A picture’s worth a thousand words.

This is what the consequences of a “monster storm” look like in CA.


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Do you think that would have happened to a brick house?
Fortunately, that wasn’t our house … but that was just a few houses down the street. Our weekend has been rough, to say the least. The big storm hit Sacramento on Thursday night.
J and I awoke to the wind howling underneath our roof and a serious draft from the window. We were up quite a bit, because the wind was so loud that we couldn’t go right back to sleep. The branches from the tree outside were pounding and the rain was pattering against our window.

In the early morning hours, we had a power outage, but that was only for a short while and J was more worried about our window… after seeing this house [see above] the next morning, we maybe should have been more concerned about the tree in front of the duplex, but the worst that we could think of at that moment was  that the “provisional” plexiglass window in my room might come loose – and it did!
I have one window in my room which used to be one of those “standard” metal frame-sliding windows. The are by no means airtight and usually look as cheap as they are. On one side, the window glass was taken out to put in one of those small air-conditioning units and the upper part of the frame was filled with a plexiglass window that was rough-and-readily “sealed” with some rubber foam. Pretty professional, eh?


As you can imagine, the storm rendered the plexiglass loose and -since I couldn’t open the other side of the window- I had a hard time trying to get the ajar upper part of the window snap back into the frame.

Ha! I can’t imagine I am telling you this, but it’s the truth. We fixed the window with tape and some old socks. I would say that it looks pretty funny, if it wasn’t so serious. Hopefully we can get the landlord to fix it.

Don’t you love the makeshift building codes here sometimes.

Needless to say, we didn’t really go outside at all this weekend. Thank God we had just received three new movies from Netflix :)

  1. Oh my gosh, this is scary! So glad to hear that you got out of the storm “just” with a broken window when seeing those pictures! Don’t want to imagine what our house would look like after a tree crashed in, probably the same as it’s wooden too. Stay warm!

  2. man, that house does not look good. i’m glad you were safe though and i hope nobody got hurt… besides the scary part of it, a weekend at home while it’s stormy outside with a few movies sounds kinda nice to me :)


  3. I was so worried when I saw the news about the West Coast. I am glad you are okay, even though your socks are now all wet!
    Hugs from snow filled, but slightly warmer New Hampshire!

  4. oh my gosh! so crazy!!! glad it wasnt your house! oh my gosh!! so sorry hun! scary about the windows and stuff, hope you will get it fixed soon enough. be careful and hopeful the worse has past. love ya

  5. yikes! Scary! I’m glad you guys are alright! Wow!

  6. Dang! Glad your place (and you!) were not squished. I have been enamored with my Netflix for weeks. It’s been perpetually raining here for what feels like decades. I have missed! you. Happy! 2008 babe.

  7. jeeesss, it hit us hard too (a huge tree fell across the yard). Hope you can get your window fixed pretty soon!

  8. i guess the photo you took was the same house i saw on tv. i am glad you are ok and nothing too serious happened to you guys. but i am sure it was pretty creepy.

  9. Wow, that looks bad! Glad tat you are ok.

    Habe meinen Blog noch nicht wirklich lange, bzw. wollte eigentlich nicht mehr groß dran schreiben, da ich nicht so richtig gut bin darin – finde ich zumindest. :-) Aber in 3,5 freien Wochen ändert sich so einiges und so hab ich dann in meinen Weihnachtsferien doch angefangen zu tippen.:-)
    Seit Montag bin ich im neuen Job, bisher gefällt es mir sehr gut!

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