Most of you have probably heard of the BlogHer Conference that is going to take place in San Francisco this coming weekend.
I had no intent of going, because a) the conference is way to expensive for my budget right now, b) I didn’t know of anyone who was part of this whole “women bloggers thing” and c) I am not really promoting my blog like most of the other women who go there. I don’t keep my blog private per se, as you know, but I still don’t feel comfortable advertising it on the WWW.
It might be a little bit of an illusion to think that people can’t find my blog, just because they won’t be directly linked to it, when you search for me on Google, but I still like to keep it a little bit more “secluded”.

Anyways, despite all of this, I am heading to San Francisco this weekend to finally meet two very nice girls that have been part of my blogroll for quite a while: Kerri and Jenny. Yay! When I heard that they were coming to San Francisco, there was no way I would NOT go and say “hello”.
I am staying at BlogHer Headquarters for a night with Jenny, but I will (still!) not be attending the conference and I’ll have to see if I can sneak in for the Cocktail Party on Friday night, because I didn’t get a ticket for it as I didn’t know if I was really going until after they had closed the registration.
Hence, this button…

I'm Wearing Cute Shoes at BlogHer 08

because I will end up roaming the streets of San Francisco in my cute shoes, if they don’t let me in.

But who knows, maybe I’ll still bump into some more bloggers that I know, which would be awesome!, although I seriously doubt it.
Most of you girls, live/blog from too far away and I would probably know if you were heading my way this weekend [or I would be pissed if you hadn’t let me know about it, unless, you were planning to surprise me big time and in that case I would bend the rules and be totally über-excited [and now I am secretly hoping that someone has been planning this big surprise.  See  how I can totally talk myself into excitement and anticipation ]! ;)

Have a great weekend everyone… and for weekend updates, you should probably check out Jenny’s blog, because she’ll be blogging from there for sure ;)

  1. Have fun! I’m not doing the Blogher’s either. I thought about the Boston one, but…
    However, there is a blogging convention that one of my readers is going to have in Oslo, Norway in 2010. I plan to go and I hope to speak about the ability of blogs to bring people from different countries and cultures together.

  2. OMG, i can’t begin to tell you how i wish i had planned this big surprise and would see you (and kerri AND jenny!) in SF tomorrow!!! have a great weekend, sweety! you deserve it! *smooches*

  3. well I am not planning this big surprise either, cause I just found out about it. And now we are already going camping tomorrow. :( But i hope you wil still have a great time and I will surprise you another time! big hug

  4. i would have loved to plan that big surprise but i guess my cast is keeping me away from that;-) i hope you will have a great time with the girls. smooch

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