Monthly recap | August


You guys, I read 6 books this month. Six! I don’t know what changed but I have apparently  found a way to incorporate more reading into my day-to-day again, and I am not mad about it. Come back on Thursday for my book recap!


We tried a new recipe for Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs. The taste was really good, but J and I agreed that the meatballs and curry somehow didn’t go together.

I also cooked a pot of milk rice every weekend. Haha.


We watched ‘Peter Rabbit‘, the news (mainly MSNBC  and CNN) and a quite a few episodes of all the 90-day fiancé spin-offs on TLC. We also watched a couple of episodes of “The Zoo: San Diego” on Animal Planet. I wish we could pick out and dedicate our focus to a series right now, but it’s not where we are at.


I listened to “Pod Save America”, and an episode of the “Runners who wine” podcast. I am trying hard to branch out and try new things, you guys, but I just don’t know when to listen (other than on my long  runs).


I didn’t do much, if not to say, almost no shopping this month. The only unplanned item I picked up was a multi-color felt ball garland at World Market (just because I had a 20% off coupon and it was pretty and I had eyed it for a while), but other than that we only spent fun money on our weekend trip and eating out. No other frivolous buys this month.


August was a very low mileage month for me. I took some time off after my last half marathon and was feeling a little exhausted overall, so I listened to my body and gave it some extra rest. I still got out for a couple of runs towards the end of the month and I am hoping to pick up some more miles again in September.


+ I feel like August flew by. Just me?

+ I worked a bit on my knitting, but it’s been slow, as it always is in the summer when it’s really hot.

+ We took an overnight trip to the North Bay this month and it was so good to  get away. 

+ We tried a new Thai restaurant with some friends. The food was really good, comparable to the Thai place that we usually go to, but prices were more expensive ($14 for Thai Fried Rice? Really?), the place was loud, and service was only so-so. I  don’t think we’ll be back.

+ I was on call for Jury Duty for a week this month, but ended up not getting called in. Part of me was glad about it, part of me wanted to see how things go at the courts these days. The last time  I was called for Jury Duty was 5 years ago, when I almost ended up on the jury of a murder trial.

+ We’ve been enjoying  the summer. I spent my Saturday mornings in our backyard and it’s just so damn nice to have an outdoor place to hang out (whenever the temperatures are not in the triple digits). 

+ We finally harvested our first tomato for this year. It took forever to get a ripe tomato on our single tomato plant. Hopefully, the other tomatoes on the vine (10 right now) will follow suit. 

How was your August?

  1. Woohoo for getting your reading mojo back in August! That’s exciting. Six books is a great month!!

    I haven’t been called for jury duty since 2012! It was interesting to see how the process went (I wasn’t selected, but since my job at the time made me take PTO for jury duty, I was relieved!).

    August went by quickly for me, too, and I have a feeling September will be the same. But it was a good month with lots of happy moments, so I can’t be sad about that!

  2. August definitely flew by. I can’t believe that it’s already September, but I’m loving it. An overnight trip and trying a new restaurant sounds like so much fun.

  3. I finally finished the Russell Brand and Brene Brown podcast episode they did and it was SO good. It took me forever but now I’m like… I should listen to it again!

  4. I’ve never been called for Jury Duty and knock on wood I hope I never am! Phil, on the other hand, would kind of like to be on a jury some day. Maybe when I am retired I wouldn’t mind it?

    Phil and I both felt like August was the longest month for some reason! So it didn’t exactly fly by for us!

    That’s awesome that you read 6 books! That’s a huge increase from how many you’ve been reading lately. I read 8 which is becoming around my average. I read more now that I am a mom than I did before, which is surprising!

  5. I have a tomato plant that has 7 tomatoes and they still haven’t ripened yet! I don’t understand what’s taking so long. Granted, this is my first experience with growing heirloom tomatoes, so I don’t know what average growing time is. I’ve heard from a few people though that it’s been a bad summer for veggies/plants, so who knows.

    Also, go you on reading 6 books! That’s awesome. I average about 1 book a month, which is pretty pathetic, but maybe the books I’m reading are too labor intensive? Or I need to take a speed reading class :)

  6. August was full here too and I am glad its slowing down now. Six books is so cool. Hope the tomato decides to sport a few more ripe ones.
    Happy September to you

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