Hello April

Hello spring and happy Easter!

I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend. We don’t really celebrate Easter, but I did bake a delicious sweet yeast bread this weekend (as I traditionally do for Easter!) and we had a fun time. My MIL is still here and we played Super-Scrabble (the board game) a few times and now I am contemplating getting on Words with Friends again (as if I need another thing to take up my time). Does anyone still play?

The weather has been really nice and warm and spring-like for the last week and I am not complaining. If I can’t be in the snow, this will totally do.

So, what is going on in April?

+ April shapes up to be a busy month at work. It looks like I will have a couple of fields trips this month, although nothing has been planned out yet. I will probably find out soon though.

+ I am tentatively thinking about running another half marathon at the end of the month. I haven’t made up my mind yet, because my training has been thrown off a little bit in the last few weeks and I also don’t know what my work schedule will look like, so I am probably going to make a spontaneous decision on that one.

+ Since my reading goal for March fell through (more on that tomorrow), I am hoping to pick up my reading pace a little bit again in April (wish me luck!). I have a few interesting reads lined up and can’t wait to get on it.

+ I’m hoping to do a little bit of spring cleaning. I have the itch to get rid off a few things.

+ March went a little bit different than I thought it would and I neglected a few things, and one of them was my bullet journal. I’ll be trying to pick up new momentum in April. Its not that I didn’t need to write stuff down, and I did, but I got behind on setting up my weekly layouts, so I have to “fill in” the gaps a little bit (being the ever-perfectionist that I am).

+ I’ll be starting a new knitting project. Because it calms me, because I like doing something with my hands, because I want to use that pretty yarn.

What’s up with you in April? Anything exciting happening?

  1. April is a good month to start fresh! March wasn’t everything I thought it would be either. I can relate to the feeling of getting back on track! If you want some snow, just come visit me in MN. We’re getting some more tonight.

    1. Ugh. More snow? I am sending you some sunshine…

  2. I love that you’re into knitting! I think it must be incredibly therapeutic to have that kind of exercise for the hands, and pattern making is wonderful for the brain!

    Also your bread sounds delicious. I didn’t do much this year for Easter either; typically we celebrate Passover as well, but we decided to skip it this year (I’m kind of glad we did because it would have been 5+ hours in the car!).

    I kind of fell off the wagon this past month, too. That’s okay. New month, new US, right? :) Here’s a great kickass April! XOXO

    1. Knitting is so therapeutic! I keep the patterns simple these days, so I can do it while doing other things (like watching sports or movies)… I love doing things with my hands!

  3. Ha, your Easter breakfast table looked almost like ours. I did sweet yeast bread with raisins in it.
    I had all white china and on the napkins I had small Lindt Easter bunnies.
    Happy “Easter Monday” from work.

    1. Our Easter tables did look very similar indeed. Very German :P

  4. My April is packed with soccer matches to end the season! It’ll be an exciting finish. It will also involve a little (or a lot!) of writing in the #AtoZChallenge.

    I like your idea of running the half marathon, San. Spring’s the perfect time to get in a race, isn’t it? That and fall.

    1. Spring is awesome for all sports :) Good luck with the soccer matches!

  5. I hope you get to read lots of fab books this month! Even if you don’t read a ton, as long as they are enjoyable. That’s the main thing, right? Good luck with your bullet journal. I’m using mine, but I really want to be more creative/have more fun with it so we’ll see. You should come link up for Keep It Together (third Thursday of the month). :)


    1. Totally agree: reading should be fun, not a competition! ;) And thanks for the reminder about the link-up!

  6. I’m hoping to do a little spring cleaning, too :)

  7. We did a huge spring cleaning/purge 2 years ago so I don’t have much to purge BUT the other day I did get rid of a few nick nacks and that just felt so good! I am sooooo glad it is April. I go back to work today after a long Easter Break and I am not looking forward to it. But I tell myself June is right around the corner. Once it starts to actually get warm out I think I will be happier. :)

    1. Getting rid off things is always a good idea. So freeing!

  8. I hope April is much kinder to you than March was! <3 April is the month I leave for my cruise (not until the last weekend, though), so it's all I'm thinking about right now!

    1. Thanks friend <3 I can only imagine how excited you are about the cruise!

  9. I’ve been wanting to get back into knitting, but I need to clear some time to do that. Hope you are able to find some good books to read this month. Happy April! :)

  10. I’m on the spring cleaning training too. I keep opening closets and thinking that it’s about time I pulled everything out of them and organized things. I’ve also been craving a purge, so hopefully I get my life together enough to actually good rid of things this spring season.

  11. April has been such a crappy weather month for us but I am hoping that the 2nd half of the month is better. It’s been so cold and snowy so we have yet to get out for a stroller walk but it will be in the 50s a couple of days this week so I am planning to get out both of those days!

    I didn’t set any goals for 2018 but now that Paul is here and I sort of have an idea of what life will be like, I’m ready to set a few goals. One thing I’ve already accomplished this month is cleaning out our fridge. I did that yesterday morning while Phil took care of Paul. It felt so good to do a deep clean – it badly needed it!!

  12. Hey San,
    Right now I am all excited for my little vacation next week. So needed!
    And when I get back I have to do some deep cleaning in the apartment- just drives me crazy.
    Happy April to you

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