20: Recipe | Roasted Thanksgiving Chicken

When we celebrated Thanksgiving by ourselves in the last few years, we’ve  never made a whole turkey. It’s simply too big for two people. We usually get a small whole chicken instead and stuff it and bake it, like we would a turkey. We usually make our own stuffing, too (well, minus the bread cubes, which we do buy in a box). We add celery, apples, onion, and some nuts though.

We’ve been making it the same way for a couple of years now (with changing side dishes) and I thought I’d share my recipe (in case you’re lost and in need of a tried and trusted recipe) this holiday season.

This year we’ll be adding scalloped potatoes and green beans as sides.


[yumprint-recipe id=’8′] Are you making a turkey or chicken this Thanksgiving?

Are you hosting or going to someone else’s house?

  1. I just roasted my first chicken a couple of weeks ago and it was sooo good! We will be celebrating Thanksgiving at Phil’s mom. There will only be 3 of us, so she makes a turkey breast since a turkey would be way too much for us. I’m bringing a fruit salad and cornbread stuffing. Should be a fun celebration!

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