Photo of the week: Farmers bread

Foto der Woche

Hello fellow photography nerds, what’s been making you happy this week?   My Glücklichmacher #13 is something delicious this week.

Photo of the week: Bread

Farmers bread (taken March 30, 2014)

I love baking and trying new things and a few weeks ago, I gave bread baking a new chance again. You know, bread is one of the things I miss most about Germany, because the selection here leaves a lot to be desired and I’ve tried baking different kind of breads in the past. I have my Mom’s whole grain bread pretty much down (and bake it regularly), but I also wanted to try something different. I found this incredible easy recipe for a German “Farmers bread” and just gave it a try last weekend and it turned out amazing! Definitely made my heart very happy this week!