5: Please vote.

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Sorry guys, today is a day I have to get political with you again. I said before that I am generally not an anxious person, but the upcoming election (tomorrow!) is too important not to get at least a little bit anxious about the outcome.

To be honest, the last two years have been tough. I’ve basically been in a perpetual state of horror and perplexity since November 2016, haven’t you? 

If anyone thought Trump would step up to the plate once elected and learn what it means to be president, they were wrong. There is nothing presidential about this man, about his pettiness, his ego, and his sense of entitlement. Every day when I turn on the TV and the news, I have a rage inside me that is really foreign to me, but this man brings out the worst in people (including me, apparently). 

This man-child, who should be president for ALL OF US, is the most divisive and partisan president this country has ever seen and this is not good, friends. Not good at all.

We cannot afford more of what we had for the last two years. Midterm elections historically have a lower voter turnout. I don’t really understand why people would choose to vote in a presidential election, but not in the midterms. It makes no sense to me. If there is an election, you vote. End of story. Midterms are just as important, if not more important than presidential elections, because if you recall, we’re a representative democracy where most of the power lies with Congress, NOT the president, even if he’s trying to tell you otherwise. (No, he cannot single-handedly take away birthright citizenship.)

So why do people think midterm elections are not as important if this is where you vote for your representatives? 

The midterm elections tomorrow are more important than ever because we need to seriously turn this country around. We need progressive majorities in the House and Senate that hold the president accountable. We need to elect representatives who will work for us, the people. Representatives who will work for social and economic equality for everyone. Representatives who will protect minorities, who will protect women’s reproductive rights, and healthcare for everyone. Representatives who believe in science and climate change and try to do everything to make positive changes to preserve this planet for our children and children’s children. Newsflash: not everything is about money and money can’t buy a healthy, sustainable planet.

You’d think that these are common values that we can all agree on, but that is apparently not the case and people have been emboldened by the president’s rhetoric to show their true faces. It is pretty scary.

I am going to quote Rachel Maddow again:


If you’re eligible, please vote. Our future depends on it.

  1. Girl, I’m so anxious but I don’t think I will / can watch tv and / or listen to the radio tomorrow – I might give myself a heart attack. Please inform me when it’s over, but only with GOOD news!!!! #highhopes
    and yes – it’s important to Vote ! So of course we went early to get it over with!

  2. I can’t wait to vote. I really hope dems take back the house.

  3. My state – and county – is notoriously red, but I’m going to vote anyway. We need more people that will actually keep the president in check and not just go along with what he says. It’s not good for this country and these past two years have been one horrifying thing after another. I need positive change.


  4. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day. I really feel stressed about it and I’m really glad I have my move at work to distract me a bit. I just hope we get a huge voter turn out and we turn the tides blue. It has to happen. Things need to change.

  5. Anything that can rein that man in would be helpful! Good luck

  6. I always feel empowered when I go to vote, and as you said midterm elections are in most cases more important than presidential elections. I’m so sad about what’s happening in this country and hope that we make it through the next two years. Thank you for this! Excited to get out and rock the vote!

  7. I voted a couple of weeks back! I’m a big vote-by-mail person because I like being able to do my research and fill out my ballot all in one swoop. I really do not understand not voting. My Mom definitely raised us to believe that if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain and I fully believe that. Plus, midterms (and local elections that a lot of people also skip) have a huge impact on how things are run.

  8. Friend, NEVER apologize for getting political. It’s because of the current situation that we HAVE to be political. Thank you for doing your part and spreading the word. Happy Election Day! (Hope we have a happy ending.)

  9. I am so anxious about today’s results. I am going to be so upset if my pick for governor of Florida doesn’t win, because the Republican nominee is just a Trump-ite and it makes me sick to my stomach. I voted by mail, so now I just wait on pins and needles for the results.

  10. I did early voting since our evenings are pretty hectic and I get to work too early to vote before work. It was nice to get it out of the way ahead of time! I’m anxious for the results tonight but also trying to be hopeful. I’m so sickened by the state of our nation right now. Someone needs to rein that man-child in. He’s just an ignoramus and a total embarrassment. I actually used to vote republican but the party has changed so much over the years that I can no longer associate myself with that party. I wish more people would make a similar choice. But so many people are party-line voters or place all of their emphasis on one issue, like pro-life, and disregard the rest. :( (nevermind the fact that these ‘pro-life’ candidates don’t seem to care all that much for that life after he/she is born)

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