10: Things I (can still) love (on this gloomy) Thursday

It’s 11 p.m. and I have not yet posted anything today. I have a hard time returning to ‘business as usual’ and (as previously noted), I am unprepared for NaBloPoMo this year and I have no ready-to-go posts sitting in my draft folder that I can just throw up and be done with it. 

Words are failing me right now. There is nothing I want to say except for how my heart still physically hurts and how my appetite has been shot since Tuesday night. 

15/365 - Hold My Heart

So, I am trying to think of a couple of things that I can still love on this gloomy Thursday.

I am loving…

… that I am surrounded (online and offline) by people who share my world view and my beliefs, who are just as devastated as me, who share in my pain and help me process my feelings. It feels good to not be alone in this.

… that people are not willing to stand for promoting hate and discrimination. Just because this man won the election doesn’t mean we have to silently sit on the sideline while he goes about reversing all the progress this country made in the last few years. I am not dismissing that people were hurting and had legitimate concerns, but we’re not accepting the legitimization of racism, sexism, bigotry and hate.

…  my state for this. Yes, I live in a blue state and I am proud of it.

… that people pledge to resist Trump. Pledge to resist his agenda of hate and stand up for the people he targets (and you can too).

… a hot cup of tea. It always helps, doesn’t it?

… Friends re-runs on Nick@nite. It’s good to laugh a little and Friends (pun intended) always make me feel better.

… that today is the beginning of the weekend. I need it.

Please, share some things that you love today in the comments.

  1. I feel you on the shock and the hard time of “returning-to-normal”. Even though I do not live in the US I have always loved that country ever since I lived and worked there. I can not believe what happened and having friends there who are scared now makes it even harder.

    But, today I love that my Facebook showed me a wonderful memory from three years ago which I can now relive a little (meeting my favourite band and getting a hug from Jared Leto). Also that one of my best friends is visiting me next weekend and we are going to a concert with my hubby…Adult time alone is MUCH needed here right now as I have almost no time to get out of the house these days.

    I also love that there is a blue sky and the sun is shining (even though it is really cold outside, nothing beats a few rays you can soak up during these dark winter days). And I am finally feeling better after having a flu for a week.

    Sending some virtual hugs your way!


    1. I have heard from many people outside the country who feel the same way… I think this presidency will affect everyone! I can only hope that people are organizing and standing up to this man.

  2. It is really hard to return to ‘business as usual’. It feels weird to continue on with life when many of us feel so upset…

    Things I’m loving are the date-sweetened apple pie oatmeal I just had for breakfast. I’ve been eating it nearly daily for the last several months and it doesn’t get old! I’m also loving that Phil and I have similar views and can grieve together over what our country has done. It would be really hard to be in a divided house (in terms of who you voted for) now. Lastly, I’m loving that it’s Friday because I need a weekend so badly right now. The bond market is closed today so while I still have to work, I think I will be able to leave early since it will be super quiet.

    1. So happy to hear you can talk with Phil… it would be so hard, especially during these times, to be a divided household politically. I have heard from women who are thinking about divorce over this.

  3. I feel you, San. I had a completely different post topic for today, but I decided I just can’t NOT say how I felt about the election. I never talk about politics on my blog, but this is really so much bigger than politics. This is about human rights.

    Good things: grieving with America and text conversations with friends who are also hurting. Snuggles with my dog. A day at home yesterday where I could take as many breaks from work as I needed. Romance novels (always my go-to when I’m sad). And that this weekend I’m going to a festival where I’ll be surrounded by dachshunds and I know that will put a smile on my face.

    1. Thanks Stephany. I am so glad you decided to also talk about this, because it’s so important to know that other people out there feel the same way.

  4. Things I’m loving today: Iced green tea latte, with vanilla; sunny window spot; new book.


    1. Sun, tea and a good book always helps! XO

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