Three things -January Edition

To ease you (and me) into Monday morning (where did my weekend go and where’s the coffee?), I am borrowing this fun post idea from Lindsay (via Jana, who should get the credit for the questions in this edition).

These kinds of posts are always fun and you learn so much random stuff about each other (that you usually don’t talk about in other blog posts). I also enjoy reading other people’s random facts, so let me know if you borrow the idea too so I can read your answers!

{© borrowed also from Lindsay.}

Three foods I hate and refuse to eat.
Oysters and fresh liver (I do love liverwurst though!). I am not a picky eater, so I can’t think of a third food right now.

Three foods I love and eat more of than I should.
Whole grain bread, tomatoes, cheese. The End. I could eat this all day, every day.

Three things/chores I avoid until absolutely necessary.
Dusting, ironing, vacuuming. (← That sounds like my house is a mess, but I swear it’s not. I outsource some things to my husband. Haha.)

Three chores I always do.
Laundry, grocery shopping, and filing bills and documents.

Three wardrobe staples.
Jeans, long sleeves shirts, fleece jacket (← I am super-fancy!)

Three things I don’t spend money on.
Clothes (not much anyway), booze, lunches (I bring my own).

Three things I do spend money on.
Fresh food, travel, and yarn and stationary.

Three TV shows I frequently watch in reruns.
Friends, Family Guy, and My so-called life.

Three movies I love (that might surprise you).
Jerry Maguire, Before Sunrise, and Titanic.

Three genres I generally don’t read.
Romance, fantasy, horror – same as Lindsay.

Three things I’m looking forward to this year.
Skiing in the Alps with family, running more races, and hoping for a few shorter trips to see friends.

What about you?  What are three things you don’t spend money on?

  1. Oooh this is a fun post. I need to borrow this sometime in February!

    Three things i don’t spend money on are alcohol (or I should say very little – I will buy the occasional bottle of wine and Phil buys a 12-pack of beer once in awhile but it lasts a long time. We don’t drink much),, going out at night (like to bars – even before I was pregnant) and magazines. I don’t subscribe to any and I never buy them in the store.

    1. I subscribe to three magazines, because it’s definitely a better deal than buying them at store price… I love my ‘runner’s world magazine’ and always read it front to back!

  2. Everyone seems to hate oysters. I have to agree with that.

    Thanks for answering the questions! I love learning things about people and meeting new bloggers!

    1. Happy to meet you :)

  3. Oh, FUN! I always love these lists :) Nice to get to know a bit about you. I could eat your favorite foods over and over again. I’m such a sucker for fresh bread! Also I love that you outsource chores to your hubby. LOLOLOL that’s hilarious :)

    Before Sunrise <3 <3 <3 What an incredible film that was. Did you ever watch the follow up? I didn't and wonder how it compares to the original. Hope you're having a great week, momma! XO

    1. OMG, you gotta remedy that immediately… the sequels to Before Sunrise (“Before Sunset”, “Before Midnight” – all spaced 9 years apart!) are both AMAZING! I love the whole trilogy and am hoping there will be a 3rd sequel in 2022.

      1. !!!!!

        Okay, I didn’t realize there were TWO sequels!? Will definitely take care of that asap :)

  4. These posts are really fun!! I don’t spend a ton of money on clothes either. I probably bought a bit more last year than normal because I lost weight so it was nice to actually fit into things! LOL


  5. I love these kinds of posts! I’m totally with you on My So Called Life, and bread, tomatoes and cheese. I never pay full price, but I definitely spend money on clothes. So fun to learn random facts about you!

  6. Love this post, might have to copy the idea….
    I don’t really spend money on Make-up (way too lazy) and I love the movie “Thelma & Louise”!
    LOL – I actually do outsource chores to the hubby as well (just never called it that way – but will adopted that too….)

  7. I don’t spend a ton of money on clothes (unless it’s workout clothes, I’m a sucker for cute and comfy yoga pants! LOL), makeup/beauty products, and alcohol (though I will buy a bottle every now and then to enjoy with the boyfriend).

  8. I love liver. Any kind, any time, any where. I also love bread, cheese and fresh vegetables.
    Three things I don’t spend money on? 1. Alcohol. Just not a drinker. 2. A gym membership! LOL. Still doing mild physical therapy for my cervical spine! 3. And I really don’t spend money on make-up, but I need to. Getting old does that to you!

  9. Yarn and stationery are definitely worth spending money on :)

  10. My so called life! That show was so popular when i was in middle school. Ah, the emo teen angst!! I met Jared Leto when I was in high school. I was an extra in the film girl, interrupted and he came over to a group of us girls and just stood there simply because he wanted is to swoon.

  11. Fun post! I love making lists so I need to do this next month :)
    A funny thing I don’t spend money on is magazines. I’d rather read a book!

  12. This was so much fun to read. I’ll have to play along next month.

    Let’s see… three things I don’t spend money on: concert tickets, alcohol, and clothes (at least, that’s my goal for this year!)

  13. Loved reading this and getting to know you abit more. :) *shudders* OMG just the thought of liver makes me gag.
    Love how you outsource some of the chores to the hubby, too. Lol!

  14. You are right San, it’s always fun to read these posts. Might also have to steal the idea. Three things I don’t spend money on… haircuts (only like every 12-15 months), concerts/movies and such, public transport as I use my bike as much as possible even in winter.
    Have a great day, Tobia

  15. If I could only eat bread and cheese forever I would not be mad. It’s by go-to snack and it’s often dinner, too. I don’t spend much money on clothes or make-up/beauty stuff. I also almost never get haircuts.

    1. Cheese and bread FTW :)

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