What I bought at Trader Joe’s – Vol. 8

It’s been a while since I shared some of my more recent Trader Joe’s* buys with you. I follow a couple of Trader Joe’s lovers’ Instagram accounts and I constantly see new items that I am adding to my “to-try-list”.

And obviously, since it’s fall, there will be a gazillion new seasonal items soon that I’ll have to try out. Of course, I am also hoping for some old favorites to come back.

Here are a couple of recent buys that I loved. Have you had any of these products?

Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend ( 14 oz – $7.99) ★★★★★ \ pantry section

This is our favorite coffee right now. It’s organic, it’s fair trade, it tastes delicious and its affordable at this price.  What’s not to love? We usually cycle through a few Trader Joe’s coffees because they have quite a few tasty ones, but if you’d ask me right now, I’d say that this is my all-time favorite.

Joe’s Diner Mac ‘n Cheese  (14 oz  – $ 2.99) ★★★★★ \\  freezer section

Have you tried the frozen Mac’n Cheese? These are really good and ready in 5 minutes. Definitely a treat for a lazy weeknight or quick side dish, and I mean, who doesn’t like Mac’n Cheese?

Salsa Especial (Mild)  (12 oz  – $ 2.99) ★★★★★ \\ refrigerated section

I probably have recommended this salsa before. It beats pretty much every other fresh salsa I had from a supermarket or even from any Mexican place. When we get Mexican take-out, we usually get the burritos and the chips, but then eat the chips with this salsa because we always have one of these tubs in the fridge. Just in case!

Dr Praeger’s California  Veggie Burger  (4 x 2.5 oz  – $3.49 ) ★★★★★ \\  freezer section

It doesn’t always have to be meat for me to enjoy a good burger. These veggie burgers are super-yummy and very quick to make. They also stay together pretty well (which sometimes isn’t the case with veggie burgers, so plus points there!) We keep a few in the freezer for easy weeknight dinners and they’re also a nice breakfast item with a side of eggs.

Organic Apple Mango Fruit Sauce Crushers  (4 x 3.17 oz  – $2.99 ) ★★★★★ \\ pantry section

I am pretty sure that these fruit crushers are meant for kids, but I discovered that they’re a great fuel option for my long runs. They are tasty, easy to store in my running belt, and easy to eat while running. Win – win.

What did you pick up at Trader Joe’s this week?

* I am not affiliated with Trader Joe’s, nor have they endorsed, sponsored or paid for my reviews. I am just sharing my love for the store and its products, which basically means free advertisement for them. Ha. All opinions are my own.

  1. I love Trader Joe’s so much and haven’t been in ages. I’m intrigued by those fruit crushers and absolutely love their organic coffee blends. So great that they don’t break the bank either! And Mac n cheese—yes! Thanks for sharing; looks like I’ll have to make a trip very soon! Xo

    1. Don’t blame it on me when you go and overspend at TJ’s.. haha :)

  2. I have never been to a Trader Joe’s. The closest I ever got was parking in my hotel’s parking garage in Chicago only to realize it doubled as a Trader Joe’s parking ramp as well. I had to navigate shopping carts abandoned in the middle of nowhere and it was so bizarre. AND the garage smelled like a stinky microwave.

    1. Oh weird… I guess the TJ city stores are in odd locations… I hope you do get to check out a TJs sometime though, it’s my favorite place to shop.

  3. Guess what I am having for lunch today?
    Dr Praeger’s California Veggie Burger
    How do you like all of Trader Joe’s pumpkin items?
    The fruit sauce crushers look tempting, especially with a young kid at home but the amount of plastic is kind of repelling. :(
    I don’t run long enough distance to need fuel (yet).

    1. I haven’t tried any of the new pumpkin items YET, but it will happen very soon… I will let you know :) I do know that the Pumpkin Spice coffee is pretty good. And yeah, the plastic is a downside of the fruit crushers, I agree (I don’t go through too many of them though, so I don’t feel too guilty. I guess it would be different with kids who have like a whole pack per day ;)

  4. I still need to visit a Trader’s Joes; I’d have to travel a little to get to the closest one, but someday! Those fruit crushers might be for kids, but they sound super handy! :)


    1. I hope you get to check out a TJs soon :)

  5. I’ve only been to TJs once – my only excuse for not going back is that it’s not convenient (LOL!) Looks like a place you’d need time just to browse because there’s so much cool stuff there.
    You caught my attention with the salsa, tho – love me a good salsa!

    1. I understand that it’s not convenient to go when it’s too far away or out of your way… we have two TJs relatively close by.

  6. I wish there was a Trader Joe’s near where I live. I haven’t been in so long, but love it there!

    1. I hope you get a TJs closer by soon :)

  7. I don’t usually shop at TJ’s because all of the ones near me have impossible parking lots. :p But I do love the fun seasonal things.

  8. LOL yes those fruit pouches are a staple for my kiddo, but I can see them being a really easy running snack! I haven’t been to TJ’s in so long, I really need to get back to one. I especially want to get some of their coffee.

  9. I go to Trader Joe’s so often it’s slightly ridiculous. Their mac&cheese is one of my favorites. And that coffee is also one of my favorites, I’m also a fan of their Vanilla blend one as well. My recent favorite find is an artichoke pesto. SO GOOD.

  10. I haven’t made a trip to Trader Joes in a while – it’s a little over an hour away and involves crossing a border but I really want to try those veggie burgers. We’re trying to cut back on meat and we haven’t found one we like available in our area. We may have to go for a drive.

  11. There is a Trader Joe’s right down the street from where I work, I wish I could remember to stop by more often!

  12. These look great! I love mac and cheese but have never made it myself (or used a frozen version). That looks so convenient :)
    We don’t have a Trader Joes here but if we did, I’d definitely visit one.

  13. A podcast I listen to (Girls next door) just did a fall episode and they talked about a bunch of TJ fall items. I very rarely go to TJ’s as there isn’t one conveniently located for us but that podcast episode made me want to make a special trip! I think it’s been well over a year since I went to TJ’s, though!

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