Five Things Friday Vol. 10

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

Okay, friends, I am trying to pick up a somewhat more regular blogging schedule, because this Corona thing is not going away fast and I just miss writing and connecting with you and I don’t just want to post these biweekly (or whenever I can muster the energy) updates and talk about the Corona Life (That sounds way fancier than it actually is, am I right?)

So, Friday check-in posts like this one are a good place to start, IMHO.

My friend Tanja was supposed to be here today and I bummed that our girl weekend got canceled by Corona. We’d be hanging out and having a good time right about now. It’s okay to be disappointed and mope a little about plans that fell through, but I look forward to the time where traveling and hanging out with friends feels normal again.

*  *  *

I got some happy mail in the mail this week: 25 lbs of rye flour. Apparently, rye flour is not as popular as other flour here in the US, because it was still available. If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would get excited about a bulk delivery of basic grocery items (like flour) that have become hot commodities, I would have called you crazy, but here we are.

And, it’s not just me. My Mom, sister have also entered into the realm of bread baking (which, if you live in Germany with access to ALL THE BAKERIES, seems somewhat ridiculous, I’d agree). But, we’re having lively discussions on WhatsApp and VideoCall about how to maintain our sourdough starters, which recipes to try, the best way to bake, and trials and tribulations of baking different things. It’s quite entertaining, but also more often than not ends with delicious things, like this rye bread (hence the big rye flour delivery).

*  *  *

Have you gotten your relief check yet? I was surprised, but we actually had a deposit in our bank accounts last week. While I am thankful for the financial help, I fear that people who really need the help (people who lost their jobs, missed a few paychecks, or work reduced hours) didn’t get anything (or not enough) to get by. I mean, if we’re honest, for most people, the check doesn’t even cover the bare necessities for a month (at least not here in California), but of course, it’s better than nothing. 

*  *  *

Summer is here! Well, maybe not summer, but summer temperatures. I can’t believe it hit 90F/33C here today. I am not quite ready for the heat in April, tbh. Although it has been nice to get out shorts and tank tops and spend time in the backyard. Of course, it’s hard for people to stay home when the weather is nice like this. I hope those of us who can will still stay away from beaches and parks.  How’s the weather where you are?

*  *  *

I finally had to retire my favorite pair of running shoes (I totally wore out the sole), but luckily, I already got a new pair (same shoe, different color) for my birthday, so the farewell won’t hurt too bad. I started breaking them in this week and love them. What do you think? 


  1. Nice new running shoes! I have never tried Brooks, but I’ve heard that they’re good.
    That’s one thing that always surprised me about Germany: SO MANY bakeries! I’ve never seen people eat so much bread!
    But they do make the best bread in the world. Yours looks great, too!

    1. I love Brooks – my favorite running shoe brand!

      Don’t you have just as many bakeries in Switzerland as Germany?

      1. Strangely, it feels like there are much less bakeries here. One of these days I’ll need to do a more solid research on it 😀

  2. There’s nothing better than new running shoes! I wear and love Launch but I keep hearing good things about Levitate and Ghost. Just as soon as our local running store reopens I want to go in and try out all of the Brooks.

    1. I have a pair of Launchs, too. And I have run in Ghosts before. We might like the same style of shoe! :)

  3. I was happy to find my stimulus check was deposited a few weeks ago – a nice surprise! There is some guilt associated with it because I know there are families and people who need the money so much more than me, and are going to have to wait weeks to receive a check. Ugh.

    We’re firmly into summer here, too, with our weather. It’s been too hot to go outside for a walk in the middle of the day, which used to be my favorite thing to do. We’re hitting triple digits already with our heat index so it’s going to be another long, brutal summer here in Florida.

    Hope you had a good weekend, San! <3

  4. Oh wow 33° is something. It’s been rather warm here too now but at night it still gets cold. It feels weird but it’s very sunny so I can’t complain. The bread baking looks pretty yummy. I used to do that a lot when being unemployed in 2013 but haven’t been doing much baking lately. But seeing your photos make my hands itchy to get going.

  5. It’s finally starting to get nice here. Spring in Minnesota is just not a great season. We’ve had snow this month and lots of cool weather. But this week it should mostly be in the 60-70s. Hopefully the cold weather is behind us. Being home is so much more manageable when the weather is nice and we can be outside! Our parks and playgrounds are closed and our beaches and pools will be closed this summer so that is a bummer but I understand why they had to do that. We bought a slide for our backyard and I am sure we’ll be buying some water toys, too, to entertain Paul this summer.

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