Currently Vol.3


I haven’t done a “Currently”-post in a while, so I thought I’d let you guys know what I’m currently up to :)

Current Book(s): I’ve started ” Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert some time before Christmas. I’ve been avoiding the movie so far (even though it was part of the in-flight entertainment on my flight to Europe), because I am one of the people who usually prefers the book over the movie version. (Although I am kind of intrigued to see the movie, after I finish the book. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it and want to form my own opinion.)

Current Playlist: I must admit that I am not listening to  a lot of music right now. That is somewhat unusual for me.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Licorice.

Current Color: Turquoise.

Current Drink:  Apfelschorle. (Apple Juice with carbonated water.) Yum.

Current Food: I cooked vegetable stew over the weekend. It’s the right season for soup and I’ve been trying different recipes (most of them my Mom’s).

Current Favorite Show: Animals Hoarders. I moved a step up from watching just Hoarders. Haha.

Current Wishlist: A new bigger and nicer apartment. Washer/Dryer in the unit would be nice. Just sayin’. (I am so over sharing laundry facilities!)

Current Needs: Skype dates with my sister (and niece and nephew!), romantic comedies, warm feet.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: PAPERWORK. I have so much paperwork that needs to get done. I can’t wait for it to be over.

Current Celebrity Crush: Ashton Kutcher. He was adorable in “What happens in Vegas” (saw it the other week) and I really like to see the new movie with him and Natalie Portman, “No strings attached”.

Current Outfit: Jeans, cardigan, two pairs of  socks. My feet get cold so quickly.

Current Excitement: My parents’ visit this summer. I know, it’s about 6 months away, but I am already spending so much time daydreaming about all the things were going to do when they’re here.

Current Link: Today I’d like to recommend a blog to you that I’ve come to  really enjoy. Please check out and say “hello” to Kat over at (Perfect timing, because she just added a “blog button” to her sidebar that you could grab while you’re over there!)

*  *  *

What’s up with you CURRENTLY?

  1. Oh, you’re just the sweetest ever – thanks so much for the honorable mention! Heh. <3

    Other thoughts on the post: I hate licorice. And I love you for watching Animal Hoarders. I've never even seen regular Hoarders but I have a feeling that it's just exactly my kind of show. :D

  2. Not sure I could watch Animal Hoarders.
    Hate licorice,
    and love romantic comedies and warm feet!

  3. We saw No Strings Attached last weekend and I really liked it! It wasn’t amazing, but it was definitely entertaining.

    Animal Hoarders sounds horrible! Do you just feel bad for the animals the whole time??

    I don’t like all the hype around Eat Pray Love but I LOVED the book. Absolutely loved it. The movie was okay, but they left a lot out so I have to agree… the book is almost always better!

  4. ANIMAL HOARDERS?! THAT’S A THING?! Oh my God, I’m scarred for life.

    Apfelschorle sounds sort of tasty!

  5. Licorice! Yum!!! I bought some the other day and ate it all within an hour. No kidding! :) Also, I also watch Animal Hoarders or anything hoarders that is.

  6. Love licorice, love a good romantic book/ movie! Wearing the same thing (except for the 2 pairs of socks), can’t wait for my Mom to visit from Germany, love music, but I am not listening to a lot lately either, have a lot to get done, love Apfelschorle…
    Everything sounds a lot like me!
    Have a wonderful day dear!

  7. Ooooh I love this! I LOVED Eat, Pray, Love, it was one of the best books I read last year. I thought so anyway. I haven’t seen the movie and I’d like to, but I have a feeling it won’t be as good as the book. This makes me want to copy & paste this meme and do one myself. :D

  8. I had sooooo much Apfelschorle in Germany, and loved it. Not quite a soda, not quite juice.

    Now that you mention it, What Happens in Vegas was surprisingly not terrible. Ha.

    YAY KAT! She’s mah fave!

  9. You should buy a house or even a condo!

    It’s our last day with cold weather so we’ll be making french dip for dinner tonight. Have you tried making that? It’s so easy & simple. Delicious!

  10. my thoughts on that:

    licorice = ewww but Apfelschorle = yum

    paperwork *sigh* I am way too late finishing our tax return, we already got a reminder letter from the Finanzamt *ouch*

    currently watching the first season of Glee online, heard alot about it, couldn’t quite understand the hype (until now) and when it started in Germany I found out its on a TV station we don’t have so I checked it out online and got hooked after the first episode – great show!

    I would love to get back into reading, my kids and my household just steal away most of my time and energy

    I dont’ have a particualr playlist but if I have some time to listen to music I am still hooked on 30 Seconds to Mars – Jared Leto just always makes me feel better

    My feet are always cold (the new house just doesn’t warm up like the old apartment did)


    we had heart-shaped waffles with powdered sugar for dinner tonite (thanks to you for inspiring me), I also had some leftover cream cheese icing from baking a cake earlier to dip them into – yummy!! :)

  11. It’s you are me with the current book item! :) I also bought that book in Dec and started reading it then. Since then, I haven’t had much time to make more progress in it, although I did finish up two other “fun” books that I had pending since summer. In any case, by some mistake Netflix sent me the movie and now it’s just sitting there because I don’t want to watch it until I read the book. The thing is I’m not really sure when that’s going to happen, *sigh*

  12. I’m currently obsessed with the new TV show Lights Out, on FX! I’m also currently in a Chinese cabbage phase… Seems like I’ve been cooking with it every other recipe lately!

  13. Mmmh liquorice and Apfelschorle. :-) Really interesting list, I’m so going to steal this for my blog (again)!

  14. I’ve heard of Animal Hoarders but even regular Hoarders got to be too much for me to handle after a while. It was just too icky, too stressful and too hard to watch. Not sure I could take Animal Hoarders…

  15. Ooh, you should share some (or all!) of the soup recipes you’re making! I need to try my hand at a few from-scratch soups, since I’m growing tired of the canned stuff. :-P

    PS: I think I need to copy you (again) on the “Currently” post. Maybe this weekend!

  16. I love the color turquoise. One of my favorites! I’m so excited for your parents to visit this summer. Its never to early to start preparing and making plans.

  17. Ah, there are SO many movies out there that just don’t compare to the book.

    Animal Hoarders? Haha, I think I need to check that out!

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