Five Things Friday Vol. 43

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

I’ve had every intention to restart a regular posting schedule and share my vacation recaps in a timely manner here (lest I forget all the wonderful details before I can write them down!), but alas, the first two weeks of work have been kicking my butt and it’s not letting up as I will be gone for field work all next week (which means, 12+ hour-days). So, I decided to pop in today just to say, “no worries, I haven’t disappeared again”…  but also “it’ll be a little while longer until regular posting resumes” (not to mention that I am working on catching up on all your blogs! I’ve started, but I am nowhere near done. I think I have another 400+ unread posts sitting in my Feedly. I’ll get to them. I promise. I am not the kind of person that can just click “mark all as read”). 

*  *  *

I went to a work lunch with my “former” co-workers last week. I am writing “former” co-workers, because our group kinda fell apart through the pandemic (one person applied for a different, remote position, one person got promoted, I switched research groups), but I will still continue to work on projects with two of them and we all try to get together when we can. Let’s just say, it was an extended lunch (ahem). As much as I like the WFH life, it’s nice to catch up with people sometimes.

*  *  *

Speaking of WFH, I mentioned that I returned to the office (one day a week) at the beginning of June. Because of my summer break, and field work, I’ve only been at the office a handful of times so far, but I am settling into my new group and my new cubicle. I met a new co-worker last week (who was also recently moved into the same research group) and it was nice to introduce each other in person and to get to talk for a bit. It’s always odd if you start in a new group and don’t know your new co-workers, so I hope going to the office a few times per month will help establish these new collegial relationships.

*  *  *

I took one (ok, three) Grunge Rides on my Peloton yesterday morning (I am a 90’s girl, what can I say?) and Sam Yo (the instructor) said that his friend introduced him to Grunge way back when and explained that “Grunge is one step to the dark side of rock”. I couldn’t love this more if I tried. Such a spot-on description, don’t you think? ;)

*  *  *

Not much else has been going on around here really, besides the fact that I miss my family. It was so nice having them here, and I wish they lived closer.

TGIF! Have a great weekend!

  1. So glad that you are getting some face-time with people — that is important, even for those of us who like the remote lifestyle!

    1. I totally agree. I forgot how much I missed it.

  2. I love how some people go on vacation, come back, click “mark as read” on Feedly, and move on. I am like you, though. I’d need to read through everything to make sure I’m not missing anything!! What if there’s a big announcement and I missed it?! FOMO via blogging, I guess.

    1. This is SO true. I can feel overwhelmed if I’m off of reading blogs for a week or more since my feed has filled up. But I just cannot bring myself to “mark as read.” Can’t do it! This is a big reason I haven’t been listening to podcasts lately because, for my favourites at least, I have a hard time not listening to them all and when I get behind I feel defeated.

      1. I just realized that Feedly will automatically mark posts older than 30 days as “read”… so I really have to stay on top of my game ;)

    2. FOMO via blogging is right. I also don’t really want to miss any important announcements or happenings in my blog friends’ worlds.

      1. THIS IS SO ME. This is why I’m chronically behind in commenting -I can’t bear to miss posts!
        Also, I think if you click “save for later”, San, it will save the posts even if they’re >30 days?? Check it out?

  3. Even. though WFH is such a great concept and I don’t ever want to sit in an office fulltime again it also. is great to chat to co-workers in the office or over lunch. Glad you got that opportunity. Looking forward hearing more about your field trip – or seeing on Instagram.
    Also I. can relate. getting back to a more regular blogging schedule. Ever since the move and my surgery I am trying. to catch up on all the things that need to happen and blogging somehow falls to the way side. Soon. I did start my brainstorming list for NaBloPoMo yesterday so there is hope.

    1. I’ve noticed that your blogging was also a bit more intermittent recenty, but you know that’s bound to happen… life and all. Hope you’re well. And I am stoked to hear you’re already thinking about NaBloPoMo. ;)

  4. I can only imagine how many blogs you have in your reader! I was “off” for ten days, and then I went to my reader (still on vacation) and there were TWO HUNDRED POSTS. Hoo boy, it took me a while but I’m almost caught up!

    1. Oh, good for you for working through your reader already… I take it, you also don’t hit “mark all as read”?

  5. That is kind of you to go back and read everything! Don’t feel the need to comment on all of my posts, though! That is the most time consuming part for me – allll the commenting! I also can’t make all as read but will sometimes not comment on all the posts I missed for time reasons.

    What a blur this summer will be between seeing your family and then field work! I hope you have a quiet stretch ahead at work!

    1. Thank you for giving me a pass on the commenting… haha… it is a time consuming part, but I also like to chime in when I can. You write really long comments sometimes and I appreciate the time you always put in.

  6. Busy busy busy busy.. and you totally get a pass on commenting at this point. I love your comments but I am so totally in the same boat, post-vacation.
    Is the business at least helping ease the sting of your family leaving a little tiny bit??
    Take care of yourself in this busy time. Grunge rides are an excellent way to do so. ;)

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