Getting back to my normal routine, kinda.

Gah. Getting back to every day life after vacation is always so painful, am I right?

I had planned to already start with some vacation recap posts last week, but obviously that didn’t happen and then the weekend also evaporated into thin air quicker than I could say “TGIF”.

My work week was busy (trying to catch up on the last couple of weeks), on Tuesday we celebrated J’s birthday, on Wednesday we watched the (thankfully) last presidential debate and on Thursday we went out for dinner. Friday was a day to make overdue phone calls to various people + companies (because I don’t get that done during regular work hours) and starting on four weeks worth of laundry,  Saturday was for grocery shopping, cleaning, and more laundry. Uff. 

Yesterday morning I finally got around to getting in my first run in almost two weeks and then spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon preparing for yet another visitor (J’s Mom).

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll work two extra days to make up for some of the time off that I took at the beginning of the month and hopefully after that things will slow down a bit (only to gear up again for the holidays, ha!).

I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog reader in between and brought the count of unread blog posts from 1000+ down to 350+, but I’m afraid it’ll still take me a little while to get it down to 0 again (haha, as if that ever happens!).

Here are a few random things from the last couple of weeks that I wanted to share (while you wait for more substantive posts. You’re welcome.):

+ We got a new couch! I already mentioned that but I wanted to show you what it looked like in our living room. I am in love with its color (+ comfort!).

+ Our fridge was literally empty on Friday night, but I still managed to whip up a decent dinner. I had all the ingredients for spaghetti carbonara on hand and it was delicious! This might be our new go-to ’emergency’ dinner.

+ My Mom brought me a small gift from my sister when she visited and I am in love with my new coaster! It reads “Lieblingsmensch” (= favorite human) and it just makes me miss my sister that much more (but also makes me smile every time I look at it).

+ Remember when I participated in a virtual 10k in honor of the National Park Service’s 100th birthday back in August? I finally got my finisher medal (in the shape of a ranger hat!) and my race shirt. Love it!

+ The new location of our local Natural Foods Co-op opened this last weekend and let me just say one word: WOW! It’s huge and amazing and easily compares to any Whole Foods (just better!). I am proud to be a co-owner!

+ Fall is here. The weather was perfect for my return to (outdoor) running this morning: 55°F and sunny. I hope I can get quite a few more outdoor runs in this fall. 

What’s new with you? Fill me in on the last few weeks!

  1. Hey San,
    sounds like lots is going on and even more to catch up on. I wouldn’t even know where to store 4 weeks of laundry. We just installed our new washer-dryer and I already love it. No more launch dry drying all over the apartment.
    And I love the color of your new couch. Would fit great into my craft lab.
    Happy Monday to you,

    1. Isn’t having your own washer and dryer THE BEST?? :)

  2. Oooh, I love the color of your new couch. It looks so cozy and comfortable, too!

    It’s always so hard to adjust back to your schedule after a vacation, especially when you also have emotional jetlag. Thanks for going back and commenting on all of my posts – that was so kind of you! I totally would have understood if you marked all as read!!

    Not much is new with me – just busy busy busy as usual. October has been a fun month but I’ve overcommitted myself (which seems to be a theme of my life). I think November will be quieter, then I leave for Spain and come back in December to the craziness of the holiday season! I’m trying to get organized and do some Christmas shopping ahead of time so I’m not totally overwhelmed when I get back!

    1. Thank you – we love the color of our couch too. We wanted something ‘different’ :)

      Oh, I was tempted to mark my whole feed reader as ‘read’, but I can’t do that – haha. I always feel like I miss out. I obviously skim over some blog posts, but the blogs of people that I have a closer connection with, I always try to go back and catch up on their posts/life! :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new couch. Isn’t it amazing how “behind” we get when we go out of town? Guess the world doesn’t stop for us, huh? lol. I so appreciate you go back over your blogs and reading and commenting–thank you so much, and I agree with Julia–if you need to “Mark as read,” girl, you do that!

    1. I was tempted to ‘mark as read’, but I always feel like I miss out… so I definitely catch up on the posts/life of my favrorite bloggers, even after a longer break. :)

  4. Getting back into a routine is so hard, I’m struggling.


  5. At least you don’t have to catch up on my blog posts since I didn’t have any for a while! ;) Love, love the new couch by the way! And the coaster from your sister is so adorable.

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