16: Five current pet peeves

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1. My biggest pet peeve right now: People who don’t wear masks and don’t adhere to the guidelines around COVID. This is not hard, people. Wear a mask and keep your distance. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for the people you love.  

2. Instagram is changing things around again and I just can’t with it. I wish they could stop making changes. I really don’t care for a Reels or a Shop tab, and having the Create tab and Like tab at the top right of the screen is just not very convenient (I don’t have the large iPhone and it’s already hard to reach with one hand). I also really don’t care for the new “dark” theme for creating posts. Whose decision was that? (Calm down, I’ll get used to it, but JFC, why?)

3. People who don’t give you space on the sidewalk because they’re either glued to their phones or just don’t care when other people are approaching them. I usually try to go out of my way to social distance when I am out running, but I wish other people would be just as considerate and pay attention to what’s going on around them.

4. Bloggers who wonder why they’re not getting comments but who never respond back. I understand that it’s not always possible to reply to every single comment or comment on everybody’s blog, but making that connection every once in a while is so important, IMHO.

5. When tech items slow down over time. My iPhone 7 is 4+ years old and it’s getting really slow when loading images on IG and it drives me bonkers. Does anyone else have that problem with an older phone? (I don’t think it’s our Internet connection.) Might be time to upgrade soon.

What is one of your current pet peeves?

  1. Ooh these are really good. The no mask thing is a big one for me.I don’t get how people can be so selfish.
    I think responding back is super important too. My old theme/ format on Blogger never gave me the option to reply so it was incredibly frustrating until I eventually just changed up my theme and the feature came back! I must have turned it off somehow. I’m so not tech savvy lol but I love responding to people, whether they get it or not. It’s a fun way to connect.
    I don’t mind the Insta changes just yet, but the Reels are a little silly, IMO. it’s just Instagram trying to keep up with TikTok.

    1. I’ve been getting your responses to my comments on your blog via email (just FYI) and I think it’s great to interact with your readers that way. I also always try to respond to (most) comments and also go and read people’s blogs when they take the time to read mine.

  2. I saw an article about Instagram changing last week and read it very closely so I’d be ready when I updated it. Good point about reaching to the top to post new content. We’ll get used to it, but EYEROLL. I really don’t get reels. You can’t see how long they are like you could with IGTV, right? I NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH TIME I AM COMMITTING!

    I agree with commenting. A blogger I knew a long time ago got hung up on that but didn’t participate in commenting anywhere or responding on their own blog. Is there a way to get notified of comment responses on your blog?

    I bet it’s your iPhone 7, especially if it has the new update. I have an 8 and it’s starting to slow down!

    Current pet peeve… friends who always have something wrong or major going on. I am worn out. I need to tell them that.

    1. I think Reels is supposed to mimic Tiktok, so it’s like 15 seconds or something like that… I just don’t need “yet” another video channel (besides IGTV and IG stories). Who has time for all that? LOL

      I thought that people received my comment responses by email, but an update might have killed that feature. I just installed a plugin again so you can opt in to get comment responses by email. I hope it works.

      1. Ahh okay! Thanks for explaining it to me!

        I got the email, thank you! (I was not before!)

  3. I wish responding to comments was easier in Blogger. A lot of times the person’s email address will be noreply@ something.com. I don’t respond to comments much but I do comment on the person’s blog – like yours. So I think of that as my dialogue with commenters. I don’t get upset about how many comments I get, though. I get very few these days and have just accepted it.

    I’m off IG and FB right now and am debating whether I want to go back. I’m questioning if it’s adding value to my life. I’m not deeply engaging with people on there so I think my time would be better spent texting or emailing people v mindlessly scrolling. I will see how I feel after 2 months off…

    I’m with you on my biggest pet peeve being people not adhering to guidelines. Mask compliance is very high here in Minneapolis so I don’t see this very often but I know that mask compliance is HORRIBLE in the outer areas of Minnesota, which is where the outbreaks are the worst right now! I don’t understand why people won’t wear masks. It’s such a simple, effective thing.

    1. It might be a problem with your blogger theme that you can’t respond to comments directly in Blogger. I know that some people do.
      You definitely are very engaged and we read and comment on each other’s blogs all the time…. I just got hung up on this pet peeve, because someone recently asked if people were still reading blogs because she apparently didn’t get any comments… but she never replied to any comments that I left or comment here on my blog, so I told her that I still read but sometimes don’t comment if there is no “feedback” at all.

  4. I LOVE you pet peeves post – every time I read one I immediately want to write my own. But then I would have to copy the first 4 five of your list right here. HAHA The mask wearing really drives me crazy too and the people not taking a single step to the side when passing on the side walk. It is not that hard. After reading all your running posts I actually step out of the way if I can when a runner comes a long and most of them are really thankful. I just wished being kind to each other was not something we rejoice over because it should be common sense.

    1. You should definitely post your own list of pet peeves, even if they’re similar to mine LOL

      It’s really nice of you that you’re more mindful when runners approach you on the sidewalk… sometimes all it takes is to be made aware how much effort it costs a runner to step out of their path to pass someone. I realize that most people probably don’t realize that.

  5. The new Instagram update is very frustrating. I don’t like it at all! I wish we could opt out of the whole Reels/Shopping thing. No thanks!

    I definitely do not always respond to comments (only when I feel it *needs* a reply) but I do always try to follow back to anyone who has come to my blog (in that, I add them to my Feedly so I can keep up with their blog and comment on their posts).

    Don’t even get me started on mask wearing! I had a UPS driver walking super closely to me while I was leaving the grocery store and he wasn’t wearing a mask. I gave him the dirtiest look because if you’re not going to wear a mask, AT LEAST STAY 6 FT AWAY FROM ME.

    1. Oh you reply to comments plenty and you always make a point to read and comment on other people’s blogs, from what I see. :)
      But someone recently asked if people were still reading blogs because she apparently didn’t get any comments and was wondering if people still read what she put out there… but she never replied to any comments that I left or commented here on my blog, so I told her that I still read but often don’t comment because there is no “feedback” at all.

  6. Well I am also not a fan of the new IG update! As soon as I feel like I have things all figured out, it changes. I also do not care for the new FB update. Not as user friendly. No, wearing a mask is not hard to do-just do it everyone!

  7. I was just talking with my sister about the 2 year phone syndrome! It’s so wasteful and annoying that they literally design tech to be useless after so long. Definitely a pet peeve of mine too!

    1. I am definitely not someone who updates their tech ever year, so yeah, that is annoying.

  8. Don’t get me started on the people that don’t wear their masks properly or keep social distance! Several times I’ve ha to ask people to back up while waiting in line at the grocery store. It’s super annoying!

    1. I don’t know why people are so inconsiderate when it’s so easy to be responsible.

  9. All the Instagram updates are definitely confusing, and I don’t care for most of them. Like – leave things where they were! And the dark setting for posting is kind of weird, to be honest. My biggest pet peeve with Insta at the moment is them not allowing new hashtag posts show. It’s really annoying for searching and doing work. It was apparently election related, but come on, bring it back already!


  10. Oh no! Now I am worried that you didn’t get my replies to your lovely comments on my blog! I replied to the emails (same issue w/ Blogger theme as those above…) but now think that I might have to change my theme and / or how the comments appear??? I’m worried that it went into some no-reply email instead of back to you (because I just replied to the email notification of the comment).

    Now that I’ve freaked out about that – because I DO care that people get my replies to their comments – YES on number 1. Sheesh, people. There is not a constitutional right to not wear a mask. Suck it up and put it on.

  11. My current pet peeve is a lack of respect for volunteers. I’m on the Board of three different organizations, and I love doing this work, but it’s on top of my full-time job and parenting two teenagers. It’s typically not my fault if something doesn’t go as smoothly as someone wants, but I often get the brunt of their feelings as a more visible person at the top. We’re all volunteers trying to do our best, AND it’s 2020. Be kind, all!

    1. Hi Cheryl, thanks for stopping by. Oh, I understand your pet peeve so well… it’s hard when you volunteer your time and resources and people still complain.

  12. Pet peeves… I get a lot of these too! I have some COVID related too, silly stuff like people not following the arrows on the floor in stores, people sliding up RIGHT NEXT TO ME to get things from store shelves (what part of 6 ft social distancing is hard to understand?)… granted I know we have it better here in Ontario Canada, at least masks are mandated and people generally get it. And yes IG, so annoying with the reels and shopping … get that a lot of social media is about “selling” but it’s so blatant and annoying. Generally trying not to sweat the small stuff which for me is incredibly difficult as I am typically quite high strung 😂!

    1. Not sweating the small stuff is generally a good idea… but sometimes things still get to you ;)

  13. I can’t STAND the new Instagram layout! I’m sure, like all things, we’ll get used to it but I continue to wonder why many of the social platforms thought it would be to “mix things up” THIS YEAR. I hate it.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is people who regularly don’t do what they say they’re going to do. I take my commitments seriously and while I know that on occasion a wrench might get tossed into the plan (and if that happens to me I definitely explain/apologize), regular failure to follow through makes me rage.

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