7: Exhale

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We elected a good, NORMAL, humble, decent man back into the White House.
I couldn’t be more elated today. I didn’t realize just how much tension I had been holding the last four days (let alone the last four years).

Finally, we can exhale.

President @joebiden and VP @kamalaharris will restore trust, intelligence, steadiness, science, truth, and decency to the office of the presidency and I can’t wait for them to get started.

  1. Finally some good news – this week was so exhausting!!!! It’s going to be a tough assignment for Biden/Harris but everything is now on track!

    1. Yeah, they didn’t sign up for an easy job, for sure, and Trump won’t make the transition any easier.

  2. Exhale is absolutely the right word. The exhaustion that I felt yesterday was the culmination of 4 years of holding my breath and waiting for the next shoe to drop. I don’t think we are out of the woods yet… and I am proud that humanity wins again. Can’t wait to get back to work for the good of all. <3

    1. I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet either, but I do hope for positive changes to come.

  3. Exhale indeed! I’m looking forward to 2021!

    1. It can only get better! Ha!

  4. Exhale indeed! I am so relieved by this news, and agree with your assessment that this WAS actually the landslide we were hoping for. It just didn’t appear that way in the beginning. What a relief!

    1. I am so, so relieved too. God, the last four years were exhausting!

  5. I can’t wait! I’m so excited for Inauguration Day! I can’t Trump still hasn’t conceded… or invited the new President… or done anything for that matter! Doesn’t he realize how out of line and childish his behavior is?

    1. I cannot believe HOW childish this man continues to be. It’s an embarrassment really and like Mary Trump said: he’s only dragging out the agony!

  6. OMG the sense of relief I felt when they announced the news. I can’t wait to have decency and calm in the White House again. ❤️ Also so cool you are doing this writing challenge!!

    1. Decency and calm in the White House, yes! I cannot wait to not wake up thinking about the president every damn day! I need “boring” for a while.

      Thanks… NaBloPoMo is a staple on my blog, cannot NOT do it :)

  7. Completely agree on exhaling… and immediately inhaling again to deal with the toxicity and rage emanating from the WH. I cannot believe that the toddler-in-chief requires his minions to support his inane and invalid efforts to overturn the vote. I know we will prevail, but honestly wish some of these republicans would grow a spine. Sigh.

    Love your NaBloPoMo posts – it’s so awesome seeing you post more frequently!! :)

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