May Favorites



1.) I had Caribou Coffee for the first time at our layover at MSP last winter and I really liked the taste. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I realized that Caribou is available at Target and our local supermarket. They even sell the single k-cups!

2.) I bought some Saltwater Sandals a few weeks ago and only after the purchase realized (a.k.a. was told) that every other blogger owns a pair. Oops! Well, I can see why: they’re comfortable, pretty and come in a range of different colors. Also, they’re quite affordable. I think I might need a second pair!

3.) I found those cute “Love your face” and “heart” stamps at Michaels in the $1 bin the other week and thought they were just perfect! I mean, so Internet appropriate, right?

4.) I bought myself these 5 sterling silver stacking rings (with some leftover birthday money!) and I am so in love! Lena from RockElegance is an absolute gem. Her products are beautiful and when I first ordered the rings, I ordered a size too big and she was super-sweet and immediately agreed to exchange them for the right size. Shipping was fast and I can highly recommend her shop and customer service!

5.) It’s been hot here in the Central Valley and that’s when I turn to watermelon (and other fruits) to snack on during the day.

6.) I got this jersey maxi skirt at Target the other week and I just love how soft and versatile it is. You can dress it up, you can dress it down and it always looks good!

  1. those stamps are too cute, love it!

  2. I totally bought the sweater you mentioned in your favourites a few months ago, and I might have to check out that skirt, too :) I’ve never been able to find a maxi skirt that actually looks decent because I’m so short!

  3. Hihi, wer hat dir DAS denn erzählt mit den Saltwaters? ;-)

  4. Yea for Caribou! :) I love that coffee chain. They have them all over the place here in Minneapolis since it’s based here so I really missed getting coffee from there when I lived in Charlotte (we had a couple Caribous but not many and none were in areas I went to very often).

    Mmmm. Watermelon sounds so good right now!

  5. Yes, yes, and yes. I love ALL of those things!


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