14: November Link List


Around the Interwebs

The pandemic could end waiting in line.

How your brain ticks during a pandemic.

I am never moving back to America no matter who’s the president. Interesting take from someone who left the country.

Now you can see the COVID-19 risk anywhere in the country, in real time.

I agree with this. Why you should still take vacation time during the pandemic.

We all owe a lot to Stacey Abrams.

How to be rich, according to the happiest country in the world.

Around the blogosphere

Digital household chores – ever thought about adding them to your list?

Show me your cozy corner!

Unique holiday gift ideas.

The One Work-From-Home Rule I Always Follow, And 5 I’ve Tried & Ditched.

Here are some great tips! How to make the most of your Google calendar.


My friend Tobia shared this 2021 printable calendar and it’s so pretty! Check it out!

Thanksgiving stickers.

Another freebie. Free printable holiday labels.

For my runner friends

Did you ever wonder how much you actually sweat during a workout? Here’s how to calculate your sweat rate.

Did your shoes run their course? Don’t miss the signs of wear.

The 10 fitness goals you should be setting.


More than you ever wanted to know about potatoes, but we love potatoes in this house and there’s just so many ways to prepare them (in a healthy way!). It’s not just French fries and butter-laden baked potatoes.

Stuffing Muffins? What a great idea!

Shutterbean’s Cranberry Rosemary Bars look delicious!

Trader Joe’s best frozen pasta. (I guess I have to try them one of these days.)

Cheese Cauliflower Casserole. Yum.

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  1. That article about not moving back makes perfect sense to me. Perfect. I think the US response – both from our policymakers and our fellow citizens – really did expose how little care we have for the lives of others and even for each other. It was absolutely disheartening for me, to say the very least. Even now I look at what I’m being asked to do for work – and how I’m being asked to do it and expected to address problems – and I worry. I worry so much and our local and state leadership seems silent on the rising cases. We crossed 1 million in Texas yesterday… and yet, silence. If i had a second passport or pathway to be somewhere else, I think I would be utilizing it, too.

  2. Lovely links again. I read a few. I actually keep the #5 rule of the home office piece as the only only one. So interesting to see the difference everyone handles a situation. The piece about not going back to the US is also interesting as the writer does live in Berlin, Germany. I always wondered how one of the riches countries can have such a terrible welfare and medical system. It is the main reason I do not consider re-locating. And we did think about it quite seriously.
    Thank you so much for including not only one but two links of min in this list.

  3. I can totally see why someone who left the US and has enjoyed their time in the country they moved to would not want to move back. The US is such a dumpster fire right now for so many reasons. The pandemic has just shown how broken many of our systems are, like health care and our social safety net. A German woman commented on my blog last week and said she can’t believe I’m <3 weeks from my due date and still working. I'll work right up until the day before my c-section. And I am incredibly lucky to get 16 weeks off – which I'll extend to 20 with vacation time. Most of my friends get 12 weeks or less, many of them aren't paid for that time. I get full pay luckily. Child care is so expensive here, too. There are just a lot of issues in our society and it's hard to see them getting them fixed…

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