10 best purchases of 2020

I saw a couple of posts from other bloggers, highlighting some of their favorite purchases from this crazy year and because sharing is caring, I thought I’d also let you know about things that I bought this year that I don’t regret buying. 

1. A desk chair – when it became clear that I’d be working from home for the foreseeable future, not anticipating in my wildest dreams how long it would actually last, I bought a proper desk chair for my corner desk. This one actually looks quite pretty (most desk chairs are rather ugly in my opinion) and it’s probably saved me from developing major back issues this year.

2. 25 lbs bags of rye flour –  At the beginning of the quarantine, when things were scarce on the shelves and I had just resorted to baking bread again, I decided to order online and it seemed like a good idea to buy in bulk (especially as rye flour is harder to come by at the store anyway). Now we’re set up for auto-delivery and we just received our third shipment since April.

3. A small area rug – I don’t have a separate office (unfortunately) and work from the corner of our living room. We have hardwood floors that don’t really appreciate a desk chair with wheels, so I had to find a small area rug that would fit into the corner under the desk. At least it’s pretty.

4. A long-sleeve running shirt with thumbholes – if you know me, you know that I love long sleeve shirts with thumbholes (which are harder to find than you’d think), so this purchase made me happier than it probably should have.

5. New running shoes – I’ve been running more in 2020 and every runner knows that buying a new pair of running kicks is always a bitter-sweet moment. It’s sad to retire an old pair of shoes that you’ve grown fond of, but it’s also always exciting to break in a new pair. And so the cycle goes.

6. A new microwave – I wouldn’t usually get excited about an appliance, but since I use the microwave every day and this one is so pretty (and matches my Kitchenaid mixer), it’s been one of the top ten purchases of 2020. 

7. A spin bike Sunny SF B-1805 – I’d been taking spin classes at the gym for about a year when the pandemic hit. I ramped up my running schedule over the summer months when I lost access to my gym, but I was dreading the beginning of the darker season because I knew I wouldn’t be able to run outdoors as much. Hence the purchase of a spin bike; probably my favorite purchase of this year. It’s been great to be able to ride any time and take classes (via the Peloton app) with friends. 

8. An HR monitor  – because I need all the stats. LOL (Since my spin bike is bare-bones and I use a cadence sensor to record my rides via my Garmin watch, the HR monitor was one extra piece of equipment to record stats in the Peloton app.)

9. A metal food grinder + cookie attachment – I previously mentioned that after years of ‘thinking about it’, I finally bought this attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer so that I could make my family’s spritz cookies for Christmas. Usually, my Mom would send me some in her Christmas package, but since that wasn’t possible this year, I had to finally invest in the equipment and make my own. I am so glad I did.

10. Our Christmas tree – I told you the story of our Christmas tree a couple of days ago and it’s really been one of the best purchases of this godforsaken year. It has brought me so much joy. Jon can attest that I’ve been commenting on the tree every single day since we got it. I don’t know what it is about a fake tree with lights and ornaments, but it’s been truly lifting my mood this holiday season.

Share one of your favorite pandemic purchases in the comments (or write your own post, if you have more than one!).

  1. The best purchase I have made this year was 100% my Peloton bike. Not only can I take classes on my own schedule, I also love all the other classes, like Pilates and Yoga, that I now have on the tip of my finger.

    1. It’s fantastic! And thanks to YOU, I can do all of this with you! <3

  2. What cadence sensor do you have for the bike? I have been wanting to get one for my non-peloton bike that i use for peloton app rides as well!

    1. I have Wahoo Cadence and Speed Sensors and they seem to work well.

  3. Love these posts. I really need to figure out some sort of office set up for my house, since it looks like I’ll be continuing to (mostly) work from home in 2021. Yay for spritz cookies. Those are my mom’s favorites.


    1. Having a dedicated workplace and ergonomic furniture makes a huge difference! I don’t see myself going back to the office any time soon either!

  4. Ooh, thanks for the link to the spin bike you have. I think a spin bike might be the purchase I need for 2021! I miss spin classes so much but have no idea when I’d feel comfortable in one of those super-packed classes again.

    I think my favorite pandemic purchase this year was my desk! I needed something a lot bigger than I had currently and it makes full-time WFH life a million times better.

  5. I bought a desk and chair at the end of the year as my company gave everyone a $500 allowance to buy office equipment. I worked at our dining room table with a chair I took from work (which I need to eventually return). Now I have a dedicated office space in our basement guest room to work from when I return to work in late April!

  6. Reading through this post and all the comments I still can’t think of any real Corona purchase I made. I bought a few clothes yes and I purchased a new iPhone but that was planned and I haven’t even opened it yet. But a real Corona purchase… I am kinda drawing a blank.
    However I am glad you have so many things that made this year more fun and enjoyable.

  7. I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time in the last few days trying to find my current tennis shoes online because I don’t want to try and figure out which ones to try. So far I’ve failed but I’ve found a few leads NWT on Poshmark, lol.

    Hear hear for Christmas trees being the best 2020 purchase. I’m with you on that 100%. My husband agrees, too.

  8. It’s fun to see a mix of the practical (desk chair!) and fun (bike!) and how each, in its own way, brings you joy. I hope they continue to do so as this, well, continues for the foreseeable future.

    My favorite purchase was also my spin bike – but mine is a folding version (seriously) because I have such a small space! A Peleton or other real bike would take up one entire section of my living area. :) It works well, though, so I love it. And it gives me an option for when / if the gym closes (again) and it’s too cold for me to be outside. I usually just, well, ride, but all of the positive feedback on the Peloton app makes me wonder if I should try a real spin workout sometime…

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