27: Five Things Friday Vol. 19

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2020

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

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Call me crazy, but I actually went out for my bi-weekly (grocery) shopping trip this morning. I knew that supermarkets are usually not a problem on Black Friday, but I was a little worried about my Target run. But guess what, people are either very careful with the pandemic or they have completely moved to online shopping because the store was empty at 8:30 this morning. Well, not empty, but foot traffic was very light.  I was pleasantly surprised.

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Who has picked out a new paper planner for 2021 already? I am currently in the ‘research’ phase for a new planner and I am taking suggestions. I am looking for a weekly planner, preferably with a spiral binding, and a simple design (not too many colors or designs on the planner pages). I’ve bounced between planners for the last few years (ever since Inkwell Press Planners went ‘disc-system’, which I am not a fan of), but I haven’t found my new favorite quite yet.  What’s your favorite planner? 

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I really, really miss browsing stores during the holiday season. I am not really planning to do any in-person shopping this year, as I try to stay away from stores as much as possible (Target being the only exception, because I buy grocery and household items there), but I might have to make a one-time exception and stop at World Market in the next couple of weeks. They do curbside pickup too, which might be a good option. Are you doing all your holiday shopping online this year?

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Oh, last but not least, I wanted to remind you to sign up for my Holiday Card Roll Call if you’re into sending holiday cards this year.

Have a great weekend!

  1. I like making 1-2 trips to the mall during the holidays to do some browsing, but not this year! I’ll stick to Target/TJ Maxx at most. But 95% of it will be done online, which is the way I prefer it anyway.

    I’m surprised how empty Target was for you this morning! Hopefully this means Black Friday wasn’t as ridiculous as other years.

    1. I was really surprised about Target on Black Friday, too. I was ready to turn around and come back another day. LOL

  2. I am surprised that you are out and about shopping at 8.30am. This sounds so crazy to me. I usually hit the stores 8.30pm when it slows down. I usually buy everything online and most of it at amazon. This year I try to be more mindful who gets my business but its an effort. I went to a small bookstore after checking online if they had all the books I needed to look at. In the end they had only one. After an hour of looking through the shelfs I bought three books. But honestly I felt a bit pressured after spending so much time already and not wanting it to be for nothing. Online shopping would have given me a night to think through my choices.

    1. Haha, it sounds crazy to you that I was shopping at 8:30 am? Honestly, I got into the habit since the pandemic started. I wanted to beat thee crowds in the morning and get to the store before they run out of stuff (like toilet paper, flour and pasta) LOL
      I’ve been doing the early morning shopping for month now and I have a good routine down.

      I love that you’re trying to support more small and local businesses this holiday season, but yeah, it’s also challening.

  3. I got my 2021 planner about a month ago- Sugar Paper has been my favorite for the last few years. They do have a line at Target, but I’ve found my favorite is their signature planner with spiral binding, so have been ordering right from their website the last couple of years. I especially like the monthly/weekly format.

    1. Ah right, the Sugar Paper planner. I’ll look into that one again. Thanks Kristen!

  4. I had to get my pre-op Covid test on Friday morning around 9:15 and drove by a mall and Target – neither lots looked full so I think alot of people stayed home and shopped online!

    I’ve been using a Leuchturm (sp?) bullet journal for the last several years. It works for this stage of life because I am doing very minimal planning since having a kid. But in 2022, I think I will get something called the Wunderland 222 – known as W222. Probably not a fit for you and it’s not ring bound.I heard about it through a planning podcast I listen to called “Best Laid Plans”. She is a co-host on Best of Both Worlds which is about working and parenting and then started this planning podcast this summer. She’s super into planners so her posts/reviews are really helpful. Her blog is theshubox.com.

    1. I used a Leuchtturm journal last year when I tried bullet journaling. I actually liked the journal itself, just couldn’t keep up with the bullet layouts…
      The Wonderland 222 actually looks really nice, I like the grid paper, but the size is a little on the small size. Thanks for the suggestion though. I am not deadset on a spiral bound planner but I prefer it because you can flip over one side completely.

  5. I’m definitely doing my holiday shopping online this year. I’m trying to focus on local businesses and individuals who may have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. It’s hard because there are so many creative things out there – but I’m usually a person who like to try, touch and feel… so it will be a challenge for sure.

    I get my planner at Target. I think it’s a Whitney English design. Bound, linen cover, and not too thick. You might also check Shop Penny Post. I think she has some neat ideas for planners. Small biz, woman owned. The owner, Amy, is lovely.

    1. Thanks for the planner suggestions! I’ll check them out.

      I also love that you’ll be focusing on small and local businesses this holiday season. I also love to go look, feel and touch things, so online shopping is not always ideal, but I guess this year it’s the best option .

  6. I miss browsing, too, in the little stores and boutiques. Not so much Target (I am there every week…) but the little card shop, or the ones where I always find something unique for my mom and dad. Online buying just isn’t the same. We also do donations in honor of different people (e.g., my parents, his parents, siblings, etc.) and focus those on organizations important to them. In addition to small gifts, of course!
    I stopped using paper planners a few years ago and rely on my online calendars. But I do have a daily printed schedule & to do list that keeps me sane. I downloaded it years ago and it’s had several iterations since. I love it and have never found anything that works better for me.

    1. I agree, online shopping is not the same. I usually love to browse little stores, too.

      I love that you’re using a combination of an online planner and a daily printed schedule & to-do list! That works!
      I use a digital planner for work, but love my paper planner for personal stuff.

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