October Favorites

1. Someone recommended the St.Ives Timeless Moisturizer for sensitive skin somewhere and I bought it on Amazon, because I was running out and needed a new one anyway. I love the texture and smell of this and it has really good reviews.

2. I really love working with Patons Grace Mercerized Cotton yarn, especially for my crochet items for my Etsy shop. Check out my new fall mini garlands where I used this cool rusty-orange color.

3. I never thought I’d say this, but I – the die-hard thin crust pizza lover – fell in love with Deep Dish Pizza. We gave it a try a few weeks ago when my cousin was here and I had to admit: it’s pretty tasty! It doesn’t really feel like pizza to me (more like an “open” pot pie), but does it have to? All that matters is that it tastes good and that it definitely does! J and I have had it twice since, he even requested it for his birthday dinner last week.

4. I am not much of a lipstick kind of girl, but this Revlon balm stain (color: honey) is a nice little touch of color and hydration for my lips without feeling like a full-on lipstick. I think I got it in one of my Target boxes a while back. 

5. My favorite candy to munch on? Licorice. I’ll take that over any gummy bears or chocolate. I found some salt licorice at Dean and DeLuca’s in Napa Valley a few week ago and then stocked up on Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice when I went to World Market. It’s just a nice piece to pop into your mouth to suck on. Beats gobbling up a whole bag of cheetos (which, I admit, is sometimes necessary, too. Ha!).

6. This is Life with Lisa Ling is back on CNN with its 4th season. I’ve mentioned this show on here before and I am still as excited about new episodes as ever. She touches on such interesting (and controversial) topics and it’s more interesting than ever during these weird current times.

  1. I love me some licorice! I don’t find black licorice often but do choose red vines over twizzlers. The pizza looks good although I have to admit I’ve never had a deep dish before.

    1. You should give deep dish a try… as I said, doesn’t really feel like pizza to me, but it was delicious nonetheless.

  2. I will have to check out that moisturizer! It sounds amazing! I love that yarn and the garland you sent me! It’s such a great color and it turned out so pretty! I’ll have to look for that lipstick too, that sounds like something I’d like using!

    1. That moisturizer is really great and a big tub for an affordable price!
      I am so happy you liked the mini garland that I included in your swap package. I have so much fun making these little stars!

  3. Ohhhhhhh, deep dish. So good.
    Though some would argue that it’s a pie and not a pizza at all!

    1. Yeah, I felt the deep dish was more like a savory pie… but who cares? So good :)

  4. That yarn looks super cozy! I love St. Ive’s and have been using their apricot scrub for years. Happy Monday!

    1. St Ive’s has some good stuff! :)

  5. I love salted licorice!
    Never had a deep dish pizza but tempted to try one now.
    That Revlon balm stain looks really pretty.

    1. Try deep dish – I never thought it was for me, but it was sooo good!

  6. The boyfriend and I went for a double date night on Friday for pizza with some friends and it was so good! With my food allergies, deep dish is out of the question, but pizza is just so good!

    1. Oh bummer, you can’t have deep dish because of food allergies? That stinks!

  7. I think I need to try that moisterizer. I have pretty sensitive skin, and it gets super dry during this time of year. That pizza sounds so yummy right now!

    1. I really like this moisturizer and it’s a huge tub for an affordable price.

  8. I like the color of that balm stain! Too cute!! I don’t really wear much lipstick either, but I think lip crayons are fun and easy to use.

    1. Lip crayons > lip stick any day!

  9. Bryan has been watching that show too—whenever he has it on, I always listen in. You’re right—the topics are interesting and certainly timely.

    I could eat pizza every day…I love it! Been years since I’ve had deep dish :)

    Have a great week, my sweet!!

    1. This is life with Lisa Ling is a really great show. I love how she approaches every topic from an objective standpoint… she tries to really understand all sides.

  10. I miss licorice. It has wheat in it so I can’t have it due to my gluten intolerance. Womp womp. Black licorice was my favorite! And it seems like a ‘healthier’ sweet compared to other candy but I could be totally wrong on that!

    1. Oh damn, there is wheat in licorice? You really can’t win, can you?

  11. I haven’t had Red Vines in forever but they use to be my favorite blogging snack!

    I thought of making an October favs post (it’s been years since I’ve made a favs post or video) but I couldn’t think of anything I really loved in October! So maybe a “Products I’ve Used This Month” would be better lol

    1. Sometimes I have to scramble to find enough things that I loved in a month, but then I usually do :)

  12. I would probably like the Lisa Ling show! I should DVR it.

  13. I need you around whenever I eat jelly beans so I can pass off all those licorice flavored ones! I hate them so much, and I feel like that’s how it goes, people either love or hate them, there is no middle ground.

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