Hello July

Happy 4th of July, everyone! I hope you had a nice and long weekend. We definitely had a nice weekend. We got to hang out in our backyard (I’ve wanted to have a backyard/patio for years!) and went out to the local brewery around the corner for blonde ales and yummy food. We’re not too much into 4th of July celebration activities this year, so we’re just laying low today as well, but that’s fine by me. We’re watching Red Sox baseball and enjoying the day off. I was going to go for a morning run this morning, but I badly bumped my toe on our metal bed frame on Saturday and had to take an unexpected break. Ugh. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 


I am as always stunned that I am writing yet another monthly welcome post. June went by quickly.  July is going to be somewhat busy and hot – summer has definitely arrived  here in the Central Valley.

+ My Mom will have to have surgery next week and any and all good vibes would be appreciated. I hate being far away when a family member is in the hospital. My nephew got his tonsils removed two weeks ago and even though I know that was also a standard procedure, I wanted to be there so badly.

+ I’ll be running my first half-marathon this month (WHAT?). I know, I can’t believe it’s that time already.

+ I also will be running another 10k this coming weekend. That is, if my toe heals up nicely until then.

+ I have tons to do at work and will be preparing for a workshop in Colorado which will be happening at the beginning of August. I am thrilled, because the workshop will be right up my alley. I’ve been doing a lot of tasks  at work lately that are challenging, but not really what I’d like to be doing, so I am really looking foward to being able to go to this workshop and hopefully do a bit of networking and collaborating with other colleagues on a subject that I am actually excited about.

+ Germany made it to the semi-finals of the  UEFA European Soccer Championship. Did you watch the game against Italy on Saturday? Holy crap, what a nail-biter. I think I died a little. Germany finally won 6-5 on penalty kicks (which by the way they totally deserved, because they really played the better game. No bias here.). I hope they can finish this up this week!

What’s going on with you in July?

  1. First, prayers being said for your mother! We’ll be getting a new skylight and new roof in July. Lots of money with little of a thrill factor! August brings a trip to Savannah, Georgia and another to Cape Cod for my 40th HIgh School Reunion. Then I am done!

    1. Ugh. I hate expenses with little thrill factor, but I guess a new roof is a good thing to have?
      Have fun at your reunion (40 years – WHAT?) and thanks for thinking about my Mom!

  2. Well… I may or may not become a mom this month (depending on when baby girl decides she is ready to be with us)!!! 😍

    1. Hooray! So exciting :)

  3. Is your mom ok?? I really hope all goes well with her surgery and I’m sending her all the healthy, healing vibes!! Same goes for your nephew. Tonsils can be such a real pain (literally and figuratively).

    We didn’t do much for the 4th either. The weather here was super horrible – cloudy, foggy, hot, humid, and rainy. All day. So really none of the fireworks could be seen. I can’t do much anyway at this point so it was good to stay at home. Although I did build several Ikea items so I did check some stuff off my list!

    I actually watched the Iceland-France match and oh boy did France just go forth and whip some Icelandic butt starting in the first 20 minutes of the game. Fun to watch though. I do love soccer!

    Hope that toe of your’s heals up nicely!

    1. Thanks so much for thinking about my Mom! She has to have a little tumor removed on her kidney ( I am trying not to be too worried yet).

      I am glad you had a low-key weekend… although, building Ikea furniture? Do you enjoy this (I DO!) or loathe it? Depending on your answer, your weekend might not have been as low-key as I thought :)

      Thanks for all the well wishes for my toe ;)

  4. I hope your mom’s surgery goes ok – it’s so hard to be away from family when something like that is happening. I hope she recovers well!

    I also hope your toe heals up quickly so you can run your 10k and feel 100% for your half! That is coming super fast!

    I’m starting off my month of July with a week off which I’ll mostly spend at my parents lake home. I can’t wait for time with my siblings. I thought all of us were going to be home but just found out that one of my brother’s won’t be there as my nephew has a big baseball tournament they can’t miss. :( Boo. But at least 4 out of 5 of us will be there, and the 2 siblings I see the least will be there. Besides that we don’t have too much planned for our weekends but my week nights are filling up and I have two work trips, one to DC and one to Chicago. So the month will be a blur!!

    1. Thanks so much for your well wishes, Lisa, both for my mom’s surgery and my toe ;) I can’t believe it’s July and the half is only a few weeks away… waaaah! ;)

      Have so much fun at your parents’ lake house with your siblings… that sounds so awesome! One of these days, I want to have a vacation at a lake :)

  5. Wishing your mom all the best for her upcoming surgery !!! I know It’s tough to be so far away….. Stay strong my friend.
    Geez, this soccer game…. I aged quite a bit that day. Even though the game was supper thrilling, I really can’t do that again.
    Hope your toe is already feeling better and you can participate in your 10K this coming weekend. I’m going to do a fun-5K (with potluck BBQ afterwards) with my Boot Camp family on Saturday – looking really forward to the…. BBQ :)

    1. Thanks friend. I am hopeful that the surgery will go well. But thanks for the good vibes.

      Hooray for another 5k! I am proud of you (even if you are just looking for the BBQ afterwards … LOL). ;)

  6. Dah, wishing ALL the good, healthy vibes to your Mom!

    July will be all about inside projects and staying out of the heat…I’ve got 2 rooms left to paint in our house and a few little tidbits here and there


    1. Thanks for the well wishes. I appreciate that.
      And good luck on your projects… can’t wait to see! :)

  7. Oy, I hope your mom is okay. Sending lots of good vibes her way.

    And hurrah for your first half marathon, you got this! Woo!

    This month for me is trying to get ahead and clean more and travel.

    1. Thank you Katelin for the well wishes for my mom and cheering me on for my first half! :) So exciting!
      I hope that July is kind to you and that you’ll get everything done you want to get done :)

  8. Hope your mom is ok. All the best to your family!

    Thinking of you,

  9. Ich hoffe, bei deiner Mama ist alles gut verlaufen ❤️

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