Blogging through the COVID-19 crisis: Update 6

My last check-in was almost 6 weeks ago. I tell you, I don’t know where the time goes. This is nuts, but this week I’ve officially been working from home for 5 whole months.

I have to admit: I like the ‘working from home’- part. I like the slowed-down pace of my day. I don’t have ‘cabin fever’. I like being at home, I like our backyard and neighborhood, I like our routine. I am not saying that I want to go on like this forever (surely not!), but I am still not at a point where I am willing to take unnecessary risks. We are still staying at home, mostly, and don’t leave the house for anything other than grocery shopping every two weeks, walking/running, and doctor’s appointments.

I posted about my grocery shopping routine on Instagram last week and someone commented that they couldn’t imagine just going to the store once a week, let alone every other week.
Granted, the comment was from someone who lives in Germany, and while they are still required to still wear masks at the store, restrictions have been lifted there quite a bit and people don’t feel uncomfortable going shopping more often.

As for me, I am still not willing to spend time around other people any more than absolutely necessary. Until California (and the US) get their case numbers under control, I am staying in lockdown mode.

Maybe you think this is unnecessary, but you know what I find unnecessary? Selfishness. Putting myself and others in danger for some slight convenience or a moment of “normalcy”. Nothing is normal, and not thinking about the common good in this situation feels selfish.

I see people go on vacation and weekend trips (and believe me, I get it, some people need to get out and I am not judging them), but you have to acknowledge that this happens on the back of those people who voluntarily decide to stay home or, sadly, can’t afford to go anywhere because they are out of jobs and struggling to pay their rent. 

People argue that restaurants and hotels and tourist destinations have to survive, too. Yeah, I get that, but it just feels like we’re dragging this out unnecessarily. If we could have just all sat tight for a little while to stop this virus in its tracks, I am convinced we would have been much farther along at this point.

Maybe I am just jealous because I was someone who had to cancel their summer trip with their whole family because of COVID-19. That’s possible, too. I am afraid that, as people venture out more and more, they get lulled into a sense of security, because things seem okay and nobody has gotten sick (yet). But every time you venture out, you’re putting yourself (and others) at risk. And I still keep thinking that if we all just pulled together and collectively acted reasonably for a little while, we’d get through all this faster. 

Do you think I am overly cautious? Maybe I am, but I don’t have much trust right now that things are really looking up yet. Of course, some national leadership wouldn’t hurt. It boggles my mind that Trump still downplays this pandemic and hardly mentions all the people that have already lost (and will lose) their lives to this virus. It’s like, he doesn’t even care. I guess he’s too busy trying to figure out what else he can tear apart in this country (e.g. the Postal Service). But  I digress.

Things are okay, friends. I am always happy when I can report that there is not much new around here, because right now, no news is good news.

How are things in your corner of the world? Have you gone on trips? To restaurants? 

  1. I’m in the train right now in Switzerland (back from work) and some (too many) people don’t bother wearing a mask even though it’s mandatory and it

    1. Ugh, that would drive me mad too. It’s such an easy, simple thing to do for yourself and everyone around you!

  2. I would say that we are living our lives very similarly to how you are. We don’t really go to indoor spaces besides Phil’s weekly grocery trip (which has always been weekly, I think it’s uncommon for Americans to shop multiple times/week but I know that it’s very common in Europe!), doctor appointments, Paul goes to daycare, and Phil goes to work 3-4 days/week. But he feels really safe going to work because there are typically only 5 people max at work and he has his own office so it not sitting in an open air environment. He just can’t do his job from home as he only has a surface laptop at home. I am not allowed to go to work – our office is closed through at least year end but possibly beyond. Even if I our office was closed, I’d ask to WFH and I know they would have granted that as they are concerned about me between RA and pregnancy. I would prefer to be in the office if it was safe, but it’s just not so I’ll WFH until I feel safe (so until there is a widely available vaccine).

    We did go up to my parents for a 5 days, but we made one stop for gas. I went into the gas station to use the restroom but wore a mask and everyone inside was wearing masks. I was surprised as I had heard that in more rural areas of MN, people weren’t wearing masks. So I was relieved they were! We didn’t go anywhere when we were at my parents and we got tested before visiting to make sure we didn’t unknowingly infect them. It’s the one time we’ll see them before the baby is born so I am glad we were able to get up there.

    We have not gone to restaurants. I did go to a local park that has a restaurant and ate on their outdoor patio. My friend had scoped it out before so I felt comfortable as they have a very very limited number of tables out and they were over 10′ apart. So it felt very safe. But that’s the only ‘restaurant’ I’ve visited and it’s really doesn’t feel like a restaurant since you are in a park. We mostly eat take out and that’s all we plan to do until there is a widely available vaccine. I don’t value eating in a restaurant enough to risk getting/giving COVID. Plus we have a toddler and eating out w/ toddlers can be a pain! The last time he was in a restaurant was during our FL trip in February (but we actually ate outdoors at every place, even though it was pre-COVID. he did super well on that trip and loves all the people watching but who knows if he would still be a fun table mate now!

    I just dread the colder weather months in Minnesota as we’ll be cooped up indoors and will only see daycare friends. We will have a newborn so it’s not like you want to be out and about a ton when you have a newborn… but still. It will be tough to not be able to see people outdoors for a good 3-5 months. Winters are just so brutal here – that’s one huge benefit of CA. You will still be able to see people outdoors (if you choose to do so) for much of the year since your weather is so mild!

    1. I am glad you were able to see your family and it sounds like you took all the proper precautions. Going to the family lake house is different from “vacation” too in my opinion.
      You’re right – I am grateful that the weather here will permit to at least still spend time outside in the coming months (so long as the fire season won’t go crazy – right now we can’t leave the house because of very poor air quality).

  3. My household is also being very cautious! Both my husband and I have been working from home since late March, with my husband going into the office twice a week for an hour or two to do tasks that can’t be accomplished remotely. We cancelled all travel plans for the year, and have no plans to go to any restaurants/movie theaters anytime soon. We just order for pick up right now, trying to support local food establishments the best we can.

    1. This sounds like you’re doing exactly the same as we’re doing.
      Thanks for stopping by, Heather!

  4. Yeah, I’m with you. Even though I am craving some kind of “normality”, we are trying to not get ourselves in any kind of risk. There have been no restaurant visits yet for us, not even outdoors and we are sticking to same two grocery stores when we have to go grocery shopping.
    However, I have to admit that I went to a Home Goods a few weeks ago – in full gear (mask and even gloves). It wasn’t as fun as I had hoped for. It’s just not the same in the current situation, so I left the store quickly again.
    I would love to plan a trip and have something to look forward to…. but we all have to do our part to get through this pandemic.

    1. You know how much I’d like to plan a trip… sigh, but I am not going to do something stupid at this point.

  5. I’ve felt a little more comfortable going places since my county has a mask mandate in place, but I’m still trying to be smart about where I go and what I do! I have gone to restaurants (as long as there is outdoor seating and the tables are spaced out) and have been going to Target and such lately, but nothing more than that. I am FEELING the pandemic fatigue, though, and I just have no idea what normalcy will return and it makes me so panicky to think about that.

    1. I can’t even think about going back to normal right now, so why pretend, you know? It’s just not the same when you wear a mask and can’t hug anyone.

  6. I am slowly venturing out. I have to travel to Hamburg for work every once in a while. There I need to eat out too. I have been in one or two restaurants here in Berlin but only I was at a work lunch. I told a white lie to a friend this weekend who was in Berlin wanting to meet but I knew she was traveling and seeing many people in the last weeks. I just didn’t feel comfortable taking the risk. Right now I am pondering a tricky question if I should join my dad garden party next weekend. It’s a once in a life time thing with some meaning to him and he is expecting 100 people. I want to be there but at the same time I don’t….
    So yes, I try to be careful but I guess I am one of those people wondering if I can put life on hold for the next two years….

    1. I think if I was in Germany, I’d be a little more willing to venture out… but things here are just still too uncertain.

  7. I am very much with you. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one still being cautious, so I’m glad to read posts like yours! While I miss date nights with my hubby at restaurants, it’s not worth exposing ourselves or our families or anyone around us to the risk. We’re happy at home and staying safe.

    I’m glad that you are enjoying working from home! :)

    1. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who’s still very cautious. It definitely feels like a lot of people are ready to take the risks. Thanks for stopping by, Mia.

  8. I definitely understand the caution. I’ve gotten take out from restaurants, but I haven’t eat out anywhere. I don’t really go places unless I absolutely need to do for the most part. I do wish people would have banded together more in the beginning. I think things would be so much better at the moment if we had, like it is in some other countries that really went into lock down for a bit. It’s just crazy times for sure, and I just don’t understand people that seem to think it’s no big deal or they won’t get it. I’m glad you’re staying safe though!


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