Concert time

Ok ok, I admit… I have been lazy these last two weeks… well, actually not, because I wrote my german diary but this is not posted here… so ok, I am sorry for not filling you in earlier.

I actually had two pretty good weeks. On Thursday, May 27th we left for a long weekend (5 days) in Southern California. It took us 6 hours to drive down there (of course we took the 101… the 5 is just too boring ), then headed off to LA pretty soon because we were going to go to a concert in Hollywood that night. Of course, LA traffic was bad as always… it took us 2,5 hours to get there (just because the freeways were just packed with cars). But we made it… and what should I tell you? The concert was awesome. It was in the “Knitting Factory”… a small club on Hollywood Blvd. and we made it close to the stage. We had such an awesome time!

We left there at midnight and drove to Malibu to hang out at the beach for a little more… that was so cool. I love the beach at night, when it’s all dark and you can only hear the waves

Friday and Saturday were just relaxing… I went to the Mall with J’s mom and she treated me to a nice dress (which I was going to wear on J’s Granddad’s birthday on Sunday), J and I hung out at the beach, I collected some shells and in the evenings we had BBQ with J’s parents and watched movies. It was so much fun! I love being down there!!

Sunday was the big day… J’s Granddad’s 90th birthday!! We went out for dinner to a fancy restaurant. It was so much fun and we had great food!! Also, his Granddad’s birthday wish was that J would perform a song for him… so J did, and everyone LOVED his singing he really has a beautiful voice!!

Monday we had to head back home unfortunately… weekends always go by too fast but anyways, the rest of the week was pretty quiet… I didn’t have too much work to do at work… but Jon started studying for his finals. They are coming up this week… gee, I can’t believe how fast that quarter went? by.

Talk to you later… and take care!

  1. Oh that sounds like sooo much fun! How nice of Jon’s mom to buy you a dress!
    I love collecting seashells. There’s something so pretty about them. :)

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