13: Five current pet peeves

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When I can’t think of anything else to blog about, I like to share some of my pet peeves. Because why not. Don’t tell me you don’t like to talk about your pet peeves (and I would definitely like to hear what drives you up the wall). 

1. People who don’t respond to email. Especially at work. I hate to keep sending ‘reminders’, because then the same people usually get annoyed with my nagging follow-ups, but good god, can you just respond already?

2. Recently, someone, that I didn’t recognize as someone I know, requested to follow my private (!) account on Instagram. I looked up her account, only to realize that she lives in the area where I grew up. I wondered, if I did know her after all or if we had mutual friends, so I made an exception and accepted her request. I sent her a nice message, inquiring if we knew each other. She only confirmed her hometown. Two days later, she unfollowed me again. I sent her another message to find out if she indeed did what I thought she did: request to follow me, so I follow her back, only to then unfollow me again. Guys, she didn’t even deny it. She flat out said that she was trying to get more followers. Say what? I thought that was a big no-no, and by requesting to follow a private account no less! Major pet peeve!!!

3. IG stories. I know I am pretty much alone in this (I think), but I have a really hard time with Instagram Stories, especially accounts that document their whole daily life on there. (How? How and when do you have time for this?) If that is you, no hard feelings and more power to you. I wish I had the time and bandwidth to keep up with everyone that way, but I don’t. If I open IG stories and see a gazillion snippets at the top, most times, I just close out of stories again. I still come to Instagram for the photo content first and foremost.

4. When someone says to me “you look tired”. (I know most people mean well, when they ask that, and yes, maybe I do look tired sometimes – don’t we all? –  but honestly, I often just want to scream back “I already went to the gym before work this morning, what have you accomplished before showing up here?)

5. People with an inflated sense of their own importance. (Know anyone like that?)

What is one of your current pet peeves?

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  1. Oh, the IG stuff sounds bad. I never joined IG so I don’t have much of a clue but when I read stories like yours I am glad I didn’t.
    My pet peeve this morning: people distracted by their phone. I was running along when a lady stepped out on the pavement with her dog. She was staring at her phone while her dog on a leash crossed the pavement onto the grass on the opposite side – 3 meters of leash! I couldn’t jump over the leash as it was too high so I had to make a detour onto the grass around her dog. At least she apologized, which was nice of her. 😊
    Es schöns Tägli! 👋🏻

    1. tap, tap, tap – that’s what I do when IG stories are waaaay to much.
      Totally dislike when someone is not showing the respect to reply to emails…. there is a reason why I asked!
      Currently I don’t appreciate that one coworker is dictating when we can turn on the A/C and when not…..

      1. I know we talked about all the little snippets before ;)

    2. IG is a lot of fun, honestly, but I just can’t do all the oversharing ;)
      Oh, and I totally get your pet peeve… I hate when people stare at their phones and are not aware of their surroundings!

  2. One of my pet peeves is people clipping their nails in the office. Seriously, why don’t you do that at home. It drives me crazy, yuk!

  3. I like IG stories. HOWEVER, when I see a 100 little dots up there, I lose interest instantly. Some accounts have a great balance of including pictures, videos, text, and talking. And then there is others who have a whole 1-hour talk about what their baby ate for breakfast and what they bought at the grocery store on IG stories. It’s TOO much! I hope I don’t bore people too much with my stuff. Hehe.

    1. You definitely find a great balance! ;)

  4. I was with you on IG Stories, until spent a month in India this past January. I meant to blog daily, and while I did blog some I ended up using IG stories to create a little visual recap of my days. I actually enjoyed using it for that, and many of my friends went out of their way to tell me they enjoyed following along. But for everyday use, I’ve never really gotten into it.

    1. I can totally see how that is a cool way to document a trip!

  5. Re the emails- I don’t understand why people have to reply all! It’s so annoying

  6. I almost never watch IG Stories, honestly. Every once in awhile I’ll feel randomly inclined to go through a whole bunch, but it’s VERY rare. It’s just a LOT!

    1. I am glad I am not the only one. Yes, sometimes randomly they can be fun, but I can’t keep up with it on a regular basis.

  7. I actually like IG stories but I skip past the ones that have a lot of things shared. If someone shares 3-5 things I will check them out but when they have like 10+? Hard pass.

    I’m annoyed by people who don’t respond to emails or texts. No one is that busy. I will cut people some slack as I know sometimes people see something, mean to respond and get busy and forget. But when you are consistently awful at responding it really annoys me. Other pet peeves are people who don’t use their blinker to indicate they are turning. I encounter this all the time at a busy intersection on the way home from daycare. There isn’t enough room for a turn lane on this road so traffic gets backed up as people don’t know if they can/should go around someone since they don’t have their turn indicator on.

    I’ll stop there but I definitely have a lot of pet peeves. ;)

    1. I am the same! I occasionally swipe through stories and as someone else mentioned, if there is a nice balance, it’s fun to watch a few slides, but I just don’t have time to listen to someone’s ramblings for 30 minutes…. and I agree with you on the bad drivers. I think if you go back in my archive, I’ve mentioned that pet peeve more than once! ;)

  8. I can’t stand the follow/unfollow game on Instagram either. It’s super annoying! I do use Instagram stories, but only once a day, I don’t like the stories that are 18 lines long!

    1. Glad you feel the same about stories. I use them occasionally too.

  9. I can’t stand the follow/unfollow game on Instagram either. It’s super annoying! I do use Instagram stories, but only once a day, I don’t like the stories that are 18 lines long!

  10. Oh the follow/unfollow game… I actually report them all. I know it’s probably not much worth but at least Instagram might realize there is a problem and take counter measures. However I’ve never hurt of following private accounts to just leave again. Wow.
    Major pet peeve here is when people go jogging on a cemetery. Seriously show some respect.

    1. Oh, I didn’t even think about reporting people for playing the follower game…. I am not sure how IG should prevent this either. But yeah, it’s annoying.

      And who the hell runs on cemeteries???

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