42 favorite moments

My birthday was yesterday. I am borrowing a post idea from Elise for my birthday celebrations this year. I have previously done a similar post, but haven’t been consistent over the last couple of years, but I enjoy looking back on my birthday and reminisce about the moments that made the last year great.

So, without further ado, my favorite – some big, but mostly small – 42 moments.

coffee from my big mug

when I get a notification that someone ordered something from my Etsy shop

running my fastest half marathon (yet)

a warm zucchini cheddar scone

when I come back from a run and have my first cup of coffee

cutting into a fresh loaf of bread

the last pages of a good book

closing out the month in YNAB

a warm summer breeze

visiting the giraffes (at the zoo) on my weekend runs

wandering through Michaels

knitting a few rows before bedtime

blue California skies

sweet yeast bread for New Year’s Day

The Red Sox winning the World Series

Thai food

a hot shower after a hard workout

rewatching an episode (or two) of FRIENDS.

sunrises on J Street

grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s

dinner with friends

a bowl of soul

a trip to Washington, D.C.

meeting a URL friend  IRL

coffee shop visits with J

finishing a knitting project

girl time with Susi

our weekend morning routine

lying down on the bed with crisp and clean, fresh sheets

spontaneous date nights at the local brewery around the corner

BBQ in our back yard

Running the SF half marathon again

apple pancakes

early mornings at the Farmers Market

evening French Press coffee @ Temple

when I win a giveaway on Instagram

getting to go on field work trips

fall foliage

exploring new running routes

walks to the park with J

remaining in “child’s pose” for an extra  20 seconds after my workout

that moment when something works on the first try


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  1. Happy birthday, my friend! I love how your birthday falls on the same day as the twins in my family – March 10th must be a great day for twins to be born! :) Cheers to another trip around the sun!

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