January Link Love

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4 foolproof rules for taming your inbox in 2019.

91 (and counting) very real affects of the partial government shutdown.

Why Smart People Make Stupid Mistakes.

Do you work with Excel, you might know these already, but also, maybe not? 10 Excel Functions Everyone Should Know.

Can you pass this financial literacy test?

Psychologists Explain The Benefits Of Baking For Other People.

Genetic portraits of mothers and daughters. Fascinating.

Around the blogosphere

I am not big into resolutions, but  I like these 25 Super Tiny Resolution Ideas You Could Actually Keep.

Why diets don’t work and what to do instead. I must say that I believe in this philosophy.

All the Best Tips From Marie Kondo’s Netflix Show (I have only watched one episode so far.)


The Best: Printable 2019 Calendars.

29 Free Bullet Journal Printables.

For my runner friends

Slow runners deserve some damn respect. Yes. This.

Overcoming negative thoughts while running.

The Basic 5 Self-Defense Moves Every Runner Needs to Know.


Yum. Winter Lemon Chicken Barley Soup.

Whole30 Garlic Herb & Apple Breakfast Sausage.

These look so good: Oven baked chicken wings.

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  1. Oh, the genetic portraits of mothers and daughters was so beautiful! Now I want to do this with my own mom!

  2. Yeah, I definitely don’t believe in dieting. I know that it needs to be more long-term for that. I’m still struggling with finding what works for me, but it’s a work in progress! Thanks for all these fab links!


  3. Awww what a great round up of links, thanks San! I really REALLY need to tame my inbox; I was just saying that to friends—it’s so overwhelming how the various email accounts I have just keep mounting with unread messages, and those I need to respond to. Also I’m not a fan of dieting, but I do want to learn how to make small decisions that lead to great change in my health and wellness ❤️❤️❤️

    Hope you are having a great week, my friend! Xoxo

  4. I of course had to check out the excel article since I live in excel! I knew of most of the tricks they addressed but the F4 thing was new to me! I haven’t used Index/Match in a long time so will have to keep that one in mind when the data isn’t formatted for a vlookup to work!

    I’m continuing to think of you in the midst of this government shutdown. I feel like it could go on for a very long time and I really hope there are consequences for the cheeto-in-chief.

  5. I made these sheet pan chicken fajitas for dinner and they were delicious – https://themodernproper.com/posts/sheet-pan-chicken-fajitas

    I also personally can’t fathom having to tame my inbox. My work and personal inboxes are always, ALWAYS at 0. I would get so anxious if they weren’t!

  6. Thanks for sharing all these great links! I’ve got several of them bookmarked. That lemon barley soup sounds so good!

  7. Omg I only got 5 questions right on the money quiz!!!! I think I know why… I don’t invest, except in my retirement account, and I only have one credit card that I pay off every month, so I really don’t care about interest rates because I don’t pay them!

    Being a loud victim is something everyone can do, I have to remember that. On Oprah one time, they told you to grab the penis, pull it, squeeze it, then twist it. Whenever I tell my husband that he feels pain just hearing the description lol.

  8. Really enjoyed the financial literacy test! I think of myself as pretty financially savvy, but I didn’t know all the answers there and learning something in taking the test.

    I’m all for praise of slow runners. They’re amazing and they inspire me. The 15k I run every January has a few spots with two way traffic, so you can see the runners in front of you and then behind you and it’s one of the things I love about the race. I love being able to see the super fast runners logging sub-6:00 miles and I love seeing the folks walking or running slow at the end because they’re *doing it* – they’re out there for longer than I am, doing a hard thing for a long time and that’s incredible.

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