Monthly Favorites | October

1. I picked up a tube of Weleda Light Skin Food* Moisturizer when I was in Germany. I had long wanted to try their stuff, as Weleda is a European Clean Beauty brand with a long-standing reputation. And I am happy to say, I really like this moisturizer. It’s soft, not too thick (there is a thicker version), absorbs quickly, and I love the citrusy smell.

2. I received an email this month saying that I was going to get a $5 start deposit if I downloaded Peet’s Peetniks Rewards App* and because I am always down for free coffee, I happily obliged. 

3. Do you like Cremini Mushrooms*  as much as I do? I could eat mushrooms with every meal, if I had to. Not surprisingly, we go through a lot of mushrooms at our house.

4. My best friend gave me these cute string lights (similar to those*) when I was in Germany and they’re my favorite thing to brighten up our living room in the evening now. 

5. I bought this Long Cardigan* before our flight to Germany, because I knew it was going to be cooler there. It’s super-cozy and it was comfortable for the plane and I am looking forward to wearing it more often this fall.

6. I picked up a couple of bags of Hustelinchen* when I was in Germany. It’s a licorice-based cough drop (which you can really have anytime, not just when you’re having a cough!). What’s not to like? 

7. I can’t wait for soup weather. This Trader Joe’s Tomato and Red Pepper Soup* is a staple in my pantry during the cooler months of the year. Add a hard-boiled egg and/or some croutons and you have a meal.

What was one of your favorite things this month?

* #notanad, This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated by the brand or anyone else for linking the websites.

  1. Those string lights look so pretty!
    That soup looks delicious – tomato and red pepper just sounds so tasty. Cannot remember when last I had soup but I’m one of those people who can enjoy it all year round not just in cold weather.

  2. That cardigan looks SO cozy! Love it, and perfect for traveling :)

  3. I love string lights – so cute! And that cardigan looks super comfy. I love cooler weather for fun layering.


  4. That long cardigan looks so cozy! That is perfect for flying. I would wear it all the time during this time of year as I am ALWAYS cold. I’m at work right now and am wearing sweater and then a fleece on top because even the sweater can’t keep me warm enough! (it’s not super thick but still – I shouldn’t be this cold!).

  5. That cardigan looks so comfy and cozy! I am all about the long cozy cardigans for winter, I tend to grab those even more than some of my hoodies!

  6. I think I also have that skin moisturizer but haven’t opened it yet. I can totally agree on the mushrooms. I could eat them always. Unfortunately husband is no fan…Ive never had tomato soup with an egg but it sounds intriguing.

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