Monthly Favorites | February


1. Because I haven’t mentioned it in a while and wanted to make sure you don’t forget, I love my Chemex coffeemaker. After a week of travel earlier this month and acceptable, but mediocre hotel coffee for five days, I was so glad to get home to my Chemex.

2. I don’t eat a lot of jam, but when I do, I am picky. Go get yourself some Bonne Maman Apricot Preserve, it’s delicious on a slice of fresh bread.

3. I love me some snow, so I was happy to get to see some snow not once, but twice this month! Now, if I could get on my skis or snowboard one of these days, that would be awesome.

4. My co-worker introduced me to the Flyover Country App. If you’re a bit of a nerd like me, you’ve attempted to identify places from the plane and you think ahead if you want to sit on the right or left side of the aisle when you’re flying (depending on the route and what you might be able to see from the air). Flyover Country is an app where you can load an “offline” map of your flight route that points out landscape and geology on your flight route. Super-cool!

5. I had been thinking of giving some facial oils a try for a while, and so I got this Acure Morrocan Argan Oil with my last Grove shipment. I actually really like it. Are you using facial oils?

6. Do yourself a favor and get this slab of (imported) Gouda cheese from Costco sometime and taste the difference. This has so much flavor.

7. Somebody recommended this budget-friendly Essence Lash Princess False Lash Mascara to me and it doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it’s one of my favorite mascaras that I have used so far.

What was one of your favorite things this month?

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  1. I went to a real German Butcher Shop while in Florida. I bought Leberkase, Klosterbrot, Tilsiter Cheese, Teewurst, Leberwurst, and Pretzels! I was able to freeze the meat and cheese and tuck them in a freezer bag, for the trip home. (And this worked beautifully!) I bought the bread fresh, kept one loaf out and froze the other when I got back. The pretzels I just enjoyed, plain! Oh, heaven! They were nice enough to slice and pack two slices of the Leberkase and then seal so it will not get frostbite. I got 10 packages! Each time I take a pack out for a late breakfast/brunch, Jack is thrilled.

  2. Yummy Gauda – unfortunately the hubby doesn’t like cheese (exception is when it’s melted) and therefore the Costco pieces are always to big for just me (and I don’t like to freeze cheese….)
    Thanks for sharing the App – just downloaded it :)

  3. Bonne Maman jam is so good. I love their fig jam!

  4. Ha, we got another snow day today and the LO is playing happily outside making snow angels! :)
    I love me some GOUDA cheese. My all time favorite is the one from Costco as well.
    Particularly good on fresh Dark Rye Bread. Or as a fake” Halve Hahn” on some Rye Rolls with Mustard and Onions. :)
    Koelle Allaat BTW

  5. OMG Dave would love that flyover map! That’s such a cool app idea.

  6. I can’t say that snow is on my list of favorites this month. :P We’ve had WAY too much of it. And it’s been too cold to really enjoy it! We set a record for our snowiest February on record. We got about 36″ of snow this month which is soooo much for us, especially for a short month. But I did love taking Paul out sledding. I just wish the weather was warmer so we could go out after work. It’s been around 0F or colder with the windchill which is just too cold for a baby. And it won’t warm up anytime soon. Womp womp.

    What I’m loving right now is that Paul is FINALLY sleeping through the night. He took his sweet time hitting that milestone. ;) But it sure feels good to not get up during the night with him!!!

  7. I have received some facial oil for Christmas but have not used it yet. Will do so soon just need to finish up the other facial cream.
    On another note – it seems like you’ve got more snow than me here in Berlin. Go figure…
    Happy weekend friend

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