A holiday wish & gift list

All I want for Christmas this year is – obviously! – for this virus to go away and for everyone to see their families and loved ones. Duh. Screw the gifts.

Since we can’t have that, we’ll distract ourselves with some pretty things and shiny objects, shall we? I put together a little holiday wish list/gift guide for you, so we can all feel like it’s a regular old and boring Christmas around here (even if it’s not). You’re welcome. 

I don’t know about you, but I love gift guides and wish lists this time of year. I love finding inspiration for gift giving and discovering new things that I had no idea existed. Some of these things on my list are things I own and love, some of these things are on my personal wish list. Maybe you’ll find some gift inspiration here, too. 

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1. Quite a few people asked me about my Chemex* coffeemaker this year (after I started posting my morning coffee routine on IG). The Chemex makes a truly delicious cup of coffee and I love, love, love it. One of the best gifts that I myself have ever received.  Plus, they look so beautiful and minimalist that they make great kitchen decor  (did you notice that they had a Chemex as a prop in old 90’s Friends episodes? Pay attention next time you watch a re-run. 

2. I am not much of a purse-person. Yes, of course, I have purses, but I can also just use one of these canvas tote bags* if you ask me. Big, spacious, functional.

3. One great, and always appreciated gift (for runners) are new running shoes*. If you’re a runner, you know that these babies have to be replaced quite regularly.

4. An embroidery kit*. Because of course, I really need one more pandemic hobby.

5. Thermal underwear* because I like to stay warm and cozy. I love that this thermal underwear can double as a pair of pajamas.

6. One can never have enough cozy blankets*, amirite? I live for fuzzy socks and warm blankets during the winter months.

7. A California State Shaped Cutting Board*. I gave this to someone as a gift once and it was very well received. It’s a useful household item that also functions as kitchen decor and displays some state pride. What’s not to love?

8. I don’t own spurtles* (yet), but I’ve heard so many good things about them. I mean, they look like a kitchen item that can do many things.

9. Since we’re all stuck at home during yet another Covid Lockdown, a sun lamp* for the days when we don’t get outdoors seems like a really good idea. Especially if your house/apartment doesn’t get much natural light (like ours).

10. Can you believe we’ve been grinding our own beans for I don’t know how long and I never invested in a coffee canister? I always put the ground beans back in the bag/store canister, but you gotta admit, this coffee canister* is much prettier. I picked it up on my one-and-only World Market run a couple of weeks ago and I now want all the honeycomb-patterned items they sell at the store. 

11. A new phone* (isn’t that on everybody’s Christmas list most of the time?) We’re definitely due for an upgrade. We’ve had our current phone for 4+ years.

12. If you don’t own a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet*, I suggest you put this on your wish list. It’s one of our most used kitchen items and a true game changer. 

13. Last but not least, if in doubt, you can never go wrong with a gift card*. They are always very much appreciated by all.

What’s one of your favorite gifts you’ve ever received? And which item would you give to others over and over?

* #notanad. This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated by the brand or anyone else for linking the websites.

  1. I love seeing wish lists as they are always so unique! I asked for smart wool socks (essential in Mn in the winter), the new Milk Street Kitchen cookbook, and Obama’s memoir. My MIL sticks to the list so I know these are all under our tree! I am wishing for a vaccine in the first 1/3 or 2021!

  2. Ooooh I love gift lists (this time of year especially when I’m running low on ideas for last minute gifts). I always check out your coffee pot but know nothing about the pour over coffee method. So (forgive my ignorance), this creates a more intense flavor than regular coffee pot? Am intrigued! Also the hell is a spurtle?? Lol I actually know now that I clocked over from your link but man, I’m behind!

    Oh I have so many wishes for the new year ❤️ But #1 for a vaccine. The sooner it’s rolled out and we can resume our lives again with some semblance of normalcy, the better. I just want us all to stay safe and healthy.

    Xoxo and hope you are shooting the season!

  3. This year I actually said I don’t want anything expert for the situation to be over with and covid gone. But as my sister nagged me to at least find one or two things I googled a bit and found a really nice fancy Kitchen Aid Bowl, an electric Milk Frother (for the perfect Latte) and Barack Obama’s Book (I got Michelle’s last year).

    And btw, even though it is said women hate to get Household Appliances for Christmas, my most favourite gift off all times is my Candy Apple Red Kitchen Aid I got a few years ago. Wouldn’t want to live without it!!!

  4. My husband is the. Eat gift giver and almost all his presents are my favorite. Things I am always to cheap to get for myself.
    I gues my favorite thing to give on Christmas is a personal card to my loved ones. I make them, I write them and hope they arrive on Christmas Eve. It’s takes anlogt of time but it is well spent time to me.

  5. Thanks for sharing these – I love so many of them! I had no idea what a spurtle was either. I guess you really do learn something every day! I would love to get back into cross-stitch but can’t find medium-level non-cheesy kits. I guess I’ll keep looking! My requests were for an electric heated vest and warm gloves. Boooring. ;)

  6. I am a big fan of Cuddleduds thermals because they can double as everything and they are so comfortable. Highly recommend. I am also a big fan of using a canvas tote bag as my computer bag. Functional, large, and can carry more things. ;)

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