’ when in Ventura and I highly recommend it if you should happen to be there!), coffee from the “Sandbox” coffeeshop and 2 hours at the beach.

Tony's pizza

Emma Wood State Beach

long-billed curlew

sea urchin


… and how was your weekend?

  1. This post makes me long for California! I’m so tired of being cold :)

  2. It looks amazing. You are so lucky to be able to go to the beach regularly.

  3. Dear God, I need to come back home STAT. I miss it so much. And California isn’t even home but shit, you could show me a photo of Oklahoma right now and a diner and I would jump on the next plane.

  4. That pizza looks good! I could go for that right now… haha. Well, of course everything else looks great, too. What a fun weekend!

  5. Aww, sounds like such a lovely weekend! Gorgeous pictures. And that pizza looks so good!

  6. The beach looks beautiful! The Pacific Coast is so different from the Atlantic Coast and so I’m always impressed when I see pictures from the West Coast. It’s beautiful.

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