Burgers and friiiiieees.


I am usually not a big fan of burgers. I probably eat a burger about twice a year. Maybe twice a year.

But you know what? A burger somehow becomes this really irresistible, I-haven’t-eaten-for-days-I-have-to-eat-NOW, tasty kind of dinner when

  • you decided and were determined to go out for dinner on a Saturday night,
  • you were so busy with other things that you didn’t get ready to go out before 10 p.m., and
  • you realize that there are no restaurants in town that serve dinner after 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night.

My initial response: WTF, Sacramento?

And then, the Spin Burger Bar pretty much saved my life.

  1. Burgers are the one thing I really miss on the WW diet. I know I can technically have it, but I am a purist. I want the whole thing or nothing at all. Once I get back to my goal weight, I will allow myself one very good burger and fries! And I’m going to the 104 diner to have it!

  2. Since turning back from vegetarian to omnivore I still have not had a burger. I think I forgot what they taste like but perhaps that is a good thing lol That is a mighty fine looking burger though.

    Have you ever been to In n Out?

  3. Mmh…that sure looks good! Yummy!! And, bye-bye diet!!
    Happy Friday love! xxx

  4. Good GOD, that burger’s huge! And it looks very very very tasty! So do the fries.
    … and now I want a burger with fries. :D

  5. I’m a hot dog kind of girl myself…when the option is available.

  6. mmm that burger and fries looks delicious. mmmmm.

  7. Ohhh…that burger looks sooooo good! Sometimes, I can go months and months without a burger and then I just have the same feeling you mentioned before: MUST HAVE BURGER NOW! :)

  8. Oh, that looks so good.

  9. Ha, OK, fast food burgers are overrated but I LOVE a god, quality burger and fries. I don’t ave them THAT often anymore, but I do LOVE one when I get them.

  10. I could go for burgers and fries every day. Wow, you only have a burger twice a year? I couldn’t do that. I probably have one every other week – much more often now since BBQ season started.

  11. I’m the same way about burgers – I only need one once a year a so and it’s got to be under the right circumstances. But fries – I LOVE fries, crave fries, even. And those fries in that picture? Look delicious!

  12. I LOVE burgers and often get unbelievable cravings for them! :)

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